Jonas Backstage @ NYC Secret Show

  • summer


  • Anonymous


  • Jonasx3

    =D =D =D =D

    i feel special ..

    im lucky i live in NY

  • Anonymous

    no….just no.

  • Anonymous

    hahaa at 3:11 you can hear everyone scream bitch :D

  • Ashlia231

    FTW – Nick and Miley …………Nileyyy. Nick said he was so excited that their song with Miley and will debut it next week. Woooohoooooo

  • Anonymous

    check out
    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Anonymous

    hell fucking no

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    for the win

  • jerseygirl

    And yes, Joe, those of us who live in NY/NJ
    DO deserve the first “taste”. :D

    I fucking LOVE Poison Ivy!

  • Anonymous

    eww sleenas is weird i dont liek her and omg i was watching dinsey channel and wizards came on and my mom as liek take this off that girl annoys me! hahha

  • Anonymous

    i already pre-ordered the album!:D
    and i’m refusing to listen to them on
    youtube.i mean i listen to them
    once but that’s it.
    it’s just not the same..

  • jerseygirl

    what does ftw mean?
    Generally, it means For The Win.

    But the first comment used it inappropriately.

  • Anonymous

    hahah at 3:11 you can hear everyone scream bitch

  • Anonymous

    joe is an angel!! i love him

  • Anonymous

    they look hot are really legit at like 5 seconds.
    no seriously look at it. i rewinded it a couple times.

  • Kaley

    selena gomez ftw
    Hell yeah!

  • Anonymous

    love them
    little pissed with nick though

  • Anonymous

    nick. you are quite beautiful. ill have to play again to even know what you said… as usual.

  • josephine m

    lmao you deserve the ftw award today hahaa
    jerseygirl ftw lol

  • http://oceanup laurenj

    they were so hot and rockin it last night…
    now I definetly cant wait for the tour to
    start and finally see them in December for us

  • Anonymous

    Joe. Beautiful. Hot. An Angel.

  • Anonymous

    BLACK KEYSSS/a little bit longer from yesterday


    POISON IVY where everyone shouts BITCH hahahhaha

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is so gorgeous with that tan. His hair is so awesome too

  • Crystal

    aw joe is clearly upset about illeagl downloading lmao

  • yvonne

    kevin should be in a poultry

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez ftw

  • jerseygirl

    Amazing, beautiful boys! :D

  • Anonymous

    what does ftw mean?

  • Anonymous

    jonas rules!!!

  • SJS

    LMFAO @ Everyone screaming BITCH! at 3:11, during Poison Ivy.

    What Joe and Nick said about the internet kinda made me sad. They probably know that their entire album got leaked and know that it’s gonna hurt sales. I don’t think downloading songs is wrong if you’re a true fan & are gonna buy it when it comes out. I downloaded it, but I’m definitely gonna buy it. I want to support them and I also want the album quality cuts of all the songs. It’s worth the $13 to $15 that it’ll cost.

  • aNonymous

    I could just listen and watch Joe talk all day..he is so amazing!

  • anonymous

    cute *O*

  • stepjhii