Vanessa Hudgens RIDE READY IN LA

Vanessa Hudgens, wearing no makeup and comfortable clothes, packed up before heading to a photo shoot in Santa Monica. Nessa does NOT like Allison! Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    who is alison????

  • Louise

    who is Alison

  • Anonymous

    She’s so ugly without makeup.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • :)
  • Ambi (:

    Well why did u say she looks ugly without makep if you cant
    even see her whole face? U.U

  • Krystal

    Why is she hiding her face ? She’s not important & I find it hilarious that she thinks she is. She had no problem stripping & smiling into the camera & all of a sudden she’s shy when the camera comes around, oh please, save it Vanessa you don’t fool anyone. She wanted the spotlight, she can fucking deal with it like everyone else that’s famous. Ugh, I hate this whore. Vanessa loving twats don’t bothing saying anything to me, I DON’T CARE, you WON’T change my mind, so leave it at that bitchess …

    Baby Vadge SUCKS big dick.

  • Ambi (:

    Well why did u say she looks ugly without makeup if you cant
    even see her whole face? U.U

  • mandy

    lmfaoo oceanup… thats NOT allison…..

  • Anonymous

    Shorts = ew
    Shoes = ew

    Usually shoes like that are cute but those are just too much.

  • Anonymous

    I love V
    and stop bashing V ppl
    this is a horrible blurry picture anyway

  • emily

    she is not lookin vanessa looking like a duplicate

  • realist


  • eieeen

    ^^^^^^^^^^ These people don’t know who Allison is! 0___o


    +Vanessa is pretty without makeup :DDDDDDDD

  • carly

    omg i love her house ii totally want that house like no joke and she dose look cute

  • Anonymous

    who is allison?/???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • Andrea

    I like Vanessa but she seems arrogant because the face covering. I mean she could have said hello and they’ve already recognize her.

  • angelika


  • nileyyyyyyyy

    allison is the paparazzi :D

  • Anonymous


  • karla

    put some make up!…i dont know why people said shes naturally pretty, just look at her… and its not that the pic is blurry she has more pics that say so….
    U dont deserve beeing with zac… but ww!

  • Anonymous

    not cute!..


    Your lovely little bitch, Ashley covers her face
    all the time but i don’t see you saying shit about
    her! ha, you stupid hypocrite.

  • Anonymous


    Her face looks terrible. Other than that, I like what she’s wearing.

  • Anonymous

    that isn’t allison oceanup

  • Clara

    @Krystal , guuuurl you’re so right haha!people who think vanessa is a nice gurl need seriously maturity (:

  • Jane

    she’s still pretty

  • Solange

    not as usual as Vanessa! Vanessa is a whore!

  • vanessafanforlife

    uh, no offence but vanessa kinda looks like an old
    lady there. no offence but i like her okay?

  • nikki


  • Anonymous

    she is naturally pretty !

  • Anonymous

    how can u say that shes ugly without makeup?
    those pictures are so blurry anyways

  • c-line

    I love this clothes!
    But she seems tired!

    French girl =)

  • laura

    omg she doesnt look that good,i mean i no celebs r people and not every1 looks perfect all the time but put some eyeliner on or something lol i love her shirt and necklace but i hate those shorts!

  • bretttyy

    who is allison

  • Anonymous

    bald spot

  • Anonymous

    I love V too!!!
    yes she’s naturally pretty but these photos are awful

  • anonymous

    That wasnt even alison oceanup

  • Hannah

    She is NOT pretty without make-up!!! Proof is in the link below.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ewww why is she so ugly? is there something wrong with me or is zac efron just blind? i guess ‘love is blind’ really is true :S damn i just hate her