Hayden Panettiere BIKINI Cap d’Antibes

Hayden Panettiere, T4 presenter Steve Jones and friends enjoyed the sun and the sea on a private yacht in Cap d’Antibes, France on Monday. Photos: INF. 5+

  • Anonymous

    not as hot as miley?!

  • Anonymous

    penis last picture haha

  • Anonymous

    She is sexy…..
    Except she looks
    Like she has balls
    In the third picture
    Bitch Please!

  • Claudia

    Why is she hanging out with T4? I mean, they’re cool, but.. I dunno..
    She looks a bit odd…

  • Heather

    i wish i had her stomach.

    and ew, wtf. look at her boyfriend. he’s so …haiirry.

  • Anonymous

    Great body but………….
    Her vagina looks MASSIVE.


    Man…She’s flat chesteddd!

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    For once i can say, i much prefer my body to this celebs.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is on the womens ass in the 5th picture???

  • Anonymous


    look at her bathing suit bottom….

    her vjay looks like a penay

  • Anonymous

    nobody cares about hayden news. bring on the miley,jonas,demi,selena,taylor,rob,taylor s.,disney news.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    not as hot as miley?!

    why people bring her in every post??? the headline clearly says HAYDEN…

  • Steph

    Yea she has kind of a boyish figure. She’s dating 31-yr-old Steve Jones. I guess she has a thing for guys in their 30’s.

  • Anonymous

    shes’ fit but still looks awkward.

    follow =]

  • Anonymous

    she has a really bad body.

  • sara

    she’s really fit-looking… but everybody on the boat has really awkward bodies.

  • Anonymous

    Is she really dating Steve Jones?? Wow would of thought she’d be way out of his league and he has a rep as a player

  • Anonymous

    I love steve jones. I want his babies LOL

  • anon

    she is fit guys, not fat.

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    Why is she hanging out with T4? I mean, they’re cool, but.. I dunno..
    She looks a bit odd…


    T4 is a show not a band….
    Steve Jones is the presenter so there is no ‘they’ :) haha

  • James in San Diego

    She looks so good.

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  • Steph

    Well, Perez Hilton is speculating that they’re dating. She She was seen hanging out with him a couple times in London and now they’re in Cannes together. He posted some more pics on his website of Steve putting sunblock on her ass and they seemed pretty friendly with each other.

  • Anonymous

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    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    hey shes hott and I love the 3rd pic the best

  • Anonymous

    penis last picture haha


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    She doesnt look like she has a penis or balls?

    hayden is sooooo pretty.
    and she has a nice body.
    u guys r high.

    and stop brigning up skank cyrus..

    who fuckin cares about that nasty hoe

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  • Anonymous

    she has no fuckin shape.
    ugly body. ew. i like miley’s better.
    and i HATE miley

  • kristennnnnn*

    i think hayden is so pretty, so dont take what i have to say badly!!
    but it really looks like she has a d**k.. im just saying.. i didnt mean to stare but it
    just pops out at you!!

  • tht

    she has a beautiful body! beautiful girl<3

  • ANONymous

    She needs to lay the hell off the steroids.

  • Anonymous

    she’s damn hott

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but she has a man’s body. she has a preaty face and everything but shes wayy too muscular and she has no ass or tits or curves.

    gross body.

  • Anonymous

    She was a gymnast…

  • Anonymous

    ew! no curves at all!! and btw she looks like she has a peeenis on the 3rd picture… no offence but that bikini doesnt look very god on her, altho shes fit….:)

  • Anonymous

    For once i can say, i much prefer my body to this celebs.
    I totally agree…..

  • Brianna

    her body confuses me. her arms and shoulders give the illusion of being fat but when she has her bikini or something short on she is like normal.

  • Jane

    Her body is kind of weird, she doesn’t have boobs but has athletic legs.

  • jack

    Little body with a penis.

  • Anonymous

    zomg first

  • lalaaaa


  • Steph

    Aww, no one cares about her. She only has 1 comment. :(

  • Anonymous

    shes fit..
    but that just looks weird on her.. sorry

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    she has a beautiful body! sexy hmmm
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  • Anonymous

    i think shes usually hott as fuck but whats up with that cow girl hat its not sexy at all

  • Anonymous

    nice hat

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