Ashley Tisdale GERMANY BOUND

Ashley Tisdale leaving her Toluca Lake home for LAX Airport while Mom
Lisa and Maui said goodbye. Tis is heading to Europe to promote her new album Guilty Pleasure. Her first performance is the Viva Comet 2009 in Germany on May 29. 3+

  • jokio brotel<33

    how lucky! shes in germany! love her!

  • Anonymous

    My Goals In Life:
    Give Nick Jonas a BJ
    Watch hundreds of girls give Joe a blow job
    Watch Kevin give a guy a bj
    Oh yeah, and have a 3 some with Nick and Miley Cyrus… and maybe Justin

  • Jasmin

    I don’t understand why she hides from the paprazzi.
    I mean, if she came into the fame business she obviously knows the pap. is gonna be everywhere. Gah. She annoys me. She’s sometimes pretty but Idnl her singing at all. But her shows; they get an A+

  • Anonymous

    is her nose swollen? wowowowopwopwawr f

  • y


  • Maike

    i´m from germany and i live near oberhausen and tomorrow i´m going to the red carpet of the comet and maybe to the show if tickets are still available … but i saw her in munich at the hsm3 premiere , too….she´s such a lovely girl…. and i´m looking forward to tomorrow afternoon :))))

  • april
  • lol

    luv her outfit
    aw :'[
    wait is she not going to the mtv movie awards now?

  • P.A.U


  • Anonymous

    Man…I want to bang her so freaking bad

  • Jane

    ew she looks like a hobo

  • Katha

    id fuckin love to see her live tomorrow, but i cant :( because the viva comet is too far away :(
    anyways, love her

  • jonaslovatolover!

    she is soo pretty
    im jealous.
    i love her hair!
    i can not wait until her new cd!
    im sooo excited.
    is amazing!

  • Mileyfan4Sho


    Shes okay!!


  • jessica <33

    loveeee herrr<3

  • MusicIsMyLife

    she’s so pretty!
    she look so much better with her hair like that!
    i love ash:)

  • Anonymous

    thinnn but pretty

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anny

    Love her.
    Going to see her tomorrow on the Viva Comet 2009. :)

  • Anonymous

    Why there is always Jonas link? Anyway, she looks lovely.

  • Anonymous

    what hair? her hair look fugly…

  • trish


  • :]

    omg i was born in Germany

  • Sarina

    Yaay. I’m from germany
    and i love this show so much.
    i’m looking so forward that she will be there :]

  • MIANA.


    I love her.

  • romi

    i wish i could go to the Viva Comet 2009!

    good luck to her though :)