Slicked back sexy Megan Fox at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in LA at the
Gibson Amphitheater on Sunday. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. More under!

  • rayma


  • CDK


  • ew.

    I think Megan Fox is gorgeous, but her hair is atrocious!

  • Anonymous

    alright new post please!

  • jes

    she is so freaking gorgeous..but she looks to bad here…how on earth did she look at herself in the mirror and go wow i look good?

  • Anonymous

    holy crap, what did she do here?
    shes usually like, drop dead gorgeous. and she looks awful here.

  • arielle

    she’s really pretty, but she looks like a disaster here :|

    btw, her lips match her nail polish :] lol

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s super gorgeous generally, but I’m not loving the hair and I don’t think the dress was the right length for her shape.
    Maybe next time…

  • Anonymous

    I love her tattoo, the one on her back. It’s gorgeous.

  • Kali

    Dude… her eyebrows are amazing. lol

  • Natalya

    WHAT??? She is so much prettier than camilla belle! Ok i dont see camilla belle being voted the hottest woman in the world. Im sry bt camilla belle looks like she belongs in a fucking cave!

  • Anonymous

    love her dress.. HATE her shoes and hair and make up.. and well we could say i dont exactly Like her ..¬¬

  • Anonymous

    her hairr is nastyyy lookingg.

  • Anonymous

    lol. gossip sites are such an attraction for hate. people have no inhibitions whatsoever. even worse when the main people commenting are girls. all girls posted will have comments hating comments and most guy post will have the ‘hott’ comments. pretty typical. the stars that read these things should know that gossip sites do not define their fanbase. more negativity is drawn to them then positive.

  • Aim

    uhh, i don’t get why everyone makes such a big deal a/b her…
    i don’t think she’s that pretty…
    i mean she is, but iv’e seen better looking ladies.

  • Anonymous

    she should just stick to her hair and makeup artists for transformers.
    because lets get real, she looks completely amazing in that movie, and here, no.

  • raina

    she looked soo much better in HOPE AND FAITH
    her now looks really weird???
    she looks kind of scary

  • Maddie

    ew. in the close up you can tell how much makeup she has on. just goes to prove, most of hollywood is SO fake.

  • Anonymous

    everything about her just screams whoree lol
    she’s pretty but in the generic way then again I’m not a guy so I don’t go for the I just modeled for playboy type look
    I like her tatooes though I think I spelled that wrong.

  • Anonymous

    She looks too skinny and fucking gross! What’s up with her hair?

  • A

    her hair looks DISGUSTING.

  • Anonymous

    she should really stop severely pulling her hair back. it doesnt suit her at all.
    but i just noticed her & me have like, the exact same eyebrows.
    haha, random fact for ya (:

  • Tonya.

    Her hair looks greased down, like a dude.
    So unflattering, but she is pretty.
    NOT with her hair and makeup like that,though.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t get why anyone thinks she’s hot. Really. I guess, since I’m not a man, I won’t ever get it. But then again, there are woman that I do find very attractive (Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Anne Hathaway, and Scarlet Johansson to name a few) but she, I’m sorry, is not one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Christina Ricci called. She wants her forehead back.

  • Anonymous

    hahh my thought exactlyyyy

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Christina Ricci called. She wants her forehead back.

  • Anonymous

    ewww what the hell

  • Jane

    She looks gross here!!!

  • ciii


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You can tell this post is full of girls because any straight man will never think she’s ugly.

  • ansdj

    ummm, she reminds me of one of those kinky slutty girls that guys think is sexy, but really isn’t that pretty
    she kinda reminds me of angelina jolie? excepts angelina is gorgeous..
    but what i do know, is that her hair looks absolutely disgusting :)
    that is all!

  • Anonymous

    I’d go gay for her (HAHA!) but with this look? No thank you. This isn’t her best

  • Delilah_Marie

    She is soo beautiful! But I’m really not digging that hair..just not feelin’ it..

  • Anonymous

    DUDE . i`m not saying this cause i`m a jealous girl and i have “no taste it beautiful women” , cause i`m NOT and i do , but SHE IS NOTTT SEXY !!!!! idk wth guys are so gaga about with her . even miley`s sexier than that !


    “even miley`s sexier than that”

    you obviously don’t know what a beautiful women is.
    don’t compare her to miley…..EVER!

  • Anonymous

    god, she looks so UGLY. she used to be so pretty. what

  • Anonymous

    she really does remind me of camilla belle especially in the 3rd pic.
    they are both INSANELY gorgeous!

  • darya

    i do not like the hair.

  • anonymous

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW. she looks SOOOO horrible what happend to her?

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not beautiful.
    She may have sex appeal but
    she’s nothing exotic.

  • Anonymous

    she looks unusually bitchy…

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Adriana Lima, but Adriana is more beautiful than her

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    true they dont but your supposed to look AMAZINGLY beautiful on the red carpet. right here she looks disgusting she thinks she looks hot here but it looks like her hair is helllla greasy and she is trying to hard to make herself look hot

  • Anonymous
  • :)
  • chloe

    her hair = the outsiders book .

  • zomg.


  • baja


    she looks gross

  • Alina



  • ash

    Honestly, I don’t get the appeal of her. But I’m not a guy so I probaly shouldn’t anyway haha.

