Cristiano Ronaldo Shorts TOO SHORT?

International football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo spent Tuesday afternoon perfecting his tan by the pool at his hotel in Beverly Hills. Do YOU think his sexy red swimming trunks are too SHORT or just RIGHT? Photos: Fame. More under!

  • Bitches


    “his sexy red swimming trunks”

    am i the only one who found something wrong with that sentence

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    PS I think we have a few homophobics on oceanUp LOL
    even if he was gay (which hes not) it doesnt stop him from being hot
    People have got to stop using the word gay as a insult
    use the word lame or crap or whatever you want LOL

  • emma

    not short enough

  • Anonymous

    hes from portgal, which is in europe and its completely normal for guys there to wear shot-shorts, flip flops, tight pink shirts and skin tight jeans. that doesnt mean hes gay, which by the way…he is like the last person on earth anyone would consider gay(hes proven himself way to many times). and also his extremely muscular body including his legs is normal for pretty much all professional soccer players.

  • kristan

    wow his legs…

  • Tania

    Ewww…what the hell is on his foot (big toe)?????

    he is hot but i dont like him anymore because he is soo cocky!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    ewew, that’s gross and he’s not sexy at all!
    kaka for the win

  • dbfvwfovhsn

    He has an amazing body!
    Soo beautiful! haha
    Im in love!

  • HOT DAMN ;)

    oh please, i’ve seen the Jonas Brothers wearing shorter shorts than him… and Cristiano actually has the body for it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tooooooo short

  • Anonymous

    jonas brothers, dont get any crazy idea. you be wearing them booty shorts enough as it is. well nick and joe anyway. but this dude is defintiely hott so whaever

  • Anonymous

    He is hot but wow short shorts much? Im starting to think he’s gay sandals short shorts tanned colored hair? HMMM

  • Cammie

    too bad,tim! Perezhilton already had him. LOL,he’s hot.
    Joe Jonas ain’t got anything on Cristiano Ronaldo. He is 6’4 for God’s sake! The JB’s would look like midgets standing next to him…


    OMG i want to fuck him!! SEXY!

  • Anonymous

    they are tooo longg! haha :)
    he’s soo damn sexyy.

  • emi

    even if his legs have the ugly veins and his pants are too short… he’s still hot!!

  • Anonymous

    he is really sexy!! hes much better than kellan lutz!
    i mean if you have it show it!

  • live it, love it.


  • Anonymous

    i don’t give a fuck what you jguuys say he can walk around in a man-thong for all i care! he is damn fine and even if his viens are poppin out i think it is damn sexy! he is so fuckable!

  • Anonymous

    a lil too short but hes still soo very SEXY!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s not gay. he’s had girlfriends before. he’s definitely not gay. so shut the fuck up people. i’d fuck him anyday, everyday.

  • Anonymous

    after i saw him with a flower on his hair i have no doubt
    HE IS GAY hahah

  • Amanda

    crazzy hot.
    sick body, amazing soccer player – what more could you ask for?

    and people wear stuff like that in europe.


  • Jane

    gross veins!

  • Anonymous

    he’s so sexy!!
    much better than kellan lutz
    if u have it show it!!!

  • Anonymous

    he is so fucking hot.

  • Anonymous


    what is he

  • Anonymous

    holy fuck

  • Anonymous

    he’s not brazillian. He’s spanish.

  • Demetria!

    What? OMG!
    I can’t believe it!
    I agree. Short too short!
    He’s totally hot Ö
    I support him, and I admire him,
    shirtless :-O OMGosh!
    He looks great, I admited.
    He’s so hot.
    Thnx people.


  • Anonymous

    Haha, anybody with THAT body can pull those shorts off.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA. can i be the one to point out his flip-flops?

  • Julie

    freak no.
    hot as hell.

  • Anonymous

    he’s wayyy to veiny…

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA, there were 69 comments before mine. What a coincidence. LMFAO

  • Anonymous

    david beckham is the only one that can pull off shorts that short.

  • Lola

    he definitely has the legs of a soccer
    player lol

  • Anonymous

    does he take steroids?
    and wtf o-o we thought the jonas brothers wore short shorts.

  • k

    justtt right. tim your deff gay. this guy has no reason to even be mentioned on this site haha.

  • Anonymous

    mmm just right ;D

  • Anonymous

    best post ever.
    sexy legs

  • Anonymous

    way too short but hes so hot

  • Anonymous

    when your that hot…
    you dont need your shorts long

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    random legs

  • Anonymous

    hhaha whaaaaaaat

  • Anonymous


  • yvo

    yeah short
    but nice bod :)lol

  • Anonymous


  • victoria


    But they are too short.

    Worse than Nick Jonas’ :P

  • jessssss

    kinda scary with the veins. first?

  • stacie


  • Sweetie.

    Okay, it was hot up until I saw his legs …
    Veiny and too muscular looking for me …
    But I love those pelvic lines … Mm.
    Very defined [; haha.

  • stacie

    ahha ewwwwwww

  • gigglefest


  • Treasure, yo.

    he’s bomb!.\
    its all goood!.
    i think i’m FiRSt kOMMENt!.
    yessness. a first.

