Lucas Till TWITTER, Myspace UPDATE

Lucas Till OfficialMyspace blog: Hey! How are you guys doing??

I’m back in California hanging out with my brother Nick. He bought two wooden swords in Chinatown for me and him so we can play fights with them.. there isn’t much going on with me right now. I enjoy my life in California, i hang out with.. brother, and my best friends Hutch and Jason a lot. We went to Six Flags and had a blast.

Thank you so much to everyone who is following me on twitter, if you arent following me yet, make sure to do it @followlucas and my brothers is @nicholastill!


  • Anonymous


  • duh


  • Crista. :)

    hello gorgeous :)

  • trish

    WTC??? what is with the pic???? and see if they weren’t so busy trying to get Cami picked on with the other post they would know this blog is old,,, pic don’t know. anyways,,, first

  • emz

    Tim i sent u dis… could of at least got some credit hun!!
    ass -_-

    Anyways Lucas looks so hot.. even covered up with blood!!cant wait for the;
    Dance of The Dead!!*_*

  • Steph

    No explanation for the bloody pic??

  • SJS

    WTF is with that top pic? If you’re gonna post a pic like that Ocean, you should say what it’s from. As unattractive as I think he is, I doubt walks around covered in blood for no reason. *gag* He is creepy looking to me for some reason. Though actually, he looks like he could be related to Taylor Swift. They’re both tall, blonde, and have weird eyes. I’m not trying to be mean, so don’t freak out Taylor/Lucas teenies.

  • emz

    Its his new movie.. Dance of The Dead:)

  • Jackson

    Here you go:

    It came out before HM and is now in video stores.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Jesus – did Taylor Swift beat the shit out of him already?

  • iCutsYouBiotch

    thats what he gets for breaking mileys heart

  • Sidrah x

    How did lucus break miley heart??

  • Anonymous

    shia labeouf is an incestuous fool.

  • cassie

    maybe he fell in ketchup..

  • :)
  • Jane

    HAHAHAHAHA! gross but true

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  • ( o )( o )

    He’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a tampon.

  • Katie

    The top picture is from behind the scenes of one of Luke’s latest movies, Dance of the Dead.
    I would know, I was also in the movie myself.

  • http://amanda Amanda

    ahh, i love him he is so hot. ;)
    i love his voice hehe.
    what happened to him?
    is that fake.. lol

  • Anonymous

    there is fake blood?

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous