Meaghan Jette PAPER MAN Premiere

Meaghan Jette Martin hit up the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of ‘Paper Man’ at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California on Thursday. Photos: Fame, Juan Rico. 2+

  • Anonymous

    She is just the cutest thing!

  • Anonymous

    shes always in pink. and shes boring.(:

  • Anonymous

    her teeth are so big and straight! and not really feeling the dress but she’s gorgeous and i love her all the same

  • Anonymous

    rlly pretty, and she’s going 2 b on a TV series 10 Things I Hate About You, so not rlly under a rock.

  • Anonymous
  • Jane

    the dress is sorta cute, sorta young looking. she’s pretty

  • Anonymous

    That dress seems way too young for her

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, she’s got huge teeth

  • Mads

    She’s really skinny! but she’s gorgeous :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    shutt up.
    shes gorgeous and ur jealous :)
    get over it

  • Anonymous

    meaghan is so pretty ;)
    i’m seeing her this summer & i hope i can meet her!

  • Anonymous

    shes super pretty

  • Lauren

    Meaghan’s beautiful. She actually looks stunning

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why but i hate her :/

  • caityy(:

    she is reallyyy gorgeouss but she looks too skinnyy

  • Anonymous

    i know. when i saw her teeth i was like WOAH they’re bigger than mileys!

  • Anonymous

    who is she?

  • Anonymous

    she reminds me of a cat …

  • Tasha x

    She does look kinda skinny. But i’m lovin her outfit!! x

  • Anonymous

    So I guess Tim is gonna post JB’s today show appearance next week?

  • Anonymous

    love her shoes!
    haha yea her teeth are kinda big.
    i can see why she smiles with her mouth closed.

  • Anonymous

    Omg she got her teeth done
    I liked it before but she’s
    still gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    the only reason you say shes skinny is because all you fat americans think nasty obese people are normal…..theyre not

    and she wouldnt give a good BJ with those teeth lmao! but shes still really cute.

  • Anonymous

    i met meaghan! she is soooo nice! and really pretty!

  • Anonymous

    Omg she got her teeth done
    but she’s still looks gorgeous

  • CDK

    i like her dress. she reminds me of a bunny tho and idk y o_0

  • Miana

    She is so adorable.

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    she is soo petty.
    i love her outfit
    it’s soo summery.
    i met her she is soo supper nice.

  • Delsy

    she is realy pretty

  • hippie.

    she’s prettyy.
    except the second picture has something a bit odd about it.
    she needs to eat more!
    she’s a growing girl!
    hahaa, i kinda say that toeveryone. :D

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty

  • Anonymous

    She probably hates you too!

  • rachel.

    she’s a pretty girl. however, the dress is ghastly.

  • Anonymous

    she dresses like a 6 year old

  • Anonymous

    does she have veneers now?? :/

  • Kirsty

    Meaghan is gorgeous!
    And to the person who asked who she is…
    Living under a rock much? CAMP ROCK .. TESS TYLER.

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