Hard-working actress Kristen Stewart showed off her fashionable mullet while leaving practice for her upcoming role as Joan Jett in ‘The Runaways’ at a studio in North Hollywood on Friday. Photos: Fame. More under!

  • Anonymous

    yeah taylor momsen would have been way better! i mean
    because she looks more like cherry

  • Anonymous

    love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder why she kept that hair???????

  • Anonymous

    at least the hair looks better pulled back, like with the sunglasses or in a ponytail in other pictures.

    can’t wait til she grows it out again or whatever. i love her :)

  • Robert Rocks

    Love her style!:)

  • She’s not good looking

    If she came with pedals and a saddle I still wouldnt ride her!

  • Jane

    You can still she’s pretty, even with that bad hairstyle

  • maryxoxo

    she’s still pretty though. but i want her old hair back

  • lau

    i can’t understand why she acts that way she could be so Awesome if she act nice and take that gabarge of CLOUTHS OUT..!!

  • em.

    either she was alwas fake, and she was good at hiding it before.

    or she got fake.


  • Anonymous

    she is soo cute! i want to be like her.she is my total rolemodel

  • Anonymous

    She’s awesome.
    she’s so individual. id think she cares about what other people think thats why she’s like that xD

  • Anonymous

    love her. yes, i want her old hair back.
    O.o she smokes.. oh well, she’s still awesome..
    and unique. (:

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a crackhead. and she keeps doing
    that thing with her shirt, it looks ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    dude I love the new due, movie or no movie I think it’s awesome on her, her style is the shizz mann and her style isn’t all cheery and peppy, which is pretty unique for a teen star, but it’s awesome dammit.


  • Robsten

    Kristen RULES!!

  • Hayley

    there’s more harsher adjectives to describe that…
    ewww its all greasy looking. does she use bacon for a comb or some shit?

  • Anonymous

    she still so pretty!
    but i wonder she always do her shirt like that :P

  • KaDi

    She looks great either way! I just wish she didn’t smoke but the sexi mullet makes her skin GLOW!

  • Anonymous

    how do YOU like selena? before or after?
    leave a comment :)
    btw,love kristenn :)

  • :)
  • Anonymous

    Buisness in the front, party in the back.

  • Anonymous

    She’s really pretty!!
    And i think her hair is cool, really unique:)

    Can’t wait for New Moon

  • Anonymous

    so im assuming you idiots are going to continue bitching about her hair even though many people have already established the fact that she cut and died it for a movie? good god get over it people and move on. and to all the people saying shes ugly, id LOVE to see what you look like.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I still can’t get over the fact she’s playing Joan Jett! Such an insult, I love Joan! Ugh, so many things wrong with it. Kristin CAN’T act, and she doesn’t even have the look down. Can she sing? Can she lip-sync? Can she play guitar?

    And I know this is mean, but Joan Jett was fucking hot back in the day and Kristin is just…not ugly, but plain, very plain.

    And I love Dakota Fanning but why is she Cherry? Taylor Momsen would have been a better pick.

  • Anonymous

    why does she keep doing that to her shirts? why not buy shirts that fit.

  • Ashley :))

    she does not have a mullet wth. its just looks like it cause the sun glasses on her head. stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I like her style and her personality.
    She has the attitude that she isn’t going to please people in Hollywood and I like that.

  • Abbey

    yickes! she gonna sing?
    answers self:
    *well of course shes! shes playing Joan Jett!*
    ew ive seen her at ‘into the wild’
    i hate her singing!
    but i love her!
    black sucks! redish is way better!
    love her out fit!

  • camm

    no matter what her hair looks like, i will always love this girl!

  • Hales

    Its JETT weirdo and they r both awesome

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she is such a pretty girl,
    i dont know why she ruined it with the hairstyle!
    haha its okay i guess. just different.
    she has a pretty face.

  • Anonymous

    I hate her and twilight.

  • Maddie

    she was never pretty. she never will be pretty. she’s dykey and a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    obviously because she likes doing that

  • Sammy

    Ummm…well, she is quite brave with the hair, I give her that.

  • amanda

    well its just for the movie……i hope she doesn’t keep it after that.

  • reginagtz

    (billyray).. I WANT MY MULLET BACKK.. (8)


  • Alissa

    god, she looks horrible. i feel really bad for her. she reminds me of samantha ronson like that. BLEHHH!

  • 123

    why she alawys doesnt has a bag like other girls??

  • hazel

    i’m a big fan of hers but i liked
    her old hair better!!

  • Anonymous

    she looked awfull
    but now she looks really awfull!

  • Me

    She is going to be playing Joan Jett in a movie.
    So she cut her hair. Just google her and see it’s the sa same hair.

  • Rachel

    I love her but her hair is like a guy mop! I like her Bella hair the best though it’s suits her.
    She’s cool but I don’t like the t-shirt thing tbh.

  • um

    its for the movie cunt face i think it looks cool
    so fuck up

  • Anonymous

    it dont even look like a f**kin mullet!!! every pic they got of her she has her sunglasses pushin her hair back!!!

  • em.

    i agree. They should’ve picked better actresses for the role.

    but kristen did mention knowing how to pla guitar.
    but she said it was “for her ears only”.

  • Anonymous

    Do you NOT read oceanUP?
    Seriously, they’ve said it like 5 times already.

  • Anonymous

    stupid 70’s for allowing a mullet to be a fashion statement.
    couldn’t joan jet just have the really long straight hair?
    eh, i guess she wouldn’t be joan jet then.

  • SeXi MaMi

    S3XY AS EVER. Kay.

  • Stephanie.

    God, she was probably stoned when she decided, “OH, HEY, I’M GONNA GET A MULLET.”

    Idiot. l:

  • twilighter

    ewwww shes a smoker!!!
    but still like her joan jett-esque look :]

  • Anonymous

    Dude, specials shirt? Finally a celebrity who knows a thing or two about good music.

    …And for all you whiny idiots, IT’S JUST HAIR. Even more of a reason for you to shut up.. IT FOR A MOVIE. Ah, plastic hollywood already infecting the minds of young Jonas fans I see.

  • kadjf

    she is so cool

  • Anonymous

    ewww!!! i hate her new hair love her though

  • ellen

    haha I dont really care about celebes to much, its like i dont no them dont care but kirtsten. she seems so cool and so down to earth. im glad, she isnt all idn..fake? and her clothes are cool. their just simple and w/e.

  • jokio brotel<33


  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha totally agree with you, and at the 3rd pic she
    really really looks like joan

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