• Cindy


  • Anonymous

    that was not obama

  • aah!

    woah if miley does this
    the world would be killing her right now
    disney is so unfair

  • Syre

    That’s not Obama its a lookalike that it’s almost always on the show.
    And they didn’t ask her to dance they said to her that they knew she sang for Clinton when she was 12 and they asked her if she’d like to sing for Obama, she said that she’d like more to dance than sing, so they brougt out the fake Obama.
    and she’s not a whore, obviously that’s only for fun,
    and i know cause i’m from Spain and in this show they always do weird thing like these
    cause it’s a COMEDY show so, don’t hate on her just because of this.

  • twiitrocks

    ohhhemgg ! ;o

  • Anonymous

    WOW you’re so smart! ^

  • Syre

    she knows what’s going on, she wears an ear piece and they’re translating what the others say from backstage, that’s why she waits and then laughs, cause they’re translatng the jokes.

  • jaja

    those were some extremely high heels she was wearing =O

  • hippie.

    lolllll. she was so embarrassed.

  • x x x i tel it how it is x x x

    painted whore.

  • kelsey

    that was kinda skanky..

  • Anonymous

    Slut. Nobody asked her to give a lap dance for fake Obama. They asked her to dance with the look-a-like.

  • Anonymous

    They DIDN’T ask her to dance for Obama. They asked
    her if she could sing for him, and she said no but
    that she’d dance for him.
    Of course she didn’t want
    to sing live, she sucks.

  • anonymous

    Wow. That’s just plain awkward and she gotten so much sluttier :/

  • Hayley


  • Anonymous

    …….thats not really obama

  • Anonymous

    ….no, they said Bilar, which translates to dance in english. Your and idiot.

  • anonymous

    that was funny!!

    i can’t believe she did that, she must be so courageous to do that hahaha

  • someoneintheworld

    she wasn’t asked to do that kind of dance. they just asked her if she’d lik to SING for obama and she said she’d love to DANCE for obama. and btw, she told the look a like obama to sit down and did that dance for him.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else feel completely uncomfortable watching this, or was that just me??

  • Anonymous

    hm..i like ashley :D
    how do YOU like selena? before or after?
    leave a comment :)

    and follow

  • lol

    so funny
    it was prlly akward for her too
    i luv her outfit btw
    u shud watch the rest of her on the show they did these kewl tricks n it was KEWL!
    n ppl seriosuly u gotta be kidding me u haters obvy have sum grudge w/ her she was asked to do that she wud lyk bad if she didnt do sumthing ! ash is still kewl
    n for the last tym shes 23 almost 24 wat did u want her to do the hockey pokey w/ him?!!!

  • Anonymous

    She IS a slut. She could at least dance in a different APPROPRIATE way. When she puts her arms around him and like move it around him, that’s a slutty dance. And she’s a slut. SHE’S BEEN A SLUT. Have you seen her take pics with guys?? She’s like hugging them so close to her hugging them. She even did it to Zac! He’s Vanessa’s boyfriend! She’s a slut and a horrible friend.

  • corayyyy.

    that was not really obama, you guys …

  • camm

    because that’s not weird at all that she wants to give our president a lap dance?

  • Anonymous

    omg i swear these european shows are so funny! poor ashley has no idea whats going on. lol

  • :)
  • Anonymous

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  • robyn

    i can’t believe all the peopel critizing and callign her a lsut and stuff, okay 1. she liek 20 summat, it’s legal
    2.what about miss nessa hudgesn or miley cyrus??(luv them both but yeha they did worse things)
    3.Every disney star has to grow up!!, i mean disney shows are getting dirtier anyway. in a hannah montana lilly calls oliver a knob and in swac selena jumps on chad. so if shows can do that and come on you see how these teens dance then what the hell is wrong with ashley??

  • amanda

    ohh no she givin lap dances now!

  • Hales

    Anonymous | June 13, 2009 8:19 AM | Reply

    ass !
    shes so NOT a whore!

  • Anonymous

    She reminds me so much of Hilary Duff.

  • Anonymous

    No, I did too. Haha.

  • heather

    well that was sufficiently awkward.

    shes hot. (no homo)
    i think she should open for miley on tour (with metro station cuz miley prob wants her bro with her)

  • Anonymous

    of course it’s not obama and please don’t tell me you actually tought it could be obama hahahaha

  • samantha

    wow some people…
    cleary that’s not Obama.
    & i love ashley lmao look at her
    moves, she can actually dance (:

  • Anonymous

    Are you seriously correcting me? I’m a fluent Spanish
    speaker, dumb ass. And it’s BAILAR, not Bilar. She’s
    the one who brought up the idea of dancing because she
    knows she sounds horrible live. STICK TO ACTING ASSLEY.

  • Sammy

    >_> that doesnt even look like Obama.

  • ashley is a girls name too

    did anyone else feel completely uncomfortable watching this, or was that just me??


    me too….
    i mean seriously?? a lap dance?
    wasnt she supposed to dance WITH not FOR him.
    and hes a fake obama people.
    …time to hit those history textbooks

  • strawberrieshk

    Stephanie | June 13, 2009 8:27 AM | Reply
    Was that actually Obama? Ashley is SO lucky! I would give a lap dance to Obama any day. Obama=SEXY BEAST

    No….that wasn’t actually Obama..Why would he be on some show like that?!

    And doesn’t really look like him, either, lol

  • anonymous

    it’s so annoying how he’s more like a celebrity than an actual president. whatever, he sucks at it.

  • Anonymous

    LOL aww i love her. xD

  • Anonymous

    i love how she doesn’t act like the perfect disney girl !

  • summer

    she has gotton so much sluttier.

  • alexa

    did anyone else feel completely uncomfortable watching this, or was that just me??

    i felt the same was just awkward even though it wasnt the real thing,it was stupid for them to ask her to do that.

  • Annie

    I love Ash but…

    This is just too much!!!

    I read the comments first and was hoping it’d be funny but… oh god.

    That’s just wrong in so many levels.

  • Anonymous

    wow shes was all on him whore!!! but i love ashely tisdal

  • angie

    foollllow me and i’ll follow you :D

  • Crista. :)

    lol. love her ;)

  • s

    First! Nice legs btw

  • ananoymous

    awh, i love ashley tisdale.
    & how is she a whore? like really now? shutthefuckup.
    i’m pretty sure all of you dance like that at least one time in your damn life, calm the fuck down. just shows she’s normal too like us. k?! srsly. shut up.

  • Anonymous

    poor obama being felt by her
    let alone a lap dance
    haha xD

  • Embarrassingg!

    Wow.. I’d be embarrassed for the rest of my life.

  • Anonymous

    i sent you this :)

  • Anonymous

    hahahahha omg that was funnay

  • Anonymous

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  • ~Yasso~

    i wish she chose singing it’ll be better than watchin
    this !!!

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  • JonasCyrusLovatoGomezSwiftLover<3

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  • anonymous

    haha thats funny

  • jonaslove


  • mrs.anonymous

    that was wrong…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    funny but they need a better Obama.

  • Allie

    She was just doing it for fun! They asked her to do it!

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    hahah that was funny :D:D
    maybe a little awkward but still funny

  • Anonymous


  • Melissa

    Too bad it’s not him.

  • Quyen

    if she wasn’t supposed to give him a lap dance, why was he on a chair?!

  • Anonymous

    aha, I love her.

  • Anonymous

    that is not even him.

  • Stephanie

    Was that actually Obama? Ashley is SO lucky! I would give a lap dance to Obama any day. Obama=SEXY BEAST