David Henrie’s Reacts To Blond Selena

Popstar! posted a picture of David Henrie after they showed him blond Selena Gomez. & asked him if he’d ever dye his hair BLOND. Do YOU think he should?

  • Anonymous

    does he have a tatoo?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I met him and he’s super nice and super hot

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    Woah hes wearing too much makeup, but i guess thats the makeup artists not him.

    He would look terrible with blonde hair, his eyebrows are too dark – thats why selena didnt suit it.

  • QQueen

    Well, when I met him he was really nice and funny.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, i think he has two tatoos so sexy…

  • Anonymous

    yeah he was such a a sweetheart when i met him
    and extremlyyyy hotttttttttt!!!

  • Anonymous

    If HE die His Hair Blonde
    He’ll Be Ryan Gosling’s TWIN

  • colomba

    FIRST :)

  • Anonymous

    Lmao, her head is so big!

  • ExTwilighter (NewMoonSucks)


  • :)
  • anonymous

    i love david henrie!!

    he two tattoos on both arms are sexy!

    i want david henrie!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG, he didn’t kiss your mouth when you asked him to? The GALL of him.

  • anonymous

    both tattoos on his arms are sexy**

    sorry got lost in his amazing sexy picture i didn’t get my second sentence

  • jessica

    I wanna know why people here arent saying anything about how fucking HOOOTTTT AND SEXXXYYYY David Henrie is. Like come on! Look at his arms!! Look at his gorgeous eyes and his body is so fit!!

  • lexilex

    I want David in my bed…NOW!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a barbie

  • Anonymous

    his cute man cleavage. ;)

  • Anonymous

    i think david is adorable and hot at the same time.

  • zayna

    David is WAYYYY hotter than the Jonas brothers.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous256

    first what? :(

  • katharine

    It’s kinda sad how not many people realize how incredibly awesome that boy is!
    So many girls should go crazy over him.
    Oh well, better chance in meeting him. ;)

  • Anonymous

    does he have a tattoo?

  • la la land girl

    OmG he lOOkes sO HOT and hIs all oF
    hIs tattOO OMG He Is mY HoT boYfRienD =]

  • Anonymous

    if david dye’s his hair blond he would look like a retarded disney kid. now disney wouldn’t want now will they?

  • kiki

    I want him inside me.

  • someone

    he’s not cute but his eyes are sooo dreamy!

  • Anonymous

    he’s a sexy beast

  • Anonymous

    haha, Joe would look like a little kid compared to David.
    David has a really rockin hard body, i wanna feel his muscles!!

  • grayskies

    He kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal …

  • mia123

    hey David, can i sit on your crotch?

    mmmmm he’s so fuckable! i freakin want him!!!

  • kelly

    he is rude to people in person

  • Anonymous

    does he have a tattoo?
    yes he does, i think two! its a bible verse i think!

  • Brad

    I’m a guy and I would definitely go gay for him…

  • taylorswiftfanz

    OK…is it just me or does selena want to be miley. Blond wig, trying to sing, copies clothing… I’m just sayin I think nick gave selena a miley complex.

  • dont deny, if you’re bi

    see, it pisses me off how most girls go crazy over really ugly guys like zac efron, jonas brothers and robert pattinson when THIS guy is WAYY hotter…

  • Anonymous

    DAVID AND SELENA WOULD MAKE A CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEE COUPLE….seriously! too bad they think each other as bro and sis!

  • moi

    hahahahaa ohmygosh his face!! his eyes are like POPPING out… LOL

  • Anonymous

    he’s so hot
    David is the only reason i watch wizards

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    i loooooovveeeee david henrie soo much <3<3<3

  • Anonymous

    hes so hot

  • Anonymous

    Sorry if this sounds wrong but…
    Please don’t close your legs David (;


  • Anonymous256

    he’s soooooo hot i mean seriously he is wayyy cuter than nick jonas who is cute by the way!!!!! david henrie is soooooo cute . yeah your right i don’t think he would look good with blonde hair .i just wish i could kiss him

  • Anonymous256