Kristen Stewart Hides HER BLACK HAIR

Kristen Stewart jovially laughed while hiding her jet black hair, under a hooded sweatshirt, from photographers. Kristen, wearing her signature tied t-shirt, was working on her new movie The Runaways with Dakota Fanning. Photos: Limelight. 4+

  • Anonymous

    I hope its just a wig…doesn’t look good on her. probably just for her latest movie

  • Anonymous

    its for her new movie idiots

    – half of you are rude as anything and the rest talk about niley.

  • grg

    why? i dont like her. she is a mess. and her hair is ugly. – OHH i smell jealousy!

    aww .. what a little poser – What the fuck? having black hair is posing? FUCK YOU STUPID

  • Anonymous

    why didnt they just give her a wig for the movie

  • Hayley

    why is she so awkward and fugss?
    honai that hair do nothing for yoouu.

  • doesnt matter

    she drives a mini?

  • Anonymous

    that looks nothing like her

  • Anonymous

    Don’t tell me Bella is going down the ‘I’m so depressed let me dye my hair black to show how depressed I am’ can that be any more lame?

  • bray<3

    excuse me! bella doesnt have pitch black hair!

  • katy

    hows that bitchy
    1. She said she was a fan of the series herself and read them all and she understands the pull it has on everyone. She said many times she greatly appreaciates being in a movie this big and she likes that bellas a character she can go back to because she doesnt get to do that often.
    2. She is in this movie because she likes it. She doesnt say she doesnt want to be famous. Shes just very shy and aksward but she loves acting and loves to do what she does. She is super excited about the new movie shes making and she was very excited to flim exlipse.
    3. so what if she hides from the paparazzi. Im sure you wowuldnt want ur picture taken every day no matter what you look like. Her life quickly whent from hardly being followed to having paparazzi follow her every day. Its hard.
    so please enlighten me…how is that bitchy?

  • Anonymous

    wow!1 st

  • Anonymous

    and love her no matter what yo uhaters say.
    back off. your jealous

  • sdfsdf


  • Anonymous

    whoaaaa black hair?

  • soulie

    you guys are aware her hair is probably like that bc joan jett’s hair was like that. You can barely tell, but it looks like she’s rockin the same bangs she had back when joan was..what?…18ish?

  • tay

    umm nice haha

  • nikki

    WHOA, i wanna touch her hair :D

  • Anonymous

    holy fucge 1

  • jess


  • Treasure; Yo

    ummm. i don’t think she can pull Joan Jett.
    she doesn’t have IT. you know?.

    Joan Jett is hardcore shit. Kristen’s not.

    idknoww. i have to see what she brings in the movie.

    she’s not a great actor, really. only acting she did in Twliight i liked is when she was bitten. it was believeable and one of my favorite parts.

  • http://dasia112195 dasia

    It looks like she has weird bangs?
    BUT on the bright side that color hair REALLY makes her eyes POP! :D

  • Anonymous

    why? i dont like her. she is a mess. and her hair is ugly.

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  • Anonymous

    its fake

  • Anonymous

    my name is billy hello she is a stripper muhahahaha NILEY FOREVER!!!

  • http://gagaga jaja

    aww .. what a little poser

  • Brooke IS HERE

    It looks fake.

  • Anonymous

    niley <3

  • Estefanía

    Creo qe luce increíble, acentua más su estilo. Una genia, la mejor .

  • alba

    ewwww she looks like an emmo ugly person if i had all her money i would dress way better

  • Anonymous

    she hid it because she cut it all off

  • Shelb

    Why is it after every twilight movie she does she dies her hair back to black? Her hair is really pretty brown!

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo, no knotted shirt!

    Truly a miracle.

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who doesn’t know, she dyed/cut her hair for her part in The Runaways. Don’t hate. She’s a committed actress. She’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    lol i am so bored i am writing niley over
    and over on here! niley niley jejejeje…
    pass it on niley niley

  • Sakura

    To me,Kristen is the biggest bitch.Why? Well,one she doesnt even like Twilight and complains about it. Two,she says she doesnt want to be famous,yet shes in the biggest movie ever.And now shes hiding from the paps,well hunny,thats what happeneds when your a famous actress! Like really! And all of you KStewart fans can bitch at me all you want,I dont give a fuck

  • jackie

    shes done blond red brown red and black
    but all black im not really liking it from what i see

  • Anonymous

    all you are so stupid
    shes playin joan jett back when she was in the runaways and she had that same hairstyle

  • angelika


  • Anonymous

    GOOOOOOOOOOD… people really need to stop
    bringing miley to EVERY SINGLE POST

    i dont hate her or anything but the fact
    that she is everywhere just makes me sick

  • Devon


  • Anonymous

    Ohh she’s so cute,i love her.She should show her new hair,her eyes are prettier now haha

  • Molly Mayhem.<3

    she looks really nice! :)
    she looks very cute. :D<3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hopefullyyy? :/
    i dont like ittt.

