New Zealand Singer Impersonates Miley

New Zealand singer Courtney Janssen, 13, impersonates Miley Cyrus [‘See You Again‘] on the TV show Stars In Their Eyes. Do YOU think she moves like Miley? Thx Jacque!

  • rachel

    we love you miley

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    they’re exactly the same.
    only differences:

    1. miley is pretty AND talented. this girl is neither.
    2. miley doesn’t lie about her age.
    3. uhmm… everything else?? wth is this anyway?

  • bia

    Miley is SOOOO much BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  • courtney

    wow, shes only 13?
    she did good. :)

  • lexxi

    who would wanna impersonate miley? Hey miley— why dont you go play in the streets? Preferrably the freeway.

  • Rebecca


  • Anonymous

    she is nothing like miley. and her singing.. not so greatt.

  • me

    nah! miley moves more like the exorcist, spinning her head and snapping her neck, but this girl sings way better and much prettier, no gums exposing

  • Anonymous

    I feel like a pedophile watching this, even when I’m only three years older than her.
    Why is she dancing like that? And doing so many body rolls? It makes me feel awkward to watch, she’s only 13 years old.
    It’s a little gross. Raunchy.

  • Rebecca


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes shit

  • Anonymous

    sounds too young to be thirteen. miley i way more energetic and moves her head more. courtney seemed very stiff

  • Anonymous

    dude, she’s 13?!?!? When she puts on the makeup and all that crap, she looks like she’s, what, 21?

  • nancilyn

    ….WOWWW…uhm you know her hair and outfit looks like miley….you cant sing liek her or danc elike her…mileys SO much different from them…and she looks like shes 2 not 13..= / also her back up singers ar elike 40 yrs old :P no one can be another miley!

  • kk

    it sucks!

  • Lilly

    I dont know what you guys are on but this girl is utterly stunning!She done a great job of being Miley!
    Good Job Courtney!
    (Also she is thirteen I am thirteen to but I look alot older too,)

  • Anonymous

    Urm. She is not like Miley at all and personally I don’t think her singing is all that great.

  • Stephanie

    She did it exactly how Miley would do. But only the girl didn’t shove her hair in her face and stuck her tongue out like Miley does. I’m a MIley fan, but Miley does dance really seductive for a sixteen year old. The girl Courtney does not look thirteen. She looks about Miley’s age!

  • Anonymous

    My ears feel like they are about to bleed. That girl ruined Miley’s song.

  • kristan

    yeah, this girl was way too stiff. miley is much more dramatic with her movements when she performs. that said, this girl does have a very nice voice :)

  • Anonymous

    Ok this is what I have a problem with not only her performance but Miley’s also. Why do the body roll thing? That has to go to a sexual song, not a kiddie song. I’m just saying, what’s the whole point of doing that. It looks stupid to me, but that’s just my opinion.

  • JonasCyrusLovatoGomezSwiftLover<3

    follow please (:

  • Anonymous

    ewe shes gross…and shes deff not 13…hahah and allll that hair is extentions because in the first clip you see her hair in those tiny little pigtails

  • Anonymous

    She’s good.
    She needs a little practice but she’s still very good.
    Why she would wanna impersonate Miley is beyond me but whatever. Good for 13.

  • LOVEato

    I don’t hate Miley but I hate Miley Fans. They just a little too obsessive and can’t accept ANY NORMAL thing about Miley. I bet even Miley thought this was pretty cool. The girl wasn’t so bad. She was pretty close but just because she doesn’t look like her ,It doesn’t mean she sucked.

  • Haley

    I think she was really nervous because she seemed stiff. Like, she’d do a move halfway. She’d start to do it, then she’d pull back, like she was embarrassed. For example, when she put her hands in her hair, she wouldn’t go fully through with it, she just pulled them back out. She has a lot of time to improve though if she’s only 13.

  • Lena

    doesn’t look like Miley, but if she’s 13 she’s a good singer.

  • Anonymous

    miley doesnt dance like that! that girl was doing a weird body roll over and over again
    but she does sing good

  • anonymous

    haha we have that show in sweden!!

  • Anonymous

    ahhh my fucking ears. She sounds like a man.

  • emz

    uhm… I’m not even a huge Miley obsesser but wow…
    that was shocking… its worse than Miley’s real version…

  • naomi

    she sucks!

  • nik

    she is NOT 13.

  • heather

    wow for 13!!! she def doesn’t have the natural ease that miley does, or the stage prescence but shes ok

  • Anonymous

    That was crap and deffo nothing like Miley, for instance – Miley is talented!

  • Katy

    I saw this on a few weeks ago. She’s good. Not a carbon copy of Miley or anything but who’d really want to be. It’s a good platform for her to possibly launch or own career.

  • Anonymous

    I know you dance around to 7 things.

  • Jenna

    omg for someone who does not speak american like miley she is superb!!!

  • Anonymous

    my ears are bleeding.

  • Anonymous

    needs more spastic movements and face grabbing.

  • leticia

    she’s not like miley, but she’s good and has a beautiful voice

  • ugh!

    eew she sings ugly &
    no way she dances or sings
    like Miley. Miley C. sings way
    better & dances better too.!
    ugh diz girl doesnt sing or dance good!
    he should impersonate Selena Gomez!

  • Anonymous

    Her moves are alot like some of Mileys, BUT she doesnt have movement and rhythm, but nice stage presence for someone so young!

  • monika

    i think she tries too hard to move like Miley.

  • Anonymous

    i thought she did pretty good. even though her movements were a little stiff, they were still pretty miley-like.

  • Anonymous

    Hold up, wait a minute.
    If you guys seriously think this girl sounds anything like Miley… this girl practically is her.

    seriously. pretty good voice.

  • Anonymous

    i think her accent kind of…didn’t work with the song

  • Anonymous

    miley holds the mic differently

  • Annette

    maybe with another song this girl might be a good singer but she sounded bad here and she cant dance.. but then again mileys better at moving so this girl isnt going to compare anyway.

  • angelika

    she sing good

  • Anonymous

    Miley’s moves are awesome, this is just awkward.

  • - – – ` ( j o n a s + m i l e y ) <3

    RUINED . MILEY`S . SONG . and miley is NOT that ugly !!!!!!!

  • jonas4ever

    wow she sounds like (studio) miley- but better

  • Anonymous

    Soo was she supposed to look like her or sound like her? Either way she didn’t.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she’s 16 or above.
    my sister thought she was 24 ..

  • Anonymous

    be yourseelf, be yourseelf.

  • aw

    dude she can’t sing…she’s pretty and all but eh at singing……..

  • Anonymous

    emmm this is awful
    she ruind it!

  • Anonymous

    she’s thirteen? she looks so old!

  • Anonymous

    wait a second.. is she supposed to actually sing well?
    cause if she is, then i give it a huuuuge thumbs down.

  • Anonymous

    that was horrible
    and she dances nothing like miley

  • Anonymous

    i think she’s a good singer.
    a little stiff, but good.

  • Anonymous

    She’d be similar to miley if she was twitching, grabbing her hair, and grinding on any inanimate object. They’d be like twins. O_O

  • iPWNyou(:

    i agree with LOVEato,
    and by the way impersonate means to act LIKE
    them not act EXACTLY like them.
    So all of you haters should a dictionary before saying crap. And she was pretty good for a 13 year old, I mean im not Miley’s biggest fan but both versions are good.

  • Anonymous

    she’s uhm better singer than miley

  • Anonymous

    She got some of the moves right, but she didn’t do them very well. She’s too stiff.

  • Anonymous


  • kathy

    I don’t think her singing is great but much better
    than Miley Cyrus(she voice is like sheep+cow)

  • Anonymous

    i think she has kinda awkward moves? lol

  • Katie

    she was a little stiff and ackward her voice sounded
    scared she needs to work on the danceing and singing
    a little morre

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, it’s hard to tell. I’d have to hear a different song from her.

  • Becca

    ummm. wow,,
    that was just bad.
    miley is more loose on stage.
    this girl is so stiff.
    like miley falls to the ground and
    sings on her knees and kicks over the mic stand.
    shes a much more involved singer. she gets more into her musice. this girl half-asses all her dance moves and her voice really sounds like a man.people say miley has a deep voice this girl sounds like a 50 year old man trying to be a popstar..

