Make It Or Break It SNEAK PEAK

New ABC Family Series ‘Make It Or Break It’ sneak peek. Nicole Anderson from JONAS is in it this too. Premieres June 22 at 9/8c. Will YOU watch it after Secret Life? Longer preview under.

  • Anonymous

    ill wtach it

  • heather

    im soooooo pissed they cancelled kyle xy too!!!! ima start a riot!! =] WHOSE WITH ME?!?!? haha

  • Lily L L

    Isn’t the chick in the pink scrunchie and pink top the same girl that comes out in hatching pete. I think it is her but I couldn’t see nicole anderson. Yeah but I don’t think I’ll watch.

  • Anonymous

    nope. she wasn’t in the commercial

  • Anonymous

    nope. she wasn’t in the commercial

  • Anonymous

    not watching it.
    Going to the Jonas concert

  • Anonymous

    Was Nicole not the one with her hair in a pink scrunchy and pink top?

  • carol

    what the hell is this.
    i want my fucking kyle xy.

  • Laura

    Thanks Tim :)
    This looks really good, though I couldn’t see Nicole in the commercial though..?

  • anonomys


  • anonymously


  • Claire

    I still can’t believe ABC Family canceled Kyle XY, kept that shitty ass show called The Secret Life of the American teenager, and we get this stupid ass gymnastic show shit. WHAT. THE FUCK.

  • :)
  • jokio brotel<33

    didnt see her… im not watching but secret life

  • Caitlyn

    I couldn’t see Nicole either, I didn’t know she was in it but that is the girl from Hatching Pete.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Anderson is not on this show they must mean the girl who came out in hatching Pete. CUZ that is her.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)