Jennifer Stone IMAGINE THAT

Jennifer Stone STUNNING in purple at Imagine That premiere at Paramout Pictures on Hollywood on Saturday afternoon. Photos: Fame. More under!

  • Lauren

    Jennifer’s beautiful :)
    she’s such a lovely person too. Hope she had fun!

  • :)

    she looks incredible.
    btw; jb’s youtube account isn’t suspended anymore. :)

  • Anonymous

    she is STUNNING
    i love her- and i think she is unbelievable talented
    i really love her
    and she seems like such an awesome and sweet girl :)

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    she looks sooo pretty. and yes, she lost some weight. but thats what happens when you finally get out puberty. YOU LOSE THE WEIGHT :)

  • Kamilah

    She looks amazing=) she’s so beautiful!

  • x

    she looks skinny


    LOL..I’d seriously like to see the size of you haha

  • Anonymous

    she’s look pretty! I love that dress. And you can tell that her working out has been…well working.

  • Anonymous

    i was just thinking that!

  • Dressa

    I actually think it’s kind of cool that she has acne, because I hate it when celebrities are “perfect” and their skin is flawless and their teeth is flawless…. because that shouldn’t be the message. I’m glad to know that Jennifer goes through the same problems all of us regular teens face, too =)

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful =)

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing and she has lost weight. Purple is a good color for her.

  • Ashley

    Beautiful REAL girl :)

  • Lauren

    she looks so pretty there, love the dress

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous!
    is it just me, or does she remind you of a younger stephine meyer?

  • amanda

    she lost weight just to satisfy disney…….when u get a job at disney channel its like u have to look like a model for the girls. but the boys it doesn’t really matter.

  • Anonymous

    i love her hair that color! its look really good on her!

  • Anonymous

    That’s not purple! That’s eggplant!

  • Anonymous

    she actually looks pretty. she should look like that more, no bright red lipstick or anything like that. just natural.

  • Anonymous

    She looks really pretty all her hard work is definately paying off.

  • ash123lou

    her eyes = AMAZING! =)

  • Kali.


  • holly

    she’s so beautiful, and always has been. And she’s a great actress and amazing person :) GO JEN!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    she looks so beautiful… she always does! <3 her!

  • Anonymous

    She looks good

  • cassie

    wow, thats the prettiest ive ever seen her :)

  • Lilz

    I like her. :)

  • Slinky

    She just proved a typical stereotype.
    she was a bit bigger before,
    look at the comments they were all hateful.
    she looses a bit of weight.
    automatically there is barely any bad comments.
    yet, her face never changed.
    typical hollywood. you cant be beautiful unless your skinny. Jenn Stone, was ALWAYS gorgeous, and always will be. love her <3

  • fg

    eigther way,
    she’s beautiful :]
    Hollywood is such a drag on young actors like her
    GO JEN :D

  • Anonymous

    She is the definition. not some miley girl.

  • Anonymous

    She’s the definition of “REAL” not demi or miley. :]

  • Lilz

    Demiiii. She’s so cute. :”> Ugh. I was living such a normal straight girl life and then SHE came. Gaaah! I love her.

    Oh wait? This is a Jen Stone post? Sorry. I COULD NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT DEMETRIA. Grrr.

    Well Jen is absolutely stunning. :)

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous

  • JenStoneLover

    She looks amazing. I just adore her.

  • Anonymous

    she looks beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    she looks beautiful!!!!

  • ( o )( o )

    Sooooooooooo I was just going through Jennifer Stone’s IMDB Pictures & there is picture there from when she was skinny & I’ve got to say that if she as thin as she was then people would definitley hail her as the most beautiful disney girl, although I do think she as beautiful now as she was then.

    Go take a look

  • Mikeala


  • laura


  • alexis

    she lost weight.

  • Anonymous

    she does look stunning i hve to say

  • lauren

    wow, she looks GORGEOUS.

  • Anonymous

    she looks skinny

  • Anonymous

    or selena.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she looks really pretty(:

  • angelika


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    whoa woman! youre beautiful

  • ss

    She’s freakin’ gorgeous!

  • Anonymous :]

    She looks soo cute!!
    Those shoes=amazing! :]

  • Anonymous

    i love her hair & dress

  • sara

    almost every comment is kind.
    jennifer is loved :]

    and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    i really love that color on her. she looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    she lost weight.

  • Anonymous

    She looks pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous!!!absolutely stunning

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgous. Looks like she lost weight too.

  • Anonymous

    i love her so much! and this is the prettiest i’ve ever seen her. although, she was always beautiful. she is a great REAL girl. love.

