From a reader: On Friday, I went to the filming of the new CW show ‘Beautiful Life’ and Sara Paxton was smoking outside. Maybe, smoking keeps her thin?

  • Anonymous

    I knew she smoked before.
    But man, I never expected it from her.

  • http://sfsdf joe

    This is making kids think smoking is sexy which is not

  • Anonymous

    i know right!?

  • Johnny Blaze

    Well if she is smoking, then its not putting on a good example for the kids that look up to her. A least Leonardo DeCaprio got caught smoking an electronic cigarette when he was riding his bike in Venice beach. At least its better than a regular cig.

    Johnny B

  • me

    WTF! is there anyone besides me that doesn’t smoke! shit, how stupid do you have to be, you are actually killing yourself, but worse making others inhale second hand smoke-fucken disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    ocean up your in a way promoting smoking..

  • carebear

    yeah but smoking still makes u add weight because of all the chemicals in it

  • i<3MD

    fake fake fake. i love her though.

  • Anonymous

    Shes so pretty
    And eww smoking is nasty
    The smell of it gives me headaches

  • Anonymous

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  • Haley

    This is why so many people hate oceanup.
    Are you fucking retarded? Perez is a dick but at least he doesn’t encourage his readers to do things that will kill them. Smoking is sexy? To who?! It stains your teeth, gives you terrible breath, makes your clothes smell, weakens your immune system, causes cancer, hurts the lungs of those around you, and NO it does not cause you to stay thin because I’ve seen fat people smoking before so stfu.

    I agree, take this down or change what you wrote. Some girls who read this site are at a very impressionable age and don’t need to think that this is what people think is hot and what makes people famous.

    If you do smoke — Please stop.

  • Nicole actually knows what she’s talking about.

    1. Why people smoke: It makes you feel good. It has a very calming, soothing effect on the body. Also, because they’re parents don’t want them to. :P

    2. Smoking suppresses appetite, which makes you lose weight. Anyone who tells you it doesn’t is LYING.

    3. Smoking is only considered sexy because of people, like all of you, who tell everyone how BAAAAAAAD it is and how omgitkeelzyew. By itself, it isn’t sexy, but when you add in Mommy and Daddy and every authority figure and “sensible” person telling you that it’s bad for you it can become very, very sexy. People are naturally attracted to things that are taboo. Not everyone is, but most people, of a certain age, have that streak in them.

    4. Teenage girls are not nearly as impressionable as some of you… teenage girls seem to think. They are much more likely to imitate what they see at home, as opposed to what they see some random starlet do.

    5. People are going to tell you a lot of bullshit in your lives, especially people who think they’re doing what’s best for you by lying. The fact that it makes you lose weight and calms you down doesn’t change how bad it can be for you. Lying to protect someone or prove a point is dumb shit. The truth is always better than a lie, s2mfs.

    This has been my public service announcement for the day.

  • http://123456 noah 911

    i fucked Sara Paxton and i suck her pussy

  • stephanie

    ew. ugh smoking fu**ing disgusting.
    i hate it sooo much!
    i dont get how it satisfies people?

  • joAnne

    seriously are u promoting smoking with using a title like that?! how inappropiate. tweenage girls read this site. please if you don’t smoke don’t start, it is NOT sexy at all!!

  • Sarah

    Why do people smoke in the first place !?

  • http://123456 noah 911

    hey i fucked Sara Paxton

  • haa

    she’s gonna die :(

  • ariella

    she is beautiful.
    Love what she is wearing.

  • farry
  • httritb

    everyone is gonna die, so whatever

  • Lacey

    What the hell is she wearing?

    Hello…this is not the 80’s.

  • honeyyy

    omg…little teenagers calm down…oceanup is not saying that you should smoke….there just showing that she does…of course you dont have to smoke….no ones forcings you…so calm down….jesus christ you guys act like two year olds

  • Anonymous

    smoking != sexy

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  • Jane

    ewww smoking is such a bad habit!

  • gross

    ew. Smoking is so gross, how could she do that when shes supposed to be a role model. Shes pretty but then you just see the cigarette :(
    Also smoking doesnt keep you thin thats a myth.

  • Anonymous
  • Hayley

    Hate she smokes, but love her :)

  • Anonymous

    ew. Smoking is so gross, how could she do that when shes supposed to be a role model. Shes pretty but then you just see the cigarette :(
    Also smoking doesnt necessarily keep you thin thats a myth, some smokers (like a friend of mine) is very large and the cigarette does nothing to her appetite.

  • Anonymous

    that makes her ugly .

  • Anonymous

    And oceanup you should TAKE THIS DOWN ASAP!
    Smoking is not cool or sexy. Dont encourage young people who look at this site to smoke.
    Children can be impressionable!

  • Anonymous


  • Holly

    wow….half the people in this world smoke or drink
    most of the celebrities do
    you shouldnt hate a person just because they do it
    thats really riduculous and makes you look like a childish baby

  • angelika

    iuuh smoking

  • Anonymous

    ew thats disgusting.

  • custtyy

    tht is probably the ugliest fucking outfit ive ever seen my lifeee

    but i love sara paxton sooo w.e.

