Shia LaBeouf & Shayna Grocery SHOP

Shia Labeouf and Mommy Shayna shop Whole Foods in Studio City. Limelight.

  • Shae

    he’s such a perverted..weirdo…

  • Anonymous

    shia labeouf is an incestuous fool.

  • Anonymous

    I can imagine Shia in three to five years having a double chin, with a beer gut, receeding hair, this beard and hooked on some kind of drug(s). His acting will be stale too. Then he will not be saying that he can have any chick that he wants unless he gets plastic surgery.

  • see


    He looks liked a person trying to HIDE from paps. Alot of famous people wear justed liked him to not be seen so much out in public – live a normal life.

    His mother is a hippie and she shows it. I won’t talk rude about her since you don’t even know her.

  • Lizette

    You guys read that interview all wrong.
    When he talks of him “getting any woman he wants” he means that by saying he’s rich and famous and these girls are shallow enough to want him for only those reasons. He then goes on to say it’s all fake. Basically meaning those girls don’t want him for anything else besides his money and celebrity status.

    As for the “golden sperm” comment. Shia is not being cocky. Basically his dad was lucky to have such a good child that wind up being a fuck up with all the things that happened to him meanwhile if it had been someone else in shia’s situation that kid would have been a fucked up individual.

    It all depends on how you interpret what he’s saying. Especially because the article is written you people don’t take into account things like his tone, and sarcasm.


    don’t bash Shia Labeouf.
    he is incredibly tatlented and one of the greatest actors who is finally getting the recognition he deserves.


    If he “has a hard time getting the ladies” then why the fuck did he mention in the recent playboy that he can have any girl he want? Also why the fuck did this guy say his dad should be so damn lucky to have Shia? I agree with others I call that very stuck up! “may” please explain that!

  • Yikes

    I agree with you that the playboy article was disapointing but I still feel really sorry for his ex girlfriend because of the way he spilling out their sex life and he never did that before. And the shit about him being so stuck on his looks was revolting. And I am so sick of this shit that people are saying about his mum. Shit, over on Just Jared I saw some more nasty shit about her. It is so rude how people can treat this poor woman, I think she is a very lovely lady. They have a close mum and son relationship that is a wonderful thing.

  • jessica

    i think its cute what he says about his mum, i say it about mine in a joking way and im a girl
    its not creepy at all
    i love shia labeouf!
    he is just so hot and i loveee hiss styleee:)

  • kate

    I agree with you lizette
    you’re 100% right.
    besides who are we to judge him?
    we don’t matter in his life so our opinions don’t matter either.

  • Anonymous

    Shia is so fugly now with the pubic hair on his face.
    Yet so sexy without it.
    He litterally looks like two different dudes.

  • Rae

    I will always love shia, he is really attractive & his movies are amazing, who cares what he said about his mom he obviously did not mean it in that way or someone twisted his words around, get over it.

  • Tru

    Im over hear crying…..What he said about his mother….OMG! Not to b mean but he had to be telling a joke or something……..LMFAO!

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    I think the things he said about his mum were taken out of context, afterall noone knows how he said it – its just how we interpreted it when we read it … and of course its going to come across as wrong.

    I think he said it jokingly, but loves his mum like any other person and was probably just saying that if their was a woman like his mum personality-wise he would wanna bang her :D

  • Anonymous


  • LeeAnne

    He just need to get a girlfriend so he can have someone else to make him happy and be on his side. What he said about his mother was just an unfortunate way of describing his mother that is blown out of proportion. Even though, I don’t know him as a person. Based on what I’ve seen, in my eyes, he just happens to be a son who loves his mother more than anything else in the world. And what he said about looking for someone who is like his mother doesn’t mean about what she looks like but who she is.

    So all of you judgmental asses, get off his back!! Let him live his life the way he wants to. Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he has to be perfect nor live up to the ‘expectations’ of a movie star. Come on, it’s 2009, not 1940’s, Move on! Any famous people should be allowed to make mistakes like normal dysfunctional people!

  • feey

    i love hiim soo much!!

  • may

    He is so gonna be my husband someday; I don’t find it creepy what he said at all. That’s just how he was raised, it’s not as if they have or he would ever do anything like that. People are so freakin’ judgemental. His parents were hippies, so they lived a bit differently from conventional society, and I have big respect for that. At least he’s true about who he is instead of parading around with a fake smile on his face as if he’s Mr. Perfect. He’s normal, Thank God.

  • may

    I don’t really see how he’s self-absorbed either, to be that you’d have to think you’re the greatest; like along the lines of Kanye West’s ego (which Shia doesn’t have). Sure he’s no character actor genius like someone along the lines of Daniel Day-Lewis, but at least he isn’t a fully one note actor either. This kid’s got some talent, at least he appreciates the theatre.And he doesn’t think he’s a chick magnet, he even stated in an article that he has a bit of trouble getting the ladies. I find it much more comforting that people tend to focus on him because of what he does instead of what he looks like, how hot he is, or who he’s dating. Because when those three things are the only things people ever seem to notice about you (how hot you are, what you look like, who you’re dating) there must not be anything else you are or have as a person that’s worthy of discussion.

  • Anonymous

    HE was kiddinggg

  • Anonymous

    i find him creepy now.
    cause of what he said about his mom. *shudders*

  • Anonymous

    his mom scares me

  • Anonymous

    he isn’t shallow , and he is most definitely a
    caring guy towards his fans.

    reap what you sow people, I bet most of you that are spewing the wickedness wouldn’t want people to say anything about yourselves.

