Aly & AJ NEED RIDE To Beverly Hills


Alyson Renae Michalka & Amanda Joy Michalka, wearing a ‘Need Ride To Beverly Hills’ t-shirt, spotted leaving Anastasia salon in Beverly Hills with tea drinks on Tuesday. Photo: WENN.

  • ( o )( o )

    They are like the prettiest sisters.
    They need to make more songs like the break up song cause these two are actually talented.

  • hh

    Aly & AJ are awesome! I love them!! they look so amazing no matter what!! i guess aly doesn’t wear the black bracelets anymore? i haven’t seen her take those off in years. very strange.. ahh well! love you girls! stoked for the new album! :)

  • Anonymous


    AJ’s shoes = x3

  • Anonymous

    why do u take the worst pictures out there?

  • algal

    wow… they look stoned.. awful pic…

  • Anonymous

    hahaha no one commented

  • anonymous

    The headline makes them seem like hookers who need a ride to Beverly Hills. lol

  • Cody

    i miss them!!! i miss joe and aj, haha! but that’s sooo long ago, haha, i miss them! i really love their music!

  • michelle.

    they’re sooo beautiful! :DDD
    I LOVE YOU ALY & AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    they are both so pretty!

    alsooo, follow me on twitter guys!

  • Anonymous

    horrible pic of them, wasn’t there another one?

  • paulie

    wow there soo big now :) i remember when aj was only 16

  • bridget

    Dude I would hate for people to get pics of me early in the morning. They seem so not happy to have a camera in their face.

  • Maddie

    They are stunning! Can’t wait for their new music!!!!

  • bridget

    Well I take back my last comment. AJ’s smiling in one of the pics over at JJJ. They look nice. Simple works well for them.

  • Anonymous


  • Jane

    Supa pretty!

  • Anonymous

    follow me on twitter!!!

  • Anonymous

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    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    LOL That’s a funny picture. But they are BOTH gorgeous!!!

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  • kc

    Haha yeah that IS a bad picture of them…i’m sure their was a better one than this…they still look really pretty 8D

  • Rane

    I dont think anything is really wrong with the way they look. i doubt half the people who commented (no offence)look half this good in the early morning. In fact i dont even think AJ has on any makeup at all, and sh’es alright. Sometimes people just need to let their faces breathe.

  • Anonymous

    AJ’s shoes = <3

  • Rane

    AJ’s boobs got big tho