  • Anonymous

    she’s 13 she’s a good singer

  • Someone

    I thought she was pretty damn good…. Miley of course dose it better, but that girl rocked it anyhow.

  • Annaa


  • Anna

    Hahaha, she looks so stupid!!
    She’s a monster!! she doesn’t have 13!!

  • lolagirl

    well that was awkkk

  • (:

    ahh Miley wins.

  • Anonymous

    I live in New Zealand and the one time I don’t watch it someone does this!!! My brother would have been in fits… and then said she sounded like Miley. Lol. She not great but at least she tried.

  • Tina

    Wow some of you guys are pretty nasty, shes a young girl who took a opportunity to perform on stars in their eyes, shes very good for 13, I’d like to see any of you have the guts to do this and be able to sing like her.

  • baja

    this is actually DISGUSTING. not only is she bad at being miley, but shes bad at singing and just performing in general

  • Anonymous

    Miley Doesn’t Have Anything To Worry About!

  • TheRealAlyssaCarson

    She sounds NOTHING like MIley.
    She has no naslyness. At all.

    And she dosn’t look like her.

  • Anonymous

    miley sings like a man.. just like this girl! ha! that’s for sure kbai

  • Julia

    She ain’t got nothingggg on Miley.
    Miley’s waaaayy better.

  • Anonymous

    she sux and miley is way better!!

  • Anna

    Since when is American a language????

    “AMERICAN”(english)is not my mother tongue… I’m Mexican and i know i can do better than she

  • XD

    she’s really good! I think she puts herself in impersonating Miley since Miley did a lot of head bangin and that circle thing she did w/ her hand is really good too XD

  • rivz.

    O MY GOSH. How could you ask for something like that? Sh She is fat, artificial and insecure. You think she’s like Miley? OHH PLEASE! do not offend Miles.

  • Annon

    Omgosh You guys just screw off!
    This girl is Thirteen okay!!!I know for a fact!!
    Did you ever stop to think that this is a freaking thirteen year old girl peforming on National Television!?!?!?!?!?!
    Does she not have a right to be nervous?!
    Did you know she won many awards all first second and third (not sure if all of them were but many) when she went over to compete in the US.
    This is a thirteen year old girl going out and having fun!So keep your jelous thoughts off her and LEAVE HER ALONE!She is very talented.


    I’m live in New Zealand. shes ok

  • nileyrocks7

    are you kidding me???!! she sounds like a pig doing sex!! she does NOT look or sound like miley!! miley is wayyyy better!

  • Nikki(:

    looks like she’s trying too hard :P

  • Anonymous

    ugh this impersonater is horrible
    miley sings better than this b****
    we already have enough miley impersonaters *cough*selena
    miley the real one rocks all the way any day

  • Anonymous

    that sucked.
    i think it might just be the song and its style. im sure she has a nice voice

  • gdgdgfs

    She looks like shes 34, man shes tall! And she has an old face

  • anonymous

    needs more spastic movements and face grabbing.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    she doesnt seem 13.
    shes okayy-ish, but not horrible lol
    she has a deep voice.

    and mileys amazing!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WOOW! she is just terribleee she doesnt move like her
    at all! ewwww! shes just embarresing herself

  • Anonymous

    This is wayyyy too good than miley.
    Miley can’t even sing. this girl can and she’s only 13.

  • Anonymous

    um she lost an earring like at the beginning of the performance? lmao not very miley like…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    okay first of all if you think Miley is a bad singer
    then you need to get your ears checked and second of all
    your grammar sucks what are you, in 2nd grade or

  • Anonymous

    she is nothing like miley….she sucks

  • Anonymous

    Dude, She can’t sing.

  • bahahaha

    she definately has nothing on miley
    she needs alot more practice
    she was ok i suppose for a 13 year old
    but it was definately not great
    i should have never watched it
    but it grabbed my curiosity

  • Anonymous

    she sure does sing better than miley

    but if she wants to act like miley, she needs to start humping the floor.

  • Emma Duffell

    Why don’t all you haters get a life
    Courtney Janssen it an amazing singer and my best friend.

  • Anonymous

    Dont be mean u guys
    ashley went to my school two years ago and she is ok dont be mean cause ur voice must be so horrible that u can make very one deff