  • sick

    she looks like charlize theron in monster. haha

  • sdfasfas


  • Rissa

    She looked unflattering as hell.
    yay! first comment!

  • ew

    she looks a hot mess.

  • Steph

    Her hair and makeup looks disgusting.

    And it pisses me off that she still looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Hot body, and usually a nice face but the hairstyle and makeup is disgusting…she’s pretty without the makeup

  • Anonymous

    she looks terrible
    usually she looks nice
    but not here lol

  • Anonymous

    she’s hot

  • Alina

    she looks TOO old

  • Anonymous

    ew shes so gross and soo dumb and her skin looks really sun damaged

  • Anonymous

    late much?

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Camilla Belle especially in the third pic.

  • Anonymous

    i love her dress but her hair made her look horrible

  • angelika

    not her best look

  • audrey

    omg she looks sooo bad. she is really ugly here. but in transformers she is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • kjkj

    eew omg she usually looks really pretty but now, UCK she looks hooorrible. but i do like her dress. her hair looks really bad, but i guess everyone has bad hair days right?

  • Anonymous

    what happened to megan
    she looks HORRIBLE here…
    not feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    22 inch is too small.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair is weird here, but she’s still hot

  • Anonymous

    That’s oceanUP for you.

  • Anonymous

    i love her freckles!! :)

  • Anonymous

    wow. shes ugly

  • Kamilah

    She cant be the sexiest woman in the world!she’s ugly and looks like a slut!

  • Anonymous

    eww megan fox
    is DISGUSTINGLY overrated
    what do guys see in her
    besides her hot body in transformers?
    she looks BUTT UGLY here.

  • Nikki(:


  • Anonymous

    why do u do this to yourslef??!!

  • Rachel

    she is icky.


    I was going to comment something along the lines of that. I honestly don’t know what people see in her. I’m not a hater or anything, I just don’t think she’s as beautiful as some people say. I think even some of the Disney girls are way prettier than her.

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Gosh not everyone looks so hot 24/7, EVEN MEGAN FREAKING FOX!
    She is gorgeous though, I would kill for her 22 inch waist lol!

  • Anonymous

    shes honestly really gorgeous but that hair was a bad mistake, she shouldnt have worn it like that at allll

  • Claire

    ew shes gross
    whats the big deal about her?

  • emily.
  • leah

    UGLY…i dont know what people see in her!

  • brittney

    she’s reallly pretty. you have to admit that. but idk, i just wasn’t feeling the hair. oh well, her body pretty much makes up for it. lucky!

  • Anonymous


    i used to think she was the most gorgeous woman ever.

    LMFAO now

  • kaila

    i love her dress but what is up with her hair?!
    its so ugly! how can guys find her so attractive?!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Ew, she actually looks disgusting. Her hair is gross.

  • Taly

    um, GROSS.

  • as


  • Anonymous

    HA she tries sooo hard to be a sex symbol
    but she is naturally beautiful, just not digging the look she had going on last night…unflattering

  • Sophie

    she should have pulled her hair back or something instead of leaving it half greasy

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t kill me for asking this but, is she lesbian?

  • Anonymous

    i love the dress!
    not the hair though…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So is a gorgeous and naturally attractive woman but her hair all slicked back is gross and her dress doesn’t suit her.

    but whatever she is fucking hott.

  • Anonymous

    she usually looks hot but not so much here lol! Too much trying to be angelina

  • Anonymous

    usually i love her, but she looks ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    DUDE . i`m not saying this cause i`m a jealous girl and i have “no taste it beautiful women” , cause i`m NOT and i do , but SHE IS NOTTT SEXY !!!!! idk wth guys are so gaga about with her . even miley`s sexier than that !

  • laurennnn:)

    jfc it’s so retarded how some of you girls automatically assume she’s ugly just because of one off night
    she’s GORGEOUS!! everyone knows that!
    okay, yes, she’s not looking too good here but even the beauty queens aren’t beautiful 24/7

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty but her hair just messed her image up

  • are you kidding me

    she is incredibly gorgeous and if you say otherwise you are delusional. but i do agree that her hair is quite atrocious here. but people that think miley is prettier than her need a wake-up call because last time i checked puckering up your lips and squinting your eyes is not remotely appealing.

  • Anonymous
    I made a Miley Blend! Check it out please and comment

  • laurennnn:)

    DUDE . i`m not saying this cause i`m a jealous girl and i have “no taste it beautiful women” , cause i`m NOT and i do , but SHE IS NOTTT SEXY !!!!! idk wth guys are so gaga about with her . even miley`s sexier than that !

    “even miley`s sexier than that ”

    i totally alomost pissed myself laughing at that
    ohh god
    people call selena’s fans delusional?
    LOLing forever :D

  • Anonymous

    i think she was just having a bad day…idk far away she cute but upclose is eekk scary…then again oceanup always post only the bad pics so who knows.

  • amanda

    the only reason why she looks soo ugly is becuz her hair.
    if her hair was down she would look soo much better.

  • Anonymous

    she finally looks horrible.
    YES! lol.

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty but not pretty enough to pull of that hair.

  • jenny

    she looks like a drowned cat. X X

  • Anonymous

    shes ugly