    Lizette, you rock. you said exactly what I would have.

  • jenson

    sexkitten do me

  • Anonymous

    Fisrt bitches hahahahahhaa.


    feeels good ! y’all suckkkk

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fisrt bitches hahahahahhaa.


    feeels good ! y’all suckkkk


    You’re obnoxious.
    and i was first thanks.
    i just forgot to put my name :'(
    lol. whatever. :)

  • kaka

    oh i luv shia *-* ?

  • Anonymous

    he is sexy..but its not ok wat he said bout his mom being sexy lol

  • FK

    He is such an amazing actor…when he acts he really makes his roles come to life…he’s amazing…i love him…from “even stevens” to “eagle eye” he’s just an incredible actor…love his movies!!!!

  • Devin

    omg i feel like such a loser so should the rest of u wtf all ya’ll mothers are prob sum platic vicoden poping skanks or roseanne .. anyways just a shot in the dark to see if shia will actually see this.. i would love to
    be adopedted by that women .. enlighten’d is the word

  • Anonymous

    It makes me miss Even Stevens :)
    awwwwh, i love how he spends a lot of time with his mom

  • FK

    idiots!!!…always blowing things way out of proportion… obviously he doesn’t mean he likes his mom like that…i sense jealousy…the guys’ famous… ur not get over it!!!!!!!…i hate haterz who r so ready to cut others and judge…look at ur own life before u analyze someone elses…he’s famous…so stop hatin’ an get over urself!!!

  • MonicaAyesha

    what happened to this boy :'[
    He used to be sexy and dayum…
    now, he’s ew and creepy he finds his mother sexy.

  • Anonymous

    .What IS wrong With You Ppol.. GOSh U All Are SHALLOW sons Of BiTChes!!!.. And YAh. Look At Urselves FiRSt BefoRE u Judge Others.. MotherFuCkers..

  • vickie

    maaaaaaan he is so fucking hot! i thought he was hot when he was on even stevens and everyone else thought he was a little geeky kid. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    im guessing he was joking when he said that. not that he’s saying his mom’s ugly(what son would say that about his mother), maybe he was just joking around when he said his mom was “hot”

  • #1labeouffan

    I don’t care what anyone says about him, he is amazing at what he does and I love him! I hope his hand is okay and I think it’s sweet he spends so much time with his family and friends. He has a good attitude, funny and sweet and he is very charming, hugs to Shia!

  • avagyllenhal

    damm that looks sexy

  • Anonymous

    This fucker has changed, now he is one nasty looking, self absorbed, fuck up guy now who is full of shit!

  • carolapaolacpl

    ohhh my Goddd what size in shoes is he?????? 20

  • Anonymous

    im guessing he was joking when he said that. not that he’s saying his mom’s ugly(what son would say that about his mother), maybe he was just joking around when he said his mom was “hot”


    hopefully he was, hopefully he was.
    hahaha. cause he’s still a stunna :)

  • june

    I am sorry “may” but after I read Shia’s recent article in the playboy scans on IMDB I have to say that his true colors are showing. Some are saying on IMDB that he has mentioned how his father had the best sperm because he made Shia and Shia goes on about how he can have any woman that he wants, what a fucking stuck up asshole who is so full of himself. Either Shia has lied in the past in those articles that you have mentioned or he has lied to this playboy article.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    This guy is fugly now. He is so full of himself (according to the Playboy article scans of him on IMDB) and I do not know why. Also, he can not direct worth a shit and again he is fugly. His acting is alright but there is much better out there. He is in the same class as Zack Efron, fugly dudes who “think” that they are hot chick magnets. At least efron is mature enough to stick with the same chick and is not some male slut like this guy is!

  • Anonymous

    I hate the beard on Shia!!!
    And I think that his mother is very pretty with a cool style.
    To Lizette – If Shia does not care about his fans then that makes him an asshole I say!

  • iCutsYouBiotch



  • Sara

    that family scares me . i dont understand what people see in shia , he looks disgusting and he looks like a pedo .’
    his mom looks like a witch , and shes really ugly .

  • see

    About his mother is just an example of him saying something else liked he wants someone liked his mother looks and etc.. Really, It’s sad that you people go nuts over what he said when you don’t even think about it.

    The article on Playboy is a bit disappointing… However, I can’t help wondering if he really said that or was this a joke. For now, Shia might have said stupid stuff to your opinion, but that’s not a reason to disliked the guy. All of us said stupid stuff once in our life.

  • Jane

    He is so messed up

  • jingle

    Shia can have any girl he wants and he knows it, I mean he said that he was infactuated with Rhianna and got a date with her. Shia thinks that Megan Fox is “foxy” and she went on and on how great he is. He dated several models (according to who’s dating who) including Isabell Lucas. This guy knows that he is hot as shit and can get anything he wants with his looks. Any guy who is stuck up like this is an asshole! I don’t see what all the fuss is, his smile is boxy looking, his beard is awful, he is way too short, he smokes and he is shallow, I think.

  • Anonymous

    He’s sooooo hot.
    yet so fucked up.
    but SO hot.
    haha :)

  • Shayna

    that’s weird. I don’t remember going shopping with Shia Labeouf.
    JK! lol
    I think he’s cute without the beard