New Moon MOVIE TRAILER 15 Seconds

New Moon
trailer preview. Full will air at MTV Movie Awards this Sunday.

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  • Anonymous

    I AGREE Kristen Stewart has the acting potential of a wall. and Rob is just as bad if not worse.

    it’s sad to see such a lovely story
    go to waste with such terrible EVERYTHING
    Twilight was complete garbage
    and I have no reason to think this one will be any better

    its pathetic how the background actors overshadow the lead actors and how this movie is only making money because of the hype of the book. LEARN WHAT A GOOD MOVIE IS PEOPLE

  • Halee

    AWWH. I’m so so excitedd for this!

  • Kyla

    Kristen Stewart is such a bad actress.
    Just my opinion, so don’t send me hate shit.

  • E.

    oe im excited
    but i have to say that i didnt like her raising her eyebrow after she said ‘kiss me’

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Aim

    aww yay!
    i’m excited for Mew Moon!
    nov. 2oth!

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  • http://fgh StEpHpyg213

    For all those people talking crap about the actors why don’t u shut the hell up. If u don’t hav something good to say then don’t say it at all oh and like u could act better or even show more emotion plus she just got hurt and Edwards thinking of leaving her that’s how they’re supposed to look! But for all of us that are real fans and are supportive we look forward to seeing the trailer and are probably going to flip out when we see it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it’s me.

    aaaah! i’m so excited :)

  • Orls

    I cannot frickin’ wait xD
    Rob you are a God.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I agree with about Kristen and Rob, zero acting talent! And the book itself sucked, I tried to read but it was pure torture. It’s just a corny book for horny people, Rob is just too perfect and Bella has the personality of a paper bag! What’s even worst is that Meyer’s is getting big bucks for this piece of sh!t.

    I think not only should people know what a good movie is, but what a good book is! They’re are all kinds of books, including bad ones!

    Anyways, the MTV Movie Awards (don’t know why MTV ever created it, not music) sound interesting this year. I just want to see the awkwardness between the Disney brats – Miley, JoBros, Demi and Selena. lol

  • i <3 selena

    I heard they have almost cast Leah for eclipse !

  • rebecca

    thank you. haha
    i agree with you 100%.


  • Anonymous

    judt like i feared,
    the really did need to find
    a new bella
    cuz she just eekk,

    ur monotone makes me waht to stab my
    self in the ears!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a hater. Kristen is one dimensional to me and when I read the book I pictured Bella to be a lot different. Kristen is very . . . dry as Bella. Now A Walk to Remember was SOOOOOOO good. Mandy Moore captured her character perfectly.

  • ashley is a girls name too

    oh no no.

    thats not how the story goes.

  • Anonymous

    dang. and to think i was just around the corner while they were filming this scene.
    it looks so good, thank goodness it looks like theres no more annoying blue tint.

  • angelika

    i want to see the movieeeeee

  • Anonymous

    im kind of dissapointed of that preview.

    theyre already starting to drift away from the book.

  • Tru

    I CANT WAIT!!!! <3

  • Youve got mail <33333333333

    Kristen is rather emotionless, but perhaps thats just her interpretation of Bella’s character,
    because she can act, just haven’t seen her full potential in Twilight

  • Anonymous


  • why do all the disney kids post get a lot of comments? weird…

    i dont like the eyebrow raising either

  • Emily?
  • -S-

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • La dee da.

    Well, it was just after the paper cut, and Edward being all moody and emotionless, so I think there’s a reason for her emotion in this scene in particular.
    But you’re right, she definitely isn’t as good in Twilight than she is in her other movies.

  • Crista. :)

    I like, hyperventilated when I was watching this!
    hmm.. I guess this movie won’t suck, unlike the other one which was horrible. Kudos to the director.

    I didn’t like “Bella” raising her eyebrows though..
    but FUCK.. I don’t think I’ll survive when I watch the full trailer :))

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    i really think they both make some scenes more intesense then theyre supposed to be. honestly.

  • Anonymous

    Very akward when the family watches this together tonight like my dad and brothers will be like wtf! mOM what are you letting your daughter watch =0 But the movie looks okkay but emotionless

  • Anonymous

    i agree that the background actors did outshine kristen and robert in acting but i still love twilight
    im a huge fan of the books and movie
    but it would’ve been better if they casted a better edward and bella at the start, now its too late :(
    im really looking forward to new moon and i hope its better than twilight and i think it will be with the new director and hopefully better acting

  • Anonymous

    OMFG :D

  • rebecca

    i personally didn’t like it when Kristen was raising her eyebrow when she said ‘kiss me’.
    i guess, as an actress, she was just following the script. Yes, i read the leaked script online, and i assume it’s the original because the lines and blocking are the same as the script.

    This scene is taking place right after the paper cut, so Rob has every right toact emotionless. After that, he leaves her. (sorry to ruin it for those who haven’t read the book.) But how else are you suppose to act? Happy and cheerful because you’re thinking about leaving your girlfriend after Jasper lunged at her, and she was thrown into a glass table. C’mon, it makes sense. I just hope he isn’t gloomy before the paper cut scene. I would be just as disappointed as ‘Twilight.’

    I’m hoping the trailer will show more sequence and dialouge from the book, rather than Twilight. Twilight had a bunch of scenes that are out of sequence, and a lot of dialouge that wasn’t in the movie. Consdering that i’m a HUGE fan of the Twilight series. And Cathrine totally fucked up the Meadow Scene in the movie. that was my favorite part of the book, and she screwed it up visually, but whatever. I’m glad Cathrine Hardwicke isn’t the director for New Moon, and i’m hoping to see Chris Weitz ability in this next film.

  • madi

    yay! the movie is going to be so good! :D i cant wait….


    well that was bullshit. i wanna see emmmett and rosalie :)

  • sophia


  • annonymous

    ur all haters grow up
    kristen is a great actor your just jelous farr outt
    if u got nothin good to say get off this website. mann alot of people are really waiting for this movie to come out n u cant diss it everytime u get the chance just grow the hell up!!!!
    and BTW robert pattinson is an awesome actor he is perfect for the role if you don lik that then go make your own movie if you can get someone better
    farr outt mann!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    BLAH BLAH BLAH who cares? Are the Jo Bros going?

  • summer; team jonasssss <3

    i personally think, they are both great actors. kristen has to play someone who just almost died by her “new family” at her birthday, and they freaked out and all. she did goood.

    and rob; he did amazing, cause he looks so destroyed like i-want-to-stay-here-and-you-dont-know-this-but-i-have-to-leave-you-tomorrow-and-i-cant-bear-it. so since thats what he is supposed to portray. i think he did exellent.

    im excited for the full trailer.