  • Anonymous

    Nope Not short enough we can’t see his crotch.
    Damn it!

  • Anonymous

    ohhohohoh! just riight.

  • :)

    No he doesnt,since hes a athlete he gets tested for all that stuff

  • Anonymous

    way too short, but damn that guy is hot

  • Anonymous

    oh sweet jesus he is hot!

  • Anonymous

    he has a fucking nice ass body. except the veins in the legs. damn look at that lower stomach muscle. yummmmmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Its okay he’s European! = )
    And for those saying Cristiano is gay, you obviously know NOTHING about him.
    He has sex with wayyyy to many women! hahah
    Oh to be able to screw the number one football player in the world….

    Im gonna be sad when he moves from Man. U to Real Madrid!

  • Anonymous

    yes. they’re just right.

  • Hillary

    id much rather him be naked lol.
    michigan jonas fans email me if you need a ticket to the july 26 show.

  • Treasure, yo.

    hhaaaahhh. i did think of Nick when i saww thiss.

  • Anonymous

    cristiano is hot as always
    too short= HOTTEST

  • Anonymous

    i would love to fuck him.
    he’s HOT.

  • sonia

    im done with honking and bobos for today…… super scarred 4 life

  • Anonymous

    Hot bod. But too short to a point where it’s akward. Haha

  • Anonymous

    nahhh, they just rightt lmao (;
    mhm he look’s so good .

  • Anonymous


  • justme

    shorts could be ecen shorter!hahah

  • blue

    MY EYESS!!!!!!!

    its…. ugly

  • Anonymous

    LOL at people actually saying ew
    Sorry but that’s really hot

  • Anonymous

    ewww! but the body hot!

  • Anonymous

    haha he’s practically naked ;)

  • Anonymous

    lmao. too short.
    but he rocks them, oh dayummm sexy.

  • Leah.

    how can people say ew?
    he’s so hot! even they guys
    at my school say so,&& no they are not gay.

  • DamnThatMotherChucker

    Wow he even looks hot while biting his nails
    Yeah hes fit as in FUCK ME HES FIT LOL

  • Anonymous

    HOLY S***
    they are too long

    actually they’d look better on the ground!

  • Anonymous

    He’s a professional soccer player, obviously he’s going to have some big ass leg muscles.

    I personally think they’re just right, or not short enough ;)

    I love Cris Ronaldo <3

  • Anonymous

    Yeah he’s definitely gay, dating super models that he’s caught kissing and laying on at beaches.

    That’s definitely the definition of gay.

    Wow, OceanUP why even post this if you knew little 12 year olds we’re going to be like “ew omg he has man thighs” or “he’s gay cuz he is wearing short shortzzzz”

  • Anonymous

    lmfaooo made me laugh so hard. TOO SHORT
    his nuts are about to fall out

  • Anonymous

    ha well he could creep on me anytime

  • flor

    and cristiano is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than the jonas brothers, WAAAAAAAAY hotter if u know what i mean
    im a big faan i love him
    hes got some amazing bod

  • Anonymous

    Dumb ass, I’m sure Manchester United and the team he was just transferred too test them for drugs. Proffesional Soccer leagues normally do. What are you 5? You want to see roid’s on a person? Google bodybuilders. KTHANKS.

  • Anonymous

    wow.. i thought the JONASES had short shorts..these take the cake… there even shorter than my shorts

  • ew

    I think he’s gay.

  • EWWW;


  • Anonymous

    he looks GAY and he beats david beckham by far i the ‘i’m a metrosexual battle”

  • Anonymous

    I’m not short enough?
    He is extremely sexy and I’d prefer him naked<3
    He can wear whatever he wants and pull it off.
    and since when does OceanUp talk about Christiano? This is sooo random.

  • Daniela

    He can definitely pull it off. Those veins are hot!

  • natx3


  • omgeee

    oh my gosh that is soo gross!!!!

  • Anonymous

    mm i like em……. ;)

    his legs are vainy that means his …. is too.


    god hes hot

  • jakeyy

    ooft sexy ;)

  • MEE

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sexyyyyyyyyy
    my EYES
    soo HOTT
    but DAmn i wanna touch that hott BODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Damere

    Yep they are too small he just needs to take them off!!!

  • LaLaFuck

    damnn he is so hot..he could go out in a speedo and i really wouldnt give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    so sexy

  • Anonymous

    Had to be of BRAZIL
    and he is not GAY
    BRAZIL 3X0 E.U.A.

  • i love max

    ummm not too short
    hes a sex god
    he can pull it off
    plus hes european
    take that into account mofos.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? lol Hes hot!

  • Mikeala

    he looks like he is on steroids. Look at him. I mean c’mon that is just nasty

  • Anonymous

    his shorts look like they are just riding up and he needs to not wear a rosary as a neckalace they are prayer beads i loath when people were rosaries as neckalaces

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    kTqscTvx MwMFJt

  • Anonymous123
  • diziportal
  • Anonymous

    I lole you
    hd sinema ?zle

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