Keke Palmer MTV MOVIE Awards 2009

Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. 2+

  • Anonymous

    fuck u

  • Anonymous

    keke palmer u r phanom and the dress and the shoes goes great..all of you peopel talking about her is jealous and if you are reading this go get it life dont say nothing mean out of your mouth just because she prettier smart and more succesful then you WILL EVER BE…….and that goes to all of you peopel who said something nasty out of your mouth!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she does not look like a 15 year old!

  • sophie

    who invited her? lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    all you stupid little kids are RACIST. Its a dang shame…

  • Ryu

    why was she even invited?
    no one even likes her/knows who she is…

    Because she’s a celebrity…unlike you.

    And speak for yourself. YOU don’t like her and YOU don’t know who she is…by the way, why are you here if you don’t like her and don’t know who she is?

  • angelika

    but the shoes are cute

  • maryxoxo

    she looks blooming there. maybe the hairstlye changes her look.

  • Anonymous

    how old is she? like 40…and what an ugly dress

  • k

    i cant believe shes only 15 …

  • Martha<3’s JB

    i think she looks really pretty(:

    loves her dress & her shoessss !

  • Anonymous

    eyeslashes O.o
    and wow.. i love her shoes :)

  • :)
  • jonasloverrr

    why do you people always write tons of messed up comments towards certain celebrities but when it comes to others like miley, you kiss up like she’s going to read your comments. maybe keke’s just not that popular…but still…

  • emily

    who the hell is she?

  • amanda

    she thinks because shes with nick that she’s so much better than disney and really the only reason shes not still with isney is because they wouldn’t give her, her own show

  • !

    You know, I lost a lot of respect for her when she had to complain about her dad embarrassing her. That was immature as well as disrespectful. I do know that sometimes parents can be quite embarrassing, but something about the way she worded made it sound like she was ashamed of her father. I just can’t respect that. She is very talented as well as gorgeous, though.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous
    OceanUp post this!
    Jomilla, Mustin and Zanessa are on the list!

  • Anonymous

    dress is cute,
    shoes are ugly. haha that’s my opinion
    the shoes don’t even go with the dress.

  • Anonymous

    So her shoes don’t match her dress…GET THE FUCK OVER IT !

  • Anonymous

    You’re lame.
    I bet you complain about your parents too.
    Stop trying to make her sound like she’s a bitch to her dad.

  • Cheshire

    Carrie Underwood’s wax figure is wearing that dress..

  • lana

    aaww. very cute.

  • Anonymous

    all u people need to shut the hell up about her she looks better and she is prettier than all of yall and just incase your wondering her name is keke palmershe has a show on nickelodeon and she is more succesful and kind hearted than you are so go get a life crack heads…

  • Anonymous

    idky i fucking hate this girl haha

  • Anonymous

    why was she even invited?
    no one even likes her/knows who she is…

  • Kirsty

    She’s not pretty but not ugly.

  • Jamie

    How old are all of you, 12? You all hate her because she is way more prettier and way more successful than you will EVER be? So sad. She looks slammin. She also looked way better than those skanks Hudgens and Tisdale did last night too.

  • Ryu

    She is an ugly whore.


    …And you’re a worthless piece of trash.

  • Anonymousss

    She is an ugly whore.