Debby Ryan A TIME FOR HEROES ’09

Credit: SOM. Fame, Juan Rico.

  • Anonymous

    if you like disney, she’s a part of disney too bitch.

  • MileyandDebbeyBabbayy

    Leanve her alone

  • Anonymous

    she’s super pretty

  • Anonymous

    shut up ppl dont debby is prettier than miley and as pretty as demi and selena
    but she just not as famous

  • Anonymous

    Foot fetish?

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    she is defiantly prettier than miley. just because she isn’t as popular as miley, doesn’t mean she should be hated on. seriously. she’s just like miley, a disney girl too.

  • Anonymous

    don’t really like her.
    NO NO NO!

  • Anonymous

    Debby has great feet…and she knows it.

    thats really random lol

  • disneyfied

    fuck you WHORE!
    JB/Demi/Selena/Miley >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> debby ryan

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty!

  • Anonymous

    seriously? how old are you? come back when you’ve hit puberty

  • Jane

    oh my god! She’s not wearing a weird outfit! Yaaay!

    Haha, she’s really pretty, and looks really good here

  • Anonymous


  • Renny

    she looks adorable. :)
    & chelsea staub is really
    pretty.. but what is up
    with her hair in that pic?

  • Anonymous

    k dgaf

  • Anonymous

    hate her hair those bangs got to go and has no style sense she need to borrow jb stylist she looks like a third grader!disney should gave her role to someone els she useless…….

  • Ju Brazil

    debby could be prettier. she has a cute face.

  • Anonymous

    i love her neclace!

  • Lindsey

    she is so gorgeous!
    i love you debby!!!!


  • Anonymous

    ugly fat asss

  • Anonymous

    is she wearing a hospital band??

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s cute! Love Debby!

  • sara

    i mean this in the
    nicest way possible!!

    she reminds me of the dumb nail
    lady in legally blonde
    –anybody else see it?
    idk maybe im just weird :/


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    huh oceanup why?
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    over who should date nick jonas and why


  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • <3

    all the disney stars are important.

  • sfasdfasfasf

    FIRST?!?!?!?! nvm…

  • Anonymous

    she looks pretty.

  • LucyHale’sFeet

    Debby has great feet…and she knows it.

  • Kelsey!

    Debby is too cute:)

  • nomad


  • No Bitchassness

    i wish she would try more.. like she looks really young, im not saying for her to look like a slut or anything but i wish she’d look older.

  • Anonymous

    ooooooooh, she finally decided to fix her hair and get decent makeup and clothes.
    bout time, debby.

  • No Bitchassness

    GO AWAY !

  • Meghan

    Awww… she’s cute!

  • Anonymous

    debby is actually looking prettier by the day…

  • o


  • disneyfied

    who cares about her?
    Demi/Selena/JB/Miley are the MAIN Disney stars, babayy!!

  • Anonymous

    actually, no. you need to go away. =)

  • elyse

    skiin looks flawlesss .. (:

  • er

    awwwwwwwwwww shes so cute
    ppl dont notice it bc shes not as famous as miley or sumthing but she is just if not more prettier than miley

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