Vampire Diaries‘ star Ian Somerhalder at CW Upfront party. VD will air at 8 PM on Thursdays, paired with ‘Supernatural.’ It will replace ‘Smallville’ whose ninth and final season will air at 8 PM on Fridays. Vampire Diaries is based on the Alloy Entertainment series of teen vampire books.

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    He’s gorgeous!
    Definitely the hottest vampire (R-Patz is barfalicious)!

  • aNonymous

    No you are great!…

    I am just stunned, because I don’t know the stars I know characters…Well I must watch the Vampire show now, perhaps my guy can be a double..lol..I truly am shocked!

    Jerseygirl says he’s boone from lost…damn, I missed the comparison but it was before my time with my guy I guess, and I don’t watch alot of tv…more a movie girl myself.. People have said to watch this or that, and I tune in from time to time, whatever. I like my books and music and writing…or going out (hence, partying). I guess I’ll pay attention. My guy gets compliments alot and I take them in stride because I agree with them..I hope I can continue to be that way…lol But he compliments me all the time so that works!

    What are your dreams for this new year? Make them large!

  • Steph

    Why is he wearing that ugly hat?

  • Anonymous

    i love supernatural! too bad smallville is ending thought :( but I can’t wait to check out the vampire diaries! :)

  • Anonymous

    He looks like Bill Hader and David Henrie had a baby.

  • aNonymous

    Holy shit, I don’t watch a lot of tv…I flipped..He face is like my guys, but my guy is dark blonde..shit oh dear…

    have you seen him before? I have got to show this to my bf..and my friends. (Maybe they already know but I am whatever about tv) I do have a couple of friends that said I need to watch a show about vampires cuz my guy could be one,(I didn’t take it as a compliment) but I’m not into tv except where Jonas is concerned or when bored…damn I guess I’ll watch now!

    Has this guy been around for awhile or am I missing something!

    I guess my boyfriend has a double…dammmmmn..I’m stunned..I need to watch more tv and get off this laptop…lol

    How are you by the way…isn’t tomorrow your birthday!..Hope all your wishes come true and (yeah Joe for a day..but only)

    I truly hope you have an awesome time and not everyday can be awesome but in accumulation may this year be the best!


  • aNonymous

    Noone say anything negative about such a gorgeous man..stunning!

    Bite Me!

  • http://myspace.com/theshowdown Nicole is freaking outtttttttttt.


    First, you guys don’t even understand. These are BAD pictures of him. He is perfect.

    Second, oh my gosh!

    Third, oh my gosh!

    Fourth, it’s going to be on before Supernatural. EFF YES.

    Fifth, Oceanup, you had better not start posting about him because, if you do, dumbasses are going to trash him and I will choke a bitch.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hes cute but weird looking at the same time . haha that made no sense

  • Anonymous

    In live w/ The Record life’s Music


  • kIRSTY


    So hot.

  • sfuihux


  • Anonymous

    He fcking hawt
    Point blank.
    Whoever thinks otherwise
    has no taste whatsoever!
    Cant wait ill the show!<33

  • Anonymous

    He’s hot. But I’m getting annoyed with all the vampire shit.

  • cami


  • jerseygirl

    Mmmmm – love me some Boone! :D


    YOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OCEANUP!!!!!!!!! Will you put pics of BEP, Fergie, Carrie, David Cook, American Idol contestants and judges on here! I can’t find them and I’d like to see them! Ones from the red carpet! KRIS ALLEN ROCKS MY WORLD SINCE HE’S FROM MY STATE!!!!!!!!!

  • http://partyliikearockstaar.blogspot.com Solbii

    hey OceanUp, i’m from Argentina, and i found this video of they arriving at the airport this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eoFmd1qGjc

  • rebecca

    love him!
    miss him!
    why did they kill him off so early in lost!
    he better come back last season!

  • Anonymous

    DUDE! NO! GOSH! anyone who’s read the books knows that this is going to be horrible. Oh god NO! Elena can NOT have dark hair.

  • http://www.twitter.com/judilynnfudge Judilynnfudge

    this is who i wanted to play edward cullen 3 years ago.
    fuck r pattz.
    him and ashley green go out yall!

  • HOT DAMN ;)

    i believe HOT DAMN would be appropriate phrase for this post

  • Jane

    He’s really hot!

  • Anonymous

    he is really cute

  • monika

    canadian babe wohoo :)
    this looks alot like twilight.

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Um Perez posted about him because he talked about this show!
    And apparently he was on lost.
    Damn I’m jealous, this guy is hot!

    Aw thanks so much aNonymous, your such a sweetheart :)

  • bridget

    fuck he was hotter on LOST.

    i loved boone.

  • Anonymous

    HES HOT…when he doesnt smile… how unfourtunate :s

  • Anonymous

    HE should have been edward cullen!
    I LOVE BOONE! <3

  • Anonymous

    HE should have been edward cullen!
    I LOVE BOONE! <333

  • Anonymous

    He looks exactly like Rob Lowe!

  • Anonymous

    hes hot :)

  • Anonymous

    Boone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss him!!

  • .

    he looks like a young rob lowe!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

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