  • Mmmm

    You know i would totally fuck that bitch so hard!!! she looks like she begging to be fucked. yum.

    love the color purple one her. and i love that dress, but it would look better on my floor.

    too bad she doesn’t show any cleavage. i would totally titty fuck her. lol

    i wonder what she taste like.

  • Anonymous

    i want eyebrows like J.Stones. lmao

  • lol

    Shes beautiful! Anyone who says shes ugly, is completly jealous. BEAUTIFUL!

  • MonicaAyesha

    suck on those pictures all you haters, (:
    bloody gorgeous,
    I would kill to have her smile.

  • -HonestMind.

    she looks very pretty(:

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Jen you’re gorgeous!

  • mads

    wow. she lost alot of weight! :) go jen!

  • Anonymous

    U r gross, u perv

  • Emz

    Wow… she looks really pretty!!
    going to the gym made a real good difference… or maybe I just didn’t notice how pretty she was back than:)

  • samantha3

    she looks very sophisticated. and beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Sicko.. GTFO.

  • Claire

    wow she looks soooooo so so so pretty! her hair looks gorgeous! & i love that necklacee! :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow . I have always loved her . She looks stunning! Also, it looks like she lost some weight! I’m happy for her. All you haters better stop hatin’ she is gorgeous! Love you Jen!

  • Anonymous

    awww shes gorgeouss. she lost weight, but she looks healthier now.
    you go girlllllll(:

  • carebear

    so pretty! i wish i had her hair color

  • rosemary jonas

    woah she does look pretty she;s lost weight u can tell stunning

  • Anonymous

    you wish. she is ugly as f***

  • lolz

    oh look its selenas only REAL friend

  • Douniana

    She looks really really pretty :)
    She did lose weight, She didn’t need to shes always looked gorgeous.. Love her

  • Anonymous

    everyone’s loosing weight now a days …..

    selena gomez: almost anorexic/thinspiration to girls
    demi lovato: lost alot of weight in a short time
    miley cyrus: is average in a really good way

  • Tammy

    She’s gorgeous.
    I really like her hair, eyes, and eyebrows. Haha.(:

  • :)
  • Courtney

    wow, she is a beautiful girl
    i LOVE her full lips.
    so jealous, i want them

  • Sophie

    awww she looks so pretty!

  • Mmmm

    im just saying the truth. she does look hot.

    what’s your point?

    Are you jealous im not focusing on you honey? im sorry =] it’s just a joke =P

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    she looks really pretty!

    i like her hair.
    it’s sooo pretty!

  • Mmmm

    lol. u guys come to her defense like she means anything.
    im just saying she looks like a good fuck

  • carlaa!

    she looks pretty!! :D

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    uhm awkward….

  • Anonymous

    jen is the defintion of a “real girl” from disney
    unlike some of the others …..


    just sayin’ ….

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you go ahead and find out.

  • leave Britney alone.

    Wow, she looks beautifull..
    I just had to say that.
    And purple is a good color on her.

  • justine

    her dress is pretty plain.
    but she makes it look stunning!

  • leave Britney alone.

    Uh. Awkward much?
    I hope you’re a guy though.

  • Anonymous

    she should keep her new makeup look cuz red is not her color

  • leave Britney alone.

    And JB posted a new buletin about their Youtube account..
    Its taken care of..

  • Anonymous

    jens looking good, she look very, very pretty. she did lose some weight!!! get it girl, you look great and i love that color on her(:

  • Anonymous

    you look sooo beautiful… only thing is makeup doesn’t o with your neck.

  • Hayley

    she’s gooorggg.
    haters can fuck off :)

  • Anonymous

    she looks gorgeous. that color looks amazing on her.
    red heads unite!

  • Anonymous

    Well it was inapropriate.

  • Anonymous

    wow,she looks really pretty.
    i love her :)

  • Kristin

    i think she looks great:).
    but her face is orange & the rest of her body’s…well white. she looks like she’s losing weight though.
    but still she looks good.

  • m

    well… yea im a guy. u guys r funny. she’s pretty/ just saying. lol

  • c l a i r e (:

    Oh goodness.
    She looks beautiful :D

  • Anonymous

    aww she been working out and its paying off she looks very beautiful

  • Jane

    she looks so amazing!

  • Anonymous

    she has bad skin

  • Allie

    Jen is GORGEOUSS!

  • Anonymous

    Sooooooooooo I was just going through Jennifer Stone’s IMDB Pictures & there is picture there from when she was skinny & I’ve got to say that if she as thin as she was then people would definitley hail her as the most beautiful disney girl, although I do think she as beautiful now as she was then.

    Go take a look
    wow, she looks different. How old was she there?

  • leave Britney alone.

    Ha. Okay..
    That makes it less awkward then.

  • tara

    She’s so beautiful!! Love her dress

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeouss!

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