Dakota Fanning WORK BOOT BABE

Dakota Fanning traipsed around San Fernando Valley in black work boots, before joining Kristen Stewart at a studio on Saturday to work on their new 
film ‘The Runaways’. Takes forever to crop pictures on iPhoto. Fame. 4+

  • Anonymous

    i love dakota- she should have won an emmy for the acting she did in ‘i am sam’ at such a young age you can tell shes really talented and not in it to be famous!

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  • Anonymous

    i refuse to believe she drinks.. it may be true.. but i’ve been fan of hers since 2003 and i refuse to listen that the cute little girl so hyper and smart for her age has become a “hollywood” type of girl..
    hope she stops hangin out with kstewart ¬¬

  • Jane

    She’s really talented

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what is she wearing?

  • massie

    She has more talent in her pinky finger than everyother actress on this site.

  • leeeee

    she’s awesome
    and lovely!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    yayyy, she’s eating more !

  • fashion guru

    dude, those aren’t called work boots they are
    DOC MARTENS. At least get it right, you just made a fool
    of yourself. ha. ha.

  • jinnn

    is ‘the runaways’ a movie?

  • afton

    i love her :)
    she’s awesome.
    she’s a more talented actress than half the adults in hollywood.

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  • bruce

    i wanna marry her!!!!

  • afton

    i am almost certain i will not be first, but as i am typing this, there are no comments above me.

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  • Lisa Lisa

    No! This fashion is bad! Leave those boots back in the grunge era!

    Do you think grunge is coming back or something?

  • afton

    hahaha those jeans are bosssss.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wtf? this looks like a female version of something joe jonas would wear…

  • Brittany

    Dude, that outfit is disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    DUMB ASS ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • s4n

    use preview duhh

  • safii<3

    i love her outfit! :) Dakota is cool.

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  • Anonymous

    my friend Ashley goes to Campbell Hall too, I KNOW this is the truth. I got your back, haha.

  • Anonymous

    eeew you can like see her bra and whats with the combat boots and it looks like she spilled bleach on her jeans lol

  • Anonymous

    HOW OLD IS SHE? her hips are so big for her age…and her face isn’t really pretty but she’s a great actress and i kinda like the outfit?

  • c.micha

    I love her she is so pretty and talented props to dakota BUT do not let k.stew convince
    you that being a rebel or drugs or smoking is cool or any of that shit because its not true

  • amanda

    she looks gorgeous.

  • christa

    sorry to say but kota already smokes and drinks. i go to school with her and i’ve been to parties with her and she does all that stuff. sigh thats what hollywood does to u

  • Anonymous

    1) just b/c she dresses like this doesnt mean she smokes/drinks.
    2) every one smokes and drinks as a teenager, not just kids in hollywood, get over it, its a a realease and doing it a couple times WONT ruin your life, if you think that your retarded
    3) the grunge look actually IS back in style
    4) their called DOC MARTENS not combat boots, learn your fashion, you aberzombie clones

  • Anonymous

    she tryin to be a skinhead from the waist down or what? wtf

  • :D

    what us she like? is she nice ir does she like thinks shes the coolest person ever?

  • Anonymous

    iphoto is crap. get some real photo editing software like photoshop or ps elements. stay away from the crappy, low-end “ilife” shit for macfags.

    Dakota is pretty. She has a nice maturing body.

  • rosie.

    her hips are round. hahaha :)
    she’s a pretty girl, she grew up so fast!

  • Anonymous

    woot, working the adam lamber style there (:
    loving ittt on her.
    she’s amazing!

  • Anonymous

    so take a picture of her doing it and show us all. until then it’s just words.

  • Anonymous

    I love those boots. :D
    I want ‘em. Now. [:

  • Anonymous

    sorry to say but kota already smokes and drinks. i go to school with her and i’ve been to parties with her and she does all that stuff. sigh thats what hollywood does to u


    lmfao do you really think people are going to believe you posting this on oceanup?
    uh no.

    just because she dresses a certain way, ONE OUTFIT.
    doesn’t mean she’sa pothead and drinks and crap
    lmfao @ everyone who thinks that.
    i’d wear that outfit anyday, but i would NEVER do any of that shit to ruin my life.

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    i agree. the outfit would actually look cute WITHOUT the boots

  • Anonymous

    the combat boots need to go……

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  • christa

    i’m not lying…. and i don’t care if anyone believes me. i know what i’ve seen.
    i go to campbell hall with her…..

  • jayla

    there’s no need to be rude. she’s a talented child.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, she was up for plenty of awards for “I Am Sam” she was close to being nominated for an Oscar for it. She won Best Young Actress at the CCAs and was Nominated for a SAG for best supporting actress. I’d say that movie is the closest she got to an Oscar nomination. I think she’ll probably be nominated by age 20, but we’ll see. Anyway, she’s awesome, I can’t wait for The Runaways and New Moon.