Zac Efron @ The Hangover premiere Grauman’s in Hollywood, Tuesday. Fame.

  • g

    taylor twitter demi
    @ddlovato death by Demi Lovato. Best perfume name ever. “you smell like death” “thanks!”. You could also make “decay” and “filth”.

  • Anonymous

    Just cause the movie is caled Hangover, doen’t mean you have to look like you have one, Zac.

  • Anonymous

    yes thank you he’s so

  • Anonymous

    he is a little bit chubby! =D

  • Anonymous

    it looks like hes been crying, not stoned.

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  • Rafaela

    Zac you are handsome, but please cut your hair :D

  • Anonymous

    he looks hung over, or high~

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  • Anonymous

    His eyes are cashed as fuck!
    I agree. Stoned

  • Wow

    he’s absolutely faded hahahaha.

  • Jane

    He needs to cut his hair, but he is still hot as hell

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he seriously needs to cut the hair.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like he has a hangover

  • what happened?

    boy has let himself go!

  • carolapaolacpl

    HE NEEDS A HAIRCUT!! PRONTOO!! :D but looks sooo hot anyways

  • Anonymous

    he looks a little hungover himself

  • Lisa(Canadian Eh!)

    Zac i love u soo FUCKINGGG much I just have one request…..

    Love You! XD

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • aaliyahnoelle

    how appropriate that he’s at a movie called the hangover…he looks like he has one himself…

    dont understand why people think this chubakka is cute.

    the only place he was ever cute was in hairspray. and some of 17 again. but those movies involved makeup and lighting and touchups.

    oh the dissapointment…

  • Anonymous

    oh Zac, you blue eyed brown haired hottie…shave and a haircut please? Although he said on Ellen he only does it when it gets out of hand or he’s filming…

  • Anonymous

    Lol i want him to cut his hair

  • aaliyahnoelle

    oh and i wonder how long it took for him to get this “i dont give two flying fucks” look. i mean it must of taken him hours to tousle his hair just so. the strains young hollywood will go through for the bed head look. LOL *NOTE HEAVY SARCASM

  • ammmmz,

    that one peice of hair needs to be on the other side of his part, it anoys the kell outa me.

  • Anonymous

    hes hot, but his hair…not so much.

  • Brianna


  • :)

  • angelika

    but dont like the hair like that

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    zac is sooo hot.
    i love him.
    man i wish i was there.
    oh well.
    he is stunning.
    his eyes that hair.
    vanessa is sooooo lucky!

  • Anonymous

    what’s with guys looking like shit? did i miss the memo that the “bum” and “hobo” look is in? mr. justin famewhore has MASTERED the look (and lifestyle) and now zac is getting that way.

  • ally

    woah he’s baked.

  • Anonymous

    I love his blue eyes also I’m agree his hair is too long now !

  • thatswhatsarasaid

    high as a kite? anyone else thinking this?

  • Anonymous

    high as a kite? anyone else thinking this?

  • Anonymous

    He looks like he has a hangover himself

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else think he looks stoned?

  • Anonymous

    No he is forsure stoned haha