Ashley Tisdale HOT MESS New Song

Ashley Tisdale‘s new song ‘Hot Mess’. Like it? ‘Hair’ under!

  • Isa

    sooo. she said it was edgy.
    where the fuck is the edgy thing?? in her ripped shirt??

  • Anonymous

    that’s what you think

  • Solange

    Brainless. Her fans and a lot of people care. Who cares about u actually??? And who cares about “Sneakernight”. Kinda pissing me off!

  • Natascha

    I really like her songs, i can’t understand why people judge her looks and all that..
    i also don’t understand why they don’t care about her music career i think it’s good that she does other music than we are used to like the music from high school musical..

  • Alexa

    I love all of her songs, but is HORRIBLE AND SUCKS SO BAD LIVE!

    it’s kind of annoying because someone who has a good voice should be singing those songs and they would be 10 times more amazing!

    ugh, but at least she looked cute :)

  • Shai

    i think she’s pretty good for singing live. obviously not as good as other singers, but she’s pretty good. i can’t wait to buy her cd :)

  • Anonymous

    Disney acting–okay, singing–mediocre.

  • Anonymous

    keep on dreaming, tweenybopper
    no gives a damn about her anymore
    thats why her single FLOPPED

  • Anonymous

    fuck u ashley tisdale btw honey, i hate ur hair.
    jkkk…. gotcha
    shes gud but i don’t really get hair? does she want to know what to do with it?

  • iCutsYouBiotch

    Didn’t chelsea handler invent the term “hot mess”?

  • Anonymous

    She’s just yelling…..and she’s lip syncing in some

  • Anonymous

    ha, for all of those Ashley Lovers/ Vanessa haters who
    dissed Vanessa for singing “sneaker night”. A song
    about HAIR?!!?


  • Luiza

    i care about her music career, and i think she is the best, best then all the people here who are saying stupid things about her here, she is a great singer and an amazing actress (she won an mtv movie award)shut up to talk about her, ashley is the best

  • Delsy

    her singing is not that good but she is moving

  • lol

    i luv hair lol n atleast hair has a meaning towards it
    not to sound mean n all n not to totally bag on vanessabut FACE IT SNEAKERNIGHT HAS NO MEANING why didnt she just sing bout i dont know a shirt while she was at it
    and vanessa cant sing live either so stop comparing the she sounds like a little kid
    shes not the best butt here r worst she sounds pretty decent when she sings the verses yes wen she gets tot he chrous she gets yell-e and whinny but w.e. theirs room for improvment
    i cant wait to hear more erase n rewind btw ;]

  • ewtotiz

    she sucks. she cant act or sing. ew. her songs are horrid.

  • Anonymous

    she sux

  • Anonymous


  • ell

    yahhhyyyyy i admire ashley so much

  • V

    I love her style…
    but her sing = horrid.
    She’s talking loudly with rythm?
    wtf thats not singing


    She alsways sounds like she would sing with play back :(

  • trish


  • Anonymous

    i dont really like it :/ i love her fashion style tho

  • Carol

    I really like ‘Hot Mess’! It sounds different of everything she has done before.

  • Anonymous

    the 2 starts like i kissed a girl hh i kinda liked the songs but not that mush

  • wow

    WHY DOES SHE HAVE A CD??????????????

    Shes just as bad as brooke hogan!!!

  • Kirsty

    Hot Mess is quite good!

  • Anonymous

    honestly, who still cares about ashley tisdale?

  • Anonymous

    that was horrible :S

  • Anonymous

    pretty bad..

  • Samantha

    Ughh she cannot sing AT ALL!!!
    Stick with acting sweetie!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley just act…please

  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    almost nobody cares for ashley’s music career

  • Anonymous


  • ..

    omg she sang amazing. NOT
    those were awful performances :(

  • Anonymous

    yea, this song is a hot mess.
    what a fitting name.