From Nicole: The Washington Times accidentally uploaded the official New Moon poster story early, prematurely revealing the first official poster for New Moon that was scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow morning in the print edition and at 7AM EST online. Click to enlarge.

  • SJS

    Wow, this post got moved so JB couldn’t be on top! Haha. Awesome.

  • Lauren LOVES Jonas

    TAYLOR!! I hope u drop that sel homez girl quick. u deserve more and prettier!


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  • anon


  • ashlee

    i don’t know if its the really poster since on they haven’t said anything bout the poster yet

  • Anonymous

    wow congrats kristin for showing more emotion in this one poster than u did in the whole film of twilight
    goshh she’s like a stone.completely blank.

  • Robert Rocks


  • Anonymous

    omg rob and taylor look so good here<3

  • meggg


  • ally

    OMGSH! I love twilight and i can not wait for new moon!!!! Team Edward ALL the way! & Jacob looks super HOTTTT without that nasty long hair! :)

  • Anonymous

    Taylor is suchaa stud :)

  • Anonymous

    i think kristen should have been looking at Rob instead
    it would have been more intense

  • Anonymous

    all three of them look weird

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait for the movie and damn taylor look so good

  • Yay

    i cant wait to see Rob and Kristen act out their love on screen, the chemistry is going to be INSANE!

  • Anonymous


  • B

    WOW. They all look GREAT. :)

  • Brittany

    I dont care for it to much but thats my opinion they all look awesome in the picture I just don’t care for the pose. I wish they would have waited until the proper date for them to release this picture. Actions like these are reason why stephenie hasn’t finished her book “midnight sun” and if people where just F’in patient then stuff would come out on time instead of being postpone.

  • Anonymous

    why does taylor have short hair?

  • teamMiley!!!!!!!!Demi!!!!Taylor!!!andSelena!!


    Team Edward FOREVER!!!

  • Anonymous

    taylor with short hair is better :]]

  • Orls

    AMAZING :]
    I can’t wait all the way to November i wanna see it now :[

  • Anonymous


  • Lilz

    Blah blah blah. Harry Potter 6 will be much more exciting. Taylor’s good looking though. :)

  • a human being.

    i love this friggggin poster. :D

  • Lilz

    Blah blah blah. Harry Potter 6 will be much more exciting. Taylor’s good looking though. :)

  • Anonymous


    Taylor is very hot in this picture… Edward too… I want be Kristen!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In New Moon he cuts his hair.

  • Anonymous

    OMG i love this!!! i cant wait for new moon!

  • Steph

    Yay! Jacob!!

  • katie

    i really like…it is very true to the book…

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    The poster is slightly too obvious – Jacobs curled fist and angry expression whilst looking at Edward, Edwards awkward posture and jealous face, Bella’s urm… blank face? LMAO Kristen looks the same as the last poster

  • ash

    The editing they did on this poster isn’t very good, look at Taylor’s nose! Wtf, it looks so weird. o_o

  • rii


    its an ok poster.. but i just find it funny how there is more edward in this poster than jacob and bella. the book focuses more on jacob and bella so the poster should have been a bit more focused on them. you know they were just trying to appeal to the edward/rob fans. so movie/book wise this poster is kinda bad, but just as a movie poster its good.

  • Taly

    LMAO. Robert DOES look like a camel.
    Omg, I was dyyyying when I read that.


  • Claire

    …Isn’t Jacob supposed to have long hair in the movie???

  • Anonymous

    this movies gonna be better than the first one, you can tell. at least i hope, it probably will though.
    i mean i LOVE the books but the first movie was so..ehh.

  • Claire

    whoops, fail on my part.

  • Anonymous

    have you not read the second one? he cuts it.

  • allison

    i saw another verison of this poster on access
    it hollywood last night and it showed:

    1.Edward with his hand out like he doesnt
    want Jacob to go forward
    2.Jacob behind him and is crouching
    his back to protect Bella
    3.Bella looks over Jacob’s hand looking scared and wondering

  • TheSmartFunnyOne

    I dont know about you crazy gals out there but i totally think this does justice to the book. It shows hows the two main men start their conflict in this book. And it shows how Jacob looks to be protecting Bella,which in the book he tries to over and over even if it is protecting her heart from hurt.

    I Love it! good job summit!

  • sara

    fail, on the Washington Times’ part.

    but DAYUMM. taylor lautner is looking mighty fine these days. i’m feeling my obsession with him from back in his cheaper by the dozen days coming back.
    i love selena, but that girl better watch out…i’m coming for taylor ;]


    ROB is sooo SEXY!!!!!

    poster would of looked better wit taylor out of the way

    and rob shirtless>>lol love twilight

  • angelika

    i want to see the movieee

  • Emily

    Taylor is so hot!!
    He will be great in New Moon :)
    I love this poster!

  • Spunk

    This looks really bad. Sorry, this is not appealing at all.

  • Anonymous

    not feeling it..

  • Anonymous
  • trfyutre


  • mads

    oh hotty lamotte that boy just made me wanna partyyyy

  • ALEX

    so hot!!!
    tottaly not fan made!

  • Aimee

    I really want to straighten Rob’s back.

  • tazz

    it’s good, it’s basically what the book is about.

  • anonymous

    That looks fan made. I mean, I don’t know if it is or not, I’m just saying it looks amateur.

  • tori

    not feeling it either. Bella needs to look more gentle and edward…. i mean… he always looks better in the
    movie stills…
    why can’t they take better pictures on the posters of him?

  • allie.taylenahater!

    i like this!

  • Rosalie


  • Anonymous

    i love you taylor!!!

  • Anonymous

    hot. damn.

  • laurennn

    SO HOTT!

  • iCutsYouBiotch

    sexy and enticing. at a way.

  • SJS

    Twilight is lame IMO. But the woods look cool on that poster.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    twilight fails.

  • twilightfan1

    and robert pattinson looks high

  • Anonymous

    follow me on twitter!!!

  • Anonymous

    follow me on twitter!!!

  • ilovejonaslovato!


  • Anonymous

    rob looks like a camel.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    what happened to jacob’s hair?

  • Anonymous

    I have never liked that first one catherine did. It was a total bore and everything was jumbled up. Completely different from what i expected, from the book.

    She has made bad choices and wasn’t observant enough to take note of every single detail. She focused too much on the baseball scene. She made many mistakes and did not bother to change it. [Well either that or maybe she didn’t notice. Which is wrong as a director!]Other than that, other scenes were just either zooming in, or changing of locations. To be frank, i got sick of seeing Kirsten blink every second in the movie.

    A good director is someone who is able to make the audience understand what the movie is all about. Someone who can make fans crave more for the sequel. And i certainly do not think she managed to be one.

    Well, what’s done is done. Let’s just hope that this new one does better! The poster is fairly well, much better than Twilight. *winks*

  • Kelsey!

    OH taylor lautner making me hot! Only reason I will watch the movie!!!! gotta support Taylo!

  • Anonymous

    He cuts it in New Moon when he becomes a wolf

  • Anonymous

    OMG i love rob, taylor ,and kristen
    theyre simply amazing x)
    cant wait until New Moon,
    they are like my fav. cast

  • Anonymous

    Damn Damn Damn… IT
    Look at that hot jacob black >:D
    Ugh, i hate selena for dating him. D:< rofl kidding i love selena <3 :D
    but she is so lucky to be dating
    a hot guy like that xD
    you can’t compare that to nick ;D

  • Jane

    good poster!

  • Libsss


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