• Emi

    Her deep voice is kinda weird….. idk if I’ll go see it yet.

  • Anonymous

    wow this looks LAME!!!
    can you even act? i guess not,LOSER

  • ashley is a girls name too

    i dont get what the movie is about but LMFAO at her attitude in the first part

  • jessicaa

    this looks shitt

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    I love Vanessa, but her face is too cute/pretty for this x]
    And is it on purpose that her voice is so deep?

  • meriam

    yeaah, i can’t wait to see it.

  • rtret

    LETS SEE ALY! NOT V! ;) jk but aly should be the one up their rockin out shes the real rockstar. vanessa is r&b

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • http://thynameiswit.wordpress.com/ pdaervo

    is it just me or is she horrible :l

  • Rosiee

    Phahaaa her voice :L

  • Anonymous

    it looks better than i thought!

  • Anonymous

    it looks better than i thought

  • it’s me.

    yes :)
    i love nessa!

  • Anonymous

    This does not look good.

  • m

    Only care about this because of Baby V. It’s so horrible. But who cares?

  • marie

    her acting sucks… she’s trying to be dark and emo
    like but nah not conving, sorry…

  • Anonymous

    Why vanessa? wtf. why her?

  • NIkki

    I think she doing a good job in not being so cutesy. I like it and will go see it.

  • nataliee

    she is trying so hard
    and its bad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m only going to watch it because of Aly Michalka.

  • Anonymous

    wow this looks LAME!!!

  • Anonymous

    why did she make her voice seem deeper?? stick to high school musical…

  • lol

    it was boring n her voice sounded too deep
    this movie doesnt luk to hot

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    shes made her voice all deep so she can literally appear… deep LMAO,
    like ‘myrsterious’. epic fail.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i’ll see it to support V! :]

  • Anonymous

    i am going with 10 friends to see it at least 10 times. can’t wait to see this awesome movie!!!!!

  • Uhhh

    Proof Vanessa Hudgens really can’t sing–they pre-record a well-known cover and she still sounds terrible.

    But she’s still pretty.

  • Anonymous

    i`ve never felt more proud to say this ; NO

  • Anonymous

    she okay and all ,but ocean needs to post the demi and jonas brother performance up in peru it looked amazing

  • Anonymous

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  • Laura

    this is so bad.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • lslsharon

    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!

  • ilovejonaslovato!

    i can’t wait to see it.
    im excited.
    i love Vanessa and aly!

  • dundies

    Will YOU go see it?


    i WILL do no such thing

  • Clara

    wow me too.
    so shame to see it seriously.

  • angelika


  • Anonymous

    lmfao , why does he alway capitalize “you” ?! xD

  • ZzZ

    Oh gosh it’s horrible!!!

    The whole thing was just so lame!!!

    Hope it’s just the trailer, ‘cuz if the movie is really that lame, then poor Vanessa. I don’t like her, but she seems nice and all.

  • http://oceanup.com ari

    umm haha did they deepen up V’s voice?
    like wtf its usually really high and annoying.

  • Brianna

    No way, shit acting.

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