  • Anonymous

    omg hellsa no that looks like that one chick from talk about “transformers”

  • ShutupAndPutYou’reMoneyWhereYourMouthIs!

    This is for the movie “The Runaways” she isn’t a poser so stfu. And as much as I love Miley wtf does she have to do with this?

  • anonymous

    WE LOV YA!

  • leave Britney alone.

    Well the hair is interesting :).
    I heard it was for ‘The Runways’ movie or something like that..

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly. Try 27th for the first time.

    Anyway, NO! Don’t like her hair. Brown is a better color. Still think she’s pretty, tho.

  • ss

    She’s playing Joan fucking Jett. Do you teenies even know who that is?

    So everyone can chill. She had to change her hair for the part.

  • mak

    personally i dont prefer it all black but i understand its for a movie..shes committed. just as long as it grows back and is died back to her normal colour before filming for eclipse begins

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she’s sooo cute!

  • Jane

    it looks weird but oh well

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    Niley Niley Nily Niley Niley
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  • xvzdxbv

    her makeup looks pretty

  • Karen

    It’s JUST haaair, it’ll grow back -___-

  • Anonymous

    it’s for a movie role.

  • yucky :P


  • Sasha
  • Anonymous

    Kristen Stewart is different.


    But that’s what makes her stand out.

    I love her.

  • Steph

    Wow, she’s actually kind of smiling. That’s weird.

  • Elizabeth

    haha she totally hates joan jet’s hair on her
    but she should love it since she is a rock n roll icon.
    i like it ;]

  • -S-

    poor kristen! hahaha
    i googled joan jett and she’s pretty ummm whats the words crazy?!? eww

  • ……….

    Look no one should judge her she can do what she wants with her hair or any other part of herself ! it’s none of our bisness! i luv kristen stewart shes a great actress if it’s for a movie then actors change alot about them selves to get the part so it really doesn’t matter. and it might look a little weird in eclipse and breaking dawn if she keeps it 4 that long but u’ll hav 2 get used 2 it…and if u can’t, then don’t watch them. LuV yA Kristen

  • Treasure Yo

    okyy Kristen i reallyy hope that shit isn’t in Twilight.
    seriouslyy, make it a wig.
    ckuz if you dyed it while you still have the rest of the saga, that’s friggin’ retarted.

  • Anonymous

    IT’S FOR A MOVIE!!!!


    I think she looks great and can’t wait to see this

  • Anonymous

    i wonder what shes carrying in the backpack…..

  • Hannah

    for her Joan Jett movie. Joan Jett used to have black hair/ I dont know if she still does

  • niley 2OO9 <3

    hm . . . she`s not as ugly as i remembered . she`s actually pretty (:

  • Lilz

    It just doesn’t fit her eyes. Her old hair was fine.

  • Anonymous

    haha, ew.

  • Ju Brazil

    WOW! i used to love her, she is awesome. but wtf??

  • Anonymous

    ugly ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgeous whatever you do.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love her. But I like her. I don’t look up to her for doing pot and stuff, but I do like how she’s 100% her. She dresses like a normal person, not one w/ so much money. And I really can’t wait to see this movie! I think she’ll be really good at this part. Sure, her hair isn’t the greatest, but if she had to do it, why not??
    Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • kamilah


    seriously this shit is getting ridiculous
    shes playing joan jett so she cut and died her hair
    for the movie. its called getting into the damn character idiots. news flash, actors die their hair for movies all the time. i mean half the twilight cast did it for the movie. get the hell over it people. shes going to die it back for eclipse. chill the hell out. obviously kristen doesnt really like her hair either right now because shes been hiding it. but shes being a committed actor. give the girl a break jesus!! the immature bashing is so passed the point of annoyance. if your not a kristen fan, cool. get the hell off and take your negativity somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    okay everyone is officially retarded.
    actress’ dye their hair for movies sometimes.
    go google joan jett. thats who shes playing dumbasses.
    shes comitted.

    plus, her hair has been black before. it was black at the comic con.
    she switches colors alot.
    chill the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a crack whore. if i had the money she
    has id atleast try to look goood.
    haters to the left!

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oh no…! her lovely,brown,long hair!! ahhh it was so
    cool, but maybe thats cool,too ? i wanna see it!

  • JhrPlm

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