Kristen Stewart RUNAWAY RASCAL

American sweetheart Kristen Stewart, promoted The Runaways with a new t-shirt, arriving at her LA studio, Wednesday afternoon. Photos: Limelight. 5+

  • KristenRULES!!

    love it

  • Anonymous
  • jfvjf

    Dangg.She probabaly just got done smoking pot too.

  • Anonymous

    shes disgusting

  • Anonymous

    she looks so happy!
    her and rob are officially dating according to life&style magazine! check it out!
    it has ashley greenes comment about the couple!
    that may be why she looks so happy!

  • Anonymous

    what happened to her? i’m not trying to be mean but she looks terrible! her hair color makes her hair look SO oily and it looks like shes going bald on the side of her head :/

    she looks like she just doesn’t care how she looks anymore. which i mean is not the worst attitude but you should care somewhat.


    ewh, she’s so grosss >:|

  • Anonymous style..greasyy ass hair!
    eh,robert and her make a good couple..greasy hair ugly bodys..hmm UGLY BITCH!WHITEE TRASHH..HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    She’s awesomeee:)
    Love herr and her style


  • Anonymous

    yahh she mightbe ugly.and have greasy hair..
    which i totaly aggrree with you!
    but come on dont laugh its not her flaut she cant afford shamppoo!:)

  • Anonymous

    U tweenies totally don’t know what style is! That look is great on her! Totally,loving that style.Why don’t you people buzz off an admire her as Bella for now.Shoo!

  • Anonymous

    It really is funny how EVERY post about Kristen, almost
    every comment is about how “ugly” or how “Horrible” her
    hair is. Get over it. It’s hair it will grow back. She
    is portraying J-Jett here. It’s like one person said,
    At least she looks accessible and isn’t flaunting around
    in designer clothing. It’s Refreshing. She looks totally chill and fine the way she dresses.
    Skinny jeans and a T-shirt whats wrong with that?
    To me she looks like a normal person.

  • Jessica

    i love her lol bt i see alot of pictures wit that brown thing n her hand wat is that??

  • Anonymous

    omg i use to love her now she looks just awful, all i wanna say is EWWWW, what kind of guy would even want her shes just plain gross now. i mean like i’m not gonna sit here and write PLEASE CHANGE IT BROWN KRISTEN. no i’ not cause i couldnt care less and plus thats her life and i’m not gona butt in, nd plus its not like shes ever gonna read this, well whatever. just thought needed tp post this. hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    she thinks she is such a badass
    really? you star in a movie about a mystical love affair.

  • kamilah

    omg you people really need to get over her damn hair already. its not that serious. every post of kristen has somebody bitching and complaining about how bad her hair looks. yes, we’ve established its not the best look for her right now, but its for a movie. move the hell on…

  • Anonymous

    shes ugly
    especially with that god awful hair

  • coolerthanyou

    that was really funny. i laughed alot at the last thing you said.

  • Anonymous


  • i love fall out boy

    ughh i cant stand her
    i dont like her hair like that
    i know its for a movie but still
    and she cant act at all
    like seriously why would they put her in twilight?!?!!?
    whatever just my opinion, dont hate

  • ugh,

    why does kristen always look freaking stoned ?!
    shes horrible now !

  • i love fall out boy

    oh yeah also she needs to stop smoking
    its gross

  • Anonymous

    shes so odd

  • CB :D

    She’s so gorgeous but the hair is awful ! At least she’s dedicated to the role. & I agree with alot of you, she is definitely NOT an american sweetheart, I remember the pot on the porch pictures.

  • omg

    omg i like kristen really i do! but she looks horrible at this pics! she looks so much better with her redish hair

  • eileen =D

    she looks…REally bad!
    what happened to her..??

  • Anonymous

    isnt all of this for her new movie? the hair mean? she’ll probably change it back

  • Anonymous


  • BB

    Kristen is so awsome!

  • Anonymous

    &&& the runaways is an old band.
    not a new one
    stupid tim

  • dorkyy :P

    cool converse! :D

  • luv ob nd hr

    lv hr nd rob joni nd miley

  • wtf

    How the fuck did she by cigarettes in America if she’s only 19. I thought you have to be 21 to purchase them?
    She’s a great role model, i’m 15 where can i buy some cigarettes without ID like Kristen can?

  • Anonymous

    she is so beautiful

  • keN

    . . . ‘Sweetheart’..??
    she’s a frig’n ‘Blackheart’
    are you’z kid’n..?
    Do you guys know who JJett IS..?
    better do some research before
    you see this flik. kStew was MADE
    for this, but STILL might not
    ‘tough-it up’ enough. (hope so!!)
    potential smash epic movie, couldhappen
    Was there then, lots COULD be told!!

  • erin

    god i hate her hair! that movie needs to hurry up and
    finish filming, so she can atleast get her amazing red-
    ish brown hair back.

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    she looks soo tacky.
    i know that sounds mean
    she looks horrible.
    i love her and everything but
    come on.!

  • Anonymous

    her hair is so fucking weird.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    in the last pic her hai looks really dirty!
    but anyways i still love her!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    the only reson she dyed it was because shes filming a movie!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i defiantly agree! I love her and all but I can’t wait till they finish filming o she gets her hair back. haha

  • Anonymous

    Kristen’s gorgeous, her hairs gonna grow back so, chill.

  • Anonymous

    stupid twilight fangirls… she’s portraying joan jett fucktards, hence the hair. i for one find it refreshing to see a celebrity look accessible…dressed casually instead of flaunting designer shit and looking runway ready every time they step out the door. she looks like a really laid back, chill girl and if she keeps that attitude she won’t have trouble keeping her head on straight


    DAYUM are her eyebrows thin or whatt?
    Put away the tweezers, Kristen.
    Hey I lubbz her haircut. It’s awesome.
    But did she like forget to put on a bra.

  • Anonymous

    In America, you must be 18 to purchase cigarettes.

  • Emilicious

    She needs to get a bra.

  • people are assholes

    she looks like shit

  • Anonymous

    the runaways are indeed an old band, but tim is saying the shirt is new. nice try, dumb shit

  • Anonymous

    Whoa girl, put down the tweezers before your eyebrows disappear completely!

  • Taylor

    god she’s amazing, her style is so lush mann,
    love huh.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    that girl is deff NOT an “American sweetheart” nor will she EVER be. kthnx

  • Robin

    see the watch she is wearing–same as her boyfriend Michael….she is not with Rob Pattinson, but with her boyfriend….

  • camm

    dude, she looks soooo cute!

  • holly

    wow, she’s beautiful, even with her hair like that :)

  • Kelly.

    notice the cigarettes she is holding…

  • neallydiva

    she looks like the girl from resident evil in this pic

  • Anonymous

    waht a slow news day jeez. comeon tim suprise us!

  • Susanne

    She cut her hair for her job so it is awfully shallow to make comments relating to such. I am sure it was not an easy thing to do! I am not a fan of Kristens but I do like the recent lack of grung eye shaddow and black eye liner. She looked absolutely stunning at the VMA’s and looks very prety here just in jeans.