Lauren Conrad & Kristen Cavallari A TIME FOR HEROES LA Event 2009

AND LO. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. 8+

  • Kelsey!

    Kristen!< 3 Bitch is returning to the Hills! You know what that means Imma be watching the hills! I never watched it but HEY! kristen is love! Her otufit looks cute!

  • Taytay

    Kristen is not a bitch she is THE BITCH!
    She;s definitley going to make the hills better

  • Anonymous

    they’re still in america, did you ever think that maybe they werent invited

  • Anonymous

    i luv her hottie sexii mamma !!! who has a crazzy monkies the cops are comming 4 me thier taking me 2 a crazzy house

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Hayley
  • Anonymous

    lauren and kristen look gorgeous too bad i hate kristen though.
    im so fucking pissed shes replacing lauren in the next season of the hills

  • Anonymous

    team lauren!
    i also love lo :)

    kristen’s a bitch.

  • ari

    lauren looks verrrrrrrry skinny ):

  • Anonymous

    im not watching the show anymore!

  • Anonymous

    they had to go back to texas and rehearse for their world tour so stfu. and going to a charity event doesn’t mean SHIT, do you really think kristen helped anyone out by attending this? NO. do you think that bitch gives a shit? probably not. she just came to smile and look pretty and get her picture taken. hate her

  • Anonymous

    i love lauren’s outfit
    and i love her!

    Lo is like whatever!

    but kristen ugh.. i hated her, i hate her, and i will hate her!
    bye (:

  • Anonymous

    “AND LO”. haha i love that.

  • anonymous

    i like kristen’s outfit :)

  • Anonymous

    they’re in texas rehearsing for their tour so they couldn’t go, obviously they were invited if this nobody kristen was.

  • wow

    um why are you talking about these losers?

  • nonnymous

    amen :)

  • f

    love lauren’s dress.
    hate her fake barbie extensions.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lauren looks gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Wait guys can someone explain to me why Lauren and Kristen dont like each other??
    Haha I’m totally lost

  • Anonymous

    Lo is beautifulll :)

    watch this niley story!


  • Anonymous

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    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Jane

    lo looks weird

  • sara

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  • Sara

    you do realize the show is all fake and they get paid to ACT like that? Thats why lauren left the show. Good for her.

  • Brianna

    I hate all those Laguna bitches… they ruined Television.

  • Dani
  • Anonymous

    lo??? she needs some plastic surgery. HI MONKEY EARS!!!

    lauren has some hardcore baggage under her eyes.

    theyre all fake disgusting greedy whores.

  • rose

    kristen and lo look absolutely amazing :D

    idk, something about lauren bugs me..i loved her when she was on laguna, but ever since the hills started, i just dont like her :/

    she still is very pretty though :p

  • Anonymous

    i love their outfits with a friggen passion! hahaha :) & i love laurens hair<3

  • lilylafairy

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  • Anonymous

    I love LC’s outfit, so cute and love the colors

  • catastrophe:]

    i love lc and lo.. i don’t really like kristen :\
    i really like lc’s hair too xDD

  • sara

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  • Anonymous

    because she is, you tard.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    that close up of lo fuckin scared me. how is she even allowed in laguna or wherever the fuck they film this scripted reality show? she’s the most hideous “celebrity” ive ever seen.

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    lauren is amazing.
    and so is lo.
    i hate kristen!!!!

    lauren’s outfit is sooooo cute!
    i love it.
    and i want it…no
    i need it!!


  • Maddie

    lauren looks gorgeous & so does lo!

  • Aly

    not a good look for Lo. The high wasted pants make her look wider in the hips than she actually is.
    I love Kristen’s and LC’s outfits though.

  • Anonymous

    who? these people are nobodies…

  • Emma

    OMG! I love their outfits, especially Kristins…i totally forgot about these girliesss :)

    Also, follow me on twitter!

  • Anonymous



    really about who?

  • Madgirl

    Eww who invited him.Wait im first!!!

  • Madgirl

    What are they wearing.

  • Anonymous

    love kristen’s utfit im not sure if laren’s fit the occasion but still loved it:)


  • valentinaaa :D

    Aw, I love Lauren and Lo :)

  • amandanadiashow



  • alliegator.(:

    lauren looks really pretty, she looks really tiny.
    and lo’s outfit is gross,
    and kristin is gross.
    okay, i’m good.

  • cherise

    2nd lol

  • Anonymous

    who are they?

  • Anonymous

    i still can’t get over that kristen is taking over the hills…
    it reminds me of the good old laguna beach days.
    oh how i still love that show.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA look at this pick!
    Demi is like fixing Joes hair.. but Selena is like ALL OVER Demi’s ass!
    haha, I know it was probably just the angle, but its damn funny!

  • Serena

    love me some kristen & lauren.
    hate lo, she’s a bitch.
    also, kristen’s tan looks bangin’.

  • Anonymous

    kristin is retarded.
    &i’m really sad lauren quit the hillsss.

  • Anonymous

    oh LO!! your jeans and your shirt clash so bad.

    and LC hair looks a mess.

  • amanda

    lauren is the best. the hills is going to be so lame without her.
    hate kristin. from what i saw of the 6th season, it seems like she’ll never grow up.

  • Anonymous

    love Lo but… wtf is she wearing!
    lauren looks gorgeous <3
    kristen is gorgeous too but she’s a bitch i hate her!

  • Anonymous

    The Jonas Brothers are too cool for a charity event.
    Even if it means going for one hour before they leave America.

  • KRYN

    lauren almost always wears her hair like that.

  • Anonymous

    love laurennn, she’s gorgeous & nice:)

  • natalie

    lauren is sooo pretty and tiny!

  • Anonymous

    i love lauren,
    kristen is a retard
    and idk anout Lo
    ive never watched the hills
    but i do love lauren conrad.

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  • Jonny

    Cute, cute, they are so beautiful.

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  • Anonymous

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