Alyson Stoner STEP UP 3 STAR

Stoner also supports Jennette McCurdy’s single Homeless Heart for Cody.

  • Anonymous

    Cleavege much???

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty

  • Anonymous


  • Andrea

    That is awsome.

  • Anonymous

    Mccurdy is busted!!!She even told Alyson Stoner that she wrote that song…WHAT A LIAR!

    And it’s pathetic how she has tried to use a little boy’s tragedy to sell it :(

  • Anonymous

    Alyson’s a great dancer.

  • :)
  • :)
  • Nat*

    So I really hope its true because I just bought the song!
    Peace to everybody!
    And come on stop criticizing if Allyson is showing a little bit of cleavage, she is A WOMAN!!!!
    She is GORGEOUS! and I wish her all the best!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    ahhh i cant wait until step up 3 and i love that song but she didnt write it

  • Anonymous

    Alyson is a really talented dancer and Jennette McCurdy’s song is sweet. Jennette has a good voice. Can’t wait to see the movie.

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  • Anonymous

    they’re making a third?

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  • Anonymous….

    Good Dancer