Taylor Lautner, ‘I’m Single’

Apparently, Taylor is available for ‘regular‘ teen girls. Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    It’s nothing wrong with the boys, it’s her. Just like Taylor The creep

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Selena say that they were bad to her?. No one fucks with my bb, Fuck you Nick J & Taylor

  • sonia

    ill take him FIRST!!

  • Stef M


  • Anonymous

    oh stfu bitch not every body worships selena bobbleheaded boring fake ass get over it shes fake dresses like a 40 year old and thinks shes too perfect fuck her and you and fuck your momma for having dumbass

  • whatever

    you know i tend not to like boys when they treat selena badly. like when nick was with selena i was all happy and liked nick but after he dumped her, i was like FORGET nick. she can find someone BETTER. then taylor came along and i was all happy again and loved him cuz he seemed to treat her so nicely but then he dumped her and well i don’t like him that much anymore because i mean how can you dump someone because your dad and management told you to?? that’s ridiculous! what do you have a brain for? use it!
    anyway he is going to regret dumping her. as soon as the Twilight saga in over, he will be forgotten. he was basically a nobody before New Moon and the only reason ppl are paying attention to him is because of his body. oh well, he had his chance and he blew it. sucks to be him.

  • Anonymous

    he dumped selena & he’s proud

  • Stef M


  • Anonymous

    Oh no, here we go.

    Nick is single.
    Miley is single.
    Selena is single.

    Who will win the boy?


  • Anonymous

    I soo miss taylena

  • Anonymous


  • Vale Chiale

    ME hahah

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lol, told you he dumped her sorry ass. “boys haven’t been good to me”, maybe you’re the weird one Selena.

  • Anonymous

    miley, duh

  • Jazzy

    aw i miss telena too :( and ppl need to shut up selena and him made a great couple. they looked like they liked eachother so give up and stop saying “oh no he’s mine!” if this was an ordinary girl instead of a celebrity, selena gomez, you wouldnt be saying that.

  • Anonymous

    ‘be yourself’

    kinda ironic since so many people think selena is fake. maybe taylor didnt use her and there just wasnt a spark cuz he seems very outgoing and selena is a lot more reserved plus the whole fake thing.

    ot maybe he said that cuz it was selenas idea to go out for publcity. idk, im just throing out suggestions.

    its not like well ever know.

  • Bitches
  • jaxxotay8

    thats bullshit… evryone says that.. but they nevr follow threw.. BS

  • Anonymous

    Miley & Nick, Demi & Trace, Selena & Taylor, Joe & Camilla, Kevin & Danielle

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • http://oceanup.com Melissa

    right here! ill take him. i don’t mind at all! hes like my celebrity crush and my mom refers to him as my husband, lol not in a creepy way though. haha but yeah ill take him anyday!

  • adfadsfdsfa

    i loved talyor launter and selena gomezz.

    cmon guys, get back to reality,
    your not gonna date him.

    he looked so happy with selena.

    they will be together onee day,

  • Steph

    They always say they’re single. Even when they’re not. Nick and Miley said they were single the whole time they were dating, same with Joe and Kevin when we know they did have girlfriends. It’s just something they do for their image so they can seem available to all of their fans.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao selena is never gonna find a man who actually likes her as much as she likes him.
    it sucks to be her, really, it does.
    i dont care about fame and money.
    im perfectly happy with my life.
    so you can drop the “you wish you were famous” card.
    it just sucks to be her because she’s been nothing but a rebound to her past
    two boyfriends.

  • Bitches


  • julia

    he seems very down to earth and just trying to find himself, i think he is adorable

  • Anonymous

    It’s gonna end up miley + nick.
    they may not be together now
    and they may not get together
    for a while, but just watch..
    They’ll end up together.

  • Anonymous

    awww he’s sooooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Miley & Nick, Demi & Trace, Selena & Taylor, Joe & Camilla, Kevin & Danielle

    I hope you mean Taylor Swift.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody gets him until Selena gets first dibs!

  • Anonymous

    Heyyy baby:)
    im a regular teen girl:)
    & if not you can introduce me to your friends:)

  • http://www.celebbuzz.com anonymously

    wow tayor has seriously lost his mind be crazy you wont
    be saying that once a fan jumps on you and starts stalking your house good luck dude your gonna need it
    taylor will always be my celebrity crush It was sad when he and selena called it quits they really seemed to like each other but i guess your career comes first in hollywood but by the sound of it selena has forgivin him
    and now there just friends

  • http://123 JJ

    Thats Nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the Way

  • Anonymous

    you guys need to calm down.