  • Anonymous

    she became my fave celeb when Aquamarine came out but now Im speechless she has ruined herself like other celebs if she knows it’s bad 4 her then why is she killing herself smoking sucks and people who do it should just quit

  • Quyen

    Technically, she’s not smoking in the picture, because it doesn’t look like the cigarette is actually lighted, and she’s not actually smoking…

    And I think this picture looks fake. :P

  • Anonymous

    as soon as i turn 18 i’m going to smoke
    idc what anyone says it IS cool

  • Rubi G.

    No, thats ween you try to quit : )

  • Anonymous

    shes gonna die…

  • Anonymous

    i agree
    take it down

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty! but… NO person in this world looks sexy while they’re smoking! (:

  • Anonymous

    cancer sticks…yuck!

  • dsfsfsdfdfs


  • Anonymous

    ehhh smokin’s bad for you.

    follow me on

  • salsa

    HELLO OCEANUP!!??!!?

  • ( o )( o )

    Smoking does not make you thin. Go outside & you’ll see a bunch of fat asses smoking.

  • Bosta


  • Anonymous

    Girls that smoke ARE sexy. I’ve got news for all you anti’s….. we are ALL going to die. Why not look as sexy as you can. There are MILLIONS of guys who only will date a girl if she smokes. Look up ‘Smoking Fetish’ if you don’t believe me. Any YES, IT DOES KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. Grow up and be a real woman!

  • Kelsey!

    ewwww shes so freaking gorgeous?? Why smoke though? Also her clothes are ugly:( Love jer though! PLEASE Sara if you read stop smoking…

  • Anonymous

    pretty, but i don’t think she should have been in the cast. she just doesn’t look like a model.

  • jerseygirl

    Jesus Tim – don’t imply smoking keeps you thin. Alot of young girls read these posts; they don’t need to hear that shit.

  • http://ffg (:

    that makes me loose a lot of recpect for her….. ://

  • t5464yrty

    Ohemgee oceanup. Your telling all the young ppl that go on this site that smoking is sexy and keeps you thin!! wtf! THATS A LIE! SMOKING IS BAD

  • carebear

    smoking actually makes u add weight haha sry

  • Ris

    Actually, smoking kills your appetite…so…

  • Kenzie

    U think it’s cOol to have to fill ur lungs up with tobacco goo and might get cancer? U might have to carry an air tube around so u can breathe and get ur voce box removed and not be able to talk or sing. Idc if u do it or not, ur slowly and painfully killing urself 1% every 2 cigerettes u smoke. Ur also puting people in danger that have to breathe that. Do wut u want but when u get cancer ull regret that u ever thought smoking was cool! Plz think about it! I’m trying to save u from pain!

  • Anonymous

    okay. smoking does not add weight. i know a lot of older people who smoke and they themselves said that they weighed less while they were smoking and gained after they quit. so get your facts straight before you say things.

  • Anonymous

    Its not fake.
    You can tell because she’s holding
    a lighter..

  • Anonymous

    wow that is the very opposite of “Sexy”

  • Anonymous

    love to fuck dat body hard

  • dea

    way to ruin yourself stupid/!!!!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks that picture looks fake?

  • xoxo

    umm no it doesnt. it decreases your appetite so you hardly ever eat.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who thinks that picture looks fake?


    who the fuck would waste their time making a picture of a dlist actress smoking..

  • Anonymous

    this is not that a celebrity is shown smoking..this creates a bad impression among her fans..

  • Anonymous

    Sara Paxton doesn’t look nasty enough to smoke or pose nude. She’s like Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts who have innocent faces. Smoking only ruin her reputation, so come on, girl! you’re still popular even if U don’t smoke so why bother doing… you should stay being an innocent girl who doesn’t smoke and does date a cute boy. This is your destiny! EW, I cant imagine if someday I see Sara Paxton drink and stoned, and sleep with a scary guy from the bar, tatooed, punk-dressed, its not my bussines but it can make me less like her.

  • Anonymous

    i would like fuck sara paxton

  • ohmimiley

    smoking sexy, smoking makes you thin.
    oceanup fail :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m YET to figure out what
    people gain from smoking.
    It’s like slow suicide, and
    I honestly don’t see the point.
    Ewww, I’ll never be able to
    look at her the same.

  • Detox

    A lot of innocent looking stars smoke and it may look cool but they are encouraging kids.
    Learn How to detox.

  • Kenzie

    Ok guys oceanup and everyone who commented. Both my grandpas smoke and stayed at the same weight so of people r gonna say it makes u gain or lose weight maybe it’s their body that does that when they smoke. Also who cares if she smokes?? It’s her decision and she can do whatever she wants. Smoking doesn’t make u a bad person, ur just ruining ur body.. O and did u know that when u smoke one cigeratte ur taking off 1 minute and 7 seconds off ur life! And to the people who say it’s “cool to smoke” need to get a brick and smash their heads in until they get it throught their heads that it’s not cool to fill ur lungs up with tobaco goo and get cancer and live with pain all ur life, u might even have to carry a breathing tank around with u all ur life or get ur voice box removed!! So think about it because once u start smoking it’s near impossible to quit!


  • hjgdtyhfg

    EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD SMOKES. models do it to. it’s stops you from feeling hungry. I’d actually be wayy more shocked if a celebrity DIDN”T smoke.

  • Anonymous

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