Dylan & Cole Celebrate 16 With Miranda

Dylan & Cole Sprouse chatted with Popstar! at Miranda’s 16 birthday party. What is your birthday wish for Miranda?

Dylan: That she gets an amazing car made of steel, kind of like James Bond, but it has machine guns and anything she might need to stop a zombie invasion.

Cole: That she just has fun with the Iron Man suit I got her.

What does Miranda have to look forward to?

Cole: Driving, of course. Just ultimate freedom, just being able to go wherever and do whatever, as long as your parents tell you. Ha! Go Disney! Got the Disney portion in.

Dylan: By the way, a seat belt and a helmet! [Laughs]

What do you think of Miranda’s party so far?

Cole: It’s awesome! We were just saying a studio was a great idea. I never even thought about that because then you don’t have to leave at anytime and the clean up is easy and it’s a good venue. I had never even thought of a studio.


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    Cole is mine, i’m in love with Cole so much, he is perfect.

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    anyway… ILOVEHIM

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    Miranda is so sweet to include all of her closest friends in everything she does. She put them in her “About you now ” video, in her Hotel Roosevelt vidieos, and now her sweet 16 videos.

  • Agatha

    i though that too.

  • :)
  • ilovejonaslovato!

    the way dylan and cole
    dance cracks me
    up it’s soo bad!!
    ahaha i love them.
    ahh and miranda looks soo pretty!

  • sarahi

    lol.!!! dylan & cole dance soo cool!.. well..they dance normal..like any teenager….but they look funny..in a cool way!…mirandaa doesn’t know the dance!! but she can dancee!!! in a part of the song..when it says “REVERSE”…mirandaa says something to her co’star jennete..the both look kindaa lost…xD haha!! ii love themm!

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    what?? hahahahahah
    keke dance great
    but miranda not omg hahaha

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  • http://www.icarly-show.com/blog iCarly Fan

    Looks like a great party and fun time

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    haha, miranda is such a horrible dancer!! :P

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    cole sprouse <33
    i love him i miss his old hair :/
    i hate dylan hes such a wannabe

    i love coles dance :)

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    ^ Hihi . . . xD

  • anna

    Miranda is so beautiful and so lucky.

  • kimshane F.

    ^ eylow . . . xD

  • sara

    dancing “like that”? haha what?
    they were barely dancing at all…

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    ^ hahahhaha . . . xD

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    Sorry . . . uhm, nice . . . =] Byebye, my momma told me to sleep now . . . nytienyt =] PAALAM! lolz :D

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    i love that miranda has real friends that arent famous.

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    dancing “like that”? haha what?
    they were barely dancing at all…

    i know right hahaha

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    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • kimshane F.

    cool, the sprose bros. . . uhm. . . sixth? =]

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    damnn cole can sing?

  • Lisa

    omg, cole and dylan dancing like that!!! well again they are regular teenagers. i
    think its hard to believe that they dance like that cause we epect good examples from
    them but wat ev!!