New Moon
behind the scenes of footage in Vancouver at Jacob’s House.

  • rosie.

    Jacob got a new weave!
    it still looks ugly,
    but taylor looks really good :)
    cant wait!

  • Valentinaaa :D

    Yayyy :)

  • Anonymous

    robertttt and taylorrr <33

  • Orls

    The end was amazing when Rob just appeared for like 5 seconds :]

  • Youve Got Mail <333333333

    Robs got such a cute nose,

  • Anonymous

    SHITTTTT!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Jacob has a tattoo?
    yummm (:
    robert looks so adorable at the end !

  • Anonymous

    The end is the best part when Robert smiles Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    I was first… omgggg
    and New Moon is gonna kick ass.

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    Well you obviously have very limited knowledge when it comes to acting then.

  • Kelsey!

    I’m so pumped for New Moon nooo JOKE! it’s my favorite book!:) Taylor looks good and he ran incredibly fast go boy!:)

  • anonimo

    ok not able to see it!!!

    what do I do?? I can’t see Taylor !! And im in LOVE with him!!

  • Mari

    damn Taylor looks sooo sexy, and rob looked so cute with his smile at the end

  • Anonymous

    hahaha did anyone notice that kristen stewart is never smiling with taylor and then she finally smiles with rpatz.

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  • Anonymous

    Jacob has a tattoo?
    its fake. all the wolves have one on their shoulders
    for the movie. like the cullen crest thing in twilight

  • Hannah

    Robert smiling was the best part XD lawl<3 I actully think this will be ALOT better than Twilight concidering they didnt just hire some random woman from off the street! Chris ftw! I mean…Chris+New Moon FTW! LOL! XD

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    PERFECTION! :wub:

  • Emilicious

    HAHAHAHA Taylor L. looks so ridiculous with his stupid wig hahahaha

  • Quyen

    Taylor doesn’t really have a tattoo.

    All of the wolves have one :P

  • Anonymous

    i never like taylor, but i really like his attitude, he acts like hes in lo9ve with this job. unlike kristen. rob is good to (better looking in my opinion) but i just LOVE taylors attitude! this video opened up my mind!

  • linnyb

    that was fucking G O L D! soo excited and cant wait!

  • efwe

    lool so true no one like them:D and twilight new moon rocks

  • Hayley

    i don’t give no shit. that movie is gonna suck monkey sackss.

    the acting looks like shit. just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    omg i saw this clip as soooon as it was on youtube- i was the first viewer!!!

  • Anonymous

    S E X Y

  • toni

    OMGAWSHHHH, Taylor Lautnerrrrr <3 I love him. Like
    seriouslyyyyy. (;

    Robert’s.. okay. :p

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously stop posting that goddamn website about the jonas brothers no one even fucking likes them anymore

  • Anonymous

    he looks like fabio with that long hair haahhhh

  • natalie

    ooooomg not even legit clips from the movie and it STILL looks AMAZING shittt i cant wait till november

  • Anonymous


  • keN

    . . . lota work, but, Wow,
    whata job. (make’n fliks)
    heard it pays good too.

  • Anonymous

    :)TEAM JACOB.!!!