Justin Bieber ONE TIME Music Video

  • Emilicious

    Oh wow.

  • http://gjal;ksjd julie luu

    for real ?!?!

  • Anonymous

    i know the red head.
    her name is michelle defraites!

  • first

    FIRST! who is this?!

  • Emilicious

    hahahaha usher called his JB ahahhaha

  • SARA


  • mel

    ha!! i find out about him last night on Music Choice’s Hit List and found his video on youtube and guess what… HERE HE IS!!!

  • Anonymous

    who;s that

  • i love fall out boy

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww hes so cute
    haha i can tell hes 15
    he looks mature
    i like his voice its really smooth
    and i think he can have a careeer

  • lalala

    Thank you oceanup for posting this! Justin bieber is 15, amazing and very talented. He dances, sings, plays the guitar, plays the piano and drums. You guys should check him out on youtube. I’ve watched his videos for a long time haha. Yeah he sang a song for usher and usher immediately wanted to sign him.

    Enjoy. Please no rude comments.

  • Jen

    He’s cute, LOL!

  • zoe

    how old is he?

  • (:

    I Don’t Know Why, But He Kind Of Reminds Me Of A Younger Version Of Jesse McCartney ! Lol, ;D

  • holly

    he’s just some guy from youtube :) thats how he started. hes cool eh? but yeah.. he doesn’t look 15 hahaha

  • Anonymous

    He’s a guy on Youtube.
    Just in case if you guys didn’t know …

  • stacie

    hes like 12

  • Anonymous

    his name is justin bieber (JB) lol

  • Beverly

    Awwww, he’s so cute. How old is he?

  • erin

    Justinfsd Bieber is love<3

  • serious

    who are these ppl??
    OceanUp….you are getting VERY boring these days. i think i’m gonna switch to another site to get my daily gossip. a site that is regularly updated with good stuff not just miley and the jb or some other irrelevant person.

  • Nicole

    He is popular in Evrope too.

  • kirstennnn

    ohmyDAMN. i love thiis kid. he’s got SO much talent;
    my dream man :] <345

  • SARA


  • Anonymous

    never heard of him

  • Anonymous

    omgg i love him!!
    i started watching his vids on youtube last year

  • Anonymous

    eww thats like my little brother doing that

  • Lola

    just in case some of you didnt know he’s a
    15 year old with lots of talent you’ll know if you search him up on youtube
    he even sang for usher and he even
    signed justin up on a record label.He covered
    the song with you and its so amazing!
    he even got the chance to hang out with
    nick cannon.I think he’s gonna be huge more
    in the future.
    He’s adorable for a 15 year old =]

  • iziahh

    WHAT A QT PIE < 3 ;D

  • Anonymous

    That’s right!
    My friends and I take voice lessons from his former vocal teacher.
    He wasn’t with her for too long, but anyways, all her students did a Christmas concert (including Justin).
    There was a bit of promotion for him, (this was before he was signed so he just wanted to get his name out there).
    I didn’t talk to him, but I got his autograph.
    My friend got a hug from him though (he LOVED her voice, she’s a great singer).
    He’s an amazing singer, this song definitely doesn’t do anything for his voice though.
    He IS 15, not 12 people.
    Although 1 and a half years ago (at that concert), he was like 4’9, he’s really cute!
    He came off a little cocky, but I don’t want to judge him cause I don’t know him.
    Haha I’m not making this up, he’s the only person featured on OceanUp I’ve ever been in the same room and have gotten an autograph from.
    Although I don’t have any proof that I know him, because my friend he hugged thinks he’s annoying, so she threw out my autograph! (I was like wtf when he gets bigger I could’ve sold it on ebay).
    So yeah I just wanted to share my story because I think its cool how he’s getting bigger.

  • amy

    god damn she’s ugly and i do mean she

  • skylah

    justin bieber is sssooo sexy
    and he is onley 15 i <3<3 him SEXY BABY

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Sandi

    He for sure looks 15 !
    He’s cute , ;)

  • rei

    who’s he. great voice, but really 15? looks 12 or 13.