  • Anonymous

    she’s weird …

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i’ll take him.

    taylor, callll me(;

  • Stacey

    I think Jake from WOW looks just like Taylor but a little cuter (I dont like Taylor all pumped up)
    – go to wowthegroup.com and tell me if u agree. No badmouthing, just an observation

  • Anonymous

    Selena is fake. Not just with guys either. She’s trying to get publicity by hanging with Taylor since he’s gained all this fame from twilght. I’ve read where she’s said that hayley from paramore is her hero. Um… yeah…right….how long have u known her? And I also just read where her summer style was pairing dresses with converse, which we all know she picked up from kristen. She’s too preppy to come up with that herself. Kristen has the personality to match that outfit because she’s so independent and runs off the beaten path. She changes for every guy. Ever since she got herself stuck up taylors butt she’s been all about twilght. She didn’t even watch the movie before she had already jumped on the twilight bandwagon and started ingratiating herself with the twilight cast. She’s just trying to sponge up the twilight fame and has since she started fooling around with Taylor. Some people say taylor was just using her. I don’t believe this is the case. She’s been using him for publicity. She’s never been more famous than she is now; since she’s been seeing Taylor. I didn’t know who she was before she started stealing taylors limelight! Where was she before he got recast as jake for new moon, when he had already admitted he thought she was cute, before he was this famous? No where. She had no interest in him before he saved his job, before it was unsure whether he would play Jacob anymore or not. She’s fake, in conclusion. She’s just trying to jump in the twilight limelight like the rest of hollywood. So fake… She’s just using poor Taylor, and here he thought she actually liked him for him….like she’d ever date someone who wasn’t a household name. She said she wouldn’t, but have you ever heard of her dating any normal guy? No. Faker. And by the way, she is a freak. Ever read her myspace posts? Overly melodramatic. She’s frigging an emo and prep mix. She is a cancer though, they are supposed to be moody. But I mean jeez! What guy would want to put up with all that drama? No wonder she can’t really ever keep a guy! I hope Taylor realizes all this soon so he can dump her for real this time and find someone who doesn’t use him for his fame.

  • Anonymous

    Selena said boys haven’t been good to her, maybe cause she’s a freak

  • Anonymous

    not true. nick never came out exactly and said that he was single. he said crap like ‘we really like each other were just hanging out’ etc. theyve never said in those words ‘yes im single’ if they werent.

  • sam

    PUBLICITY stunt
    i highly doubt he will date someone who isn’t famous.

  • Mari

    I bet he was TOLD to say the he is “single” and ready to date “regular girls” to keep his hearthrob status

  • ( o )( o )

    I don’t like him…

  • Anonymous

    I think he acts gay

  • Carey

    I heard Taylor completly ignored Selena because his managers/agents/parents wanted him to focus on his career and not waste his time dating somebody, so he obeyed. That’s sad. Judging from those pictures, he seemed to really, really like her. But he can’t think for himself, so he decided to do what he was told. But Selena seems to understand this whole situation, which is why they decided to be friends and hang out in LA.

  • taylorissohawt

    i’d take that one hot wolf anytime =)

  • http://www.oceanup.com r.d. cunningham

    wow aren’t we proud of ourselves for dissin me over the internet claps for you girl and why are you talkin about my mother you don’t even know me?
    are you on drugs or something?
    anyways like i said my opinion not yours and you just managed to make your self look extremely foolish cause i wasn’t even talking to you but o.k girl you sure told me

  • jennifer

    Uh no, boys haven’t been good to Selena, because they’re JERKS. Got it? Good.

  • Nia

    If I was 3 or 4 years older…


  • Anonymous

    be crazy lol.

  • <3

    We’re already married

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take him any time any day :D

  • Nick’s First Lady ALESSANDRA <3

    awww, he is so adorable! i love his laugh! no more taylena! they both seem happier without eachother.

  • brittany

    calm down there, he dosnt like girls that fight over hiim alright, cause i talked to him hes my cousin alright so leave my cousin alone hes not intrested in you, he gots other stuff to do, then sit around and read these stupid comments dumbass LEAVE MY COUSIN ALONE !!

  • wandaland

    Nobody is even sure if Nick used Selena as a rebound or not because you can’t possibly know what he was feeling and what his intentions were, no matter how many articles and magazines you’ve read. You just don’t know.

    Have you EVER thought that MAYBE Nick actually liked Selena? And even if he did use her as a rebound, wouldn’t that make him an asshole! Wouldn’t it? Of course you people choose to ignore that since you hate Selena so much.

  • Amber


  • Anonymous

    will if you dont like him, why you commenting ya fuken dummy :L

  • http://www.oceanup.com r.d. cunningham

    smdh @ the the same hater trying to bad mouth selena ok selena said the was single weeks ago and how do you know she didn’t dump him? or that it was mutual? and so what she is 16 it’s not like she was going to marry him
    and how did niley get into a taylor lautner post? gtfo with that shit because just 2 days when you thought miley was tweeting about how she loved and missed justin you acted like we were on the brink of being an endangered species or something
    so stop trying to make it seem like selena is still hung up on nick

    60 years from now when we’re all getting feed apple sauce by nurse amy you bitches will be hooked up to oxygen tanks, playing checkers and still shouting Niley ’09 bitches!!!

  • katelynLynn

    I think Nick/Selena and Taylor/Selena were just publicity stunts!

  • Anonymous

    and if you think im lyeing add him taylor_lautner@hotmail.com

  • chloe

    IL TAKE EM! haha if he comes to Ireland for me! lol

  • sonia

    first ill take him

  • Anonymous

    Umm really who wouldn’t want to date him? Haha I sure would like to get to know him