  • http://oceanup.com Anonymous

    He is ADORABLE

  • (y)

    lol. nice bit o’ product placement.
    He’s like 12? thats a bit creepy…

  • jennyyy

    this kid is amazinggg<3. love him!! quit hating on him!!

  • Anonymous

    WTF O.O

  • Anonymous

    he a fcking good singer the next
    Chris Brown except
    he wont hit girls
    he so fine

  • Brianna

    Wow! He’s makin it, he really reminds me of a young Travis Garland… vocal wise.

  • Anonymous

    Believe it or not he’s 15 & quite a hit.

  • Sarah

    its a 12 year old alcohol free party

    so gangsta

  • zoepearman

    wowww, i loved it! :)
    i want justin bieber. im 15 too.
    does he have twitter?

  • Anonymous

    random poeple is right.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha, wtf.

  • Anonymous

    awww he’s adorable

  • nwdlnd

    aw he’s soooooo freakin cute!
    when hes like 16 or 17 hes gonna be soo hott!

  • Anonymous

    he’s cute!

  • Kimshane F.

    He kinda reminds me of Jesse McCartney. . . o.O
    I kinda like him now. . . lol He’s gooood :D

  • Anonymous

    he reminds me of like jesse mccartney when he was little , or aaron carter -.-.

  • Anonymous

    he should stick to youtube, seriously.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kelsey

    He is so cute even though he doesn’t look 15.

  • CanadianHottie

    He is 15 and he is from Strafford a small city about an 1hour and half away from Toronto Canada. He got famous off of Youtube… and Justin Timberlake and Usher had a bidding battle to see who got to represent him… clearly Usher one

  • swimchickjb3

    woahhh. hes good :)
    i feel like hes going to be
    like a jesse mccartney or something.

  • Anonymous

    who are dey?

  • Anonymous

    nick jonas,marry meee.

  • ashley

    hes cute!!!:PP

  • Anonymous

    amazing! going to be bigger than the jobros soon!

  • beatfreakz

    OMG he’s adorable altough he’s older than me, I think he has a baby face.

    On other pics of him, I HATE his hair, but he seems totally nice and gentle.

    Anyways, when I first heard this song, I though it was a girl who was singing it, but when you listen to it many times its REALLY good. He also sang WAIT FOR YOU and hes really good!!!!!

    Hope he’ll have success?

  • http://oceanup.com :)

    wow, you guys are so immature. really? he’s young, new, and he’ll get better. i actually think he’s pretty great for his age.

  • Anonymous


  • Melanie

    Haha awwwww! He’s adorable! He looks really young though………apparently he’s 15? Ha, he’s already 1000000X better than the JoBros.

  • Claire

    are you kidding?
    hahahah he looks 13…

  • Meaaa



  • Anonymous

    omg i was at Much On Demand in the audience when they premiered this music video!!! what a cute kid. and yeah tim said hes 15

  • Anonymous

    i love him :)

  • http://failblog.org idk

    Amen lmao

  • jamiekang

    dayummmm. he looks like a baby :D
    but i must admit, the song isnt bad at all .

  • Anonymous

    Justin Beiber is from youtube. Just search him on youtube. That’s how he got started, really.

    He’s amaziiing. I swear.

    Gosh, I love him.

  • Emilicious

    lol he looks like he is 13.

  • Anonymous

    yep he’s 15
    and you can look him up on youtube fo sho’

  • Jess

    Aw, the little white kid got some RnB skillz… Too cute

  • aly

    So he’s 15, short, and his voice hasn’t matured yet.

    on the flip side…
    he’s 15, can sing, and he’s kinda cute;)


    omg i love justin bieber im in love with this song

  • mikayla

    aww. i like this kid. going to youtube

  • Anonymous

    gahh, i love him. <3

  • Anonymous

    He is soo amazing he actually can sing i wonder if usher founded him.

  • Dasha

    He is the best!!!!
    I love him!!!!
    ????? ?????? ? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ??? ???????????? ?????? ? ???????? ?? ????. ??.??)))

  • Dahsa

    Oh! here russian worlds become – ?? – why? on russians comments we can write in english!

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is so hot i want to kiss him