Paranoid Remake JONAS FAN MADE

  • holly


    at the end though, why do they have men’s voices?

  • Christie

    Wow, that was really good!
    I loved the Twilight part, it was funny!

  • Anonymous

    tahts really cool but orry u suck at acting!

  • Anonymous

    It was great until they incorporated twilight. As soon as I saw that girl walk into a forest rather than the desert like nick did, I was like, “FAIL.”

  • Anonymous

    woah, that was awesome.

  • Anonymous

    that was creepy and they’re not the best looking people in the world :X but the twilight part was funny


    Something just hitted me, why do all the JB fans make fan videos of JB’s musicvideos??

    Anywho, this is really cool. Nice touch with Joe’s movements (sometimes he kinda acts like a retardo?!)

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing. They were too ugly and all had the same hair cut. Creepy, much?

  • Ambrosia

    Wow! That was pretty good!! :D

  • Alex Jonas

    As weird as that was, it was pretty awesome! It seemed exactly like the real video! Nice job girls.

  • luluruguay

    Hilarious! the girl playing Nick has such a Mick Jagger Mouth! LUCKY! Loved it

  • sophie


  • ME


  • Anonymous

    Not gonna lie, that was really good. they must have worked really hard on it… ive attempted to cover a video befor and its hard

  • Anonymous

    that was really good!!

  • Julia

    Whoa what the hell?! Ahahah that was so good! Major props to those girls. I could never do that!

  • Anonymous

    They don’t have the same hair cut..I thought the video was amazing! You shouldn’t judge people by how they look.

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t watch it
    but that screen shot was enough
    to come to a conclusion
    that it is disturbing.

  • hippie.

    this is amazing.
    these girls are amazing with computers
    OR they’re rich and had some professional company do it? bahah, probably not.
    anywaysss, this was amazing.
    except for the fact that they have ’80s hairstyles. lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    umm eww
    theyre all ugly

  • Anonymous

    That was a really good remake, I loved it. :)

  • Anonymous

    that was good!!! it was funny!!

  • TooLegitToQuit

    that was the best jonas video remake i’ve EVER seen.
    majuhhh kudos to themmm ! :]

  • Anonymous

    that was horrible. the girl who
    is trying to be kevin is disgusting!
    why is her hair like that?
    and the girls who are imitating joe &
    nick need to stop. they’re ass ugly too.
    fuck you all.

  • ashleigh

    its really good :-)

  • Anonymous

    That was really good (to me). I wish i could make one half as good.

  • Anonymous

    that was amazing!

  • sam

    wow, that was a REALLY good home-made video! they definitely, have GREAT computer skills! I actually work with film editing, and wow, congrats to them!

  • Anonymous

    The video was actually good. You are just jealous.

  • Anonymous

    it was good, but man, that girls mouth is awful!!! so ugly, and unfortunate.
    the video editing is really good tho. the mouth just creeepppsss me out!

  • Leila :)

    It was good.

  • jonas4ever


  • Anonymous

    that was really good

  • Anonymous

    It’s called having fun And it was a re-make of course their not gonna look lieek’ them dumbass

  • Anonymous

    that was REALLY good for homemade.

  • Sanam

    that was surprisingly AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

    That was so awesome and the
    haters can go suck on something
    just because they can’t making anything
    like that

  • Anonymous

    I sent this in!
    well one of the people who sent it in.

  • i love fall out boy


  • anita

    I SEE…

  • :D

    that was freaking AWESOME! :D LOVED it! HAHA! SO cool!
    Like, how the FREAK do they do that?! i’m impressed!
    gosh im so jealous, i wish i had their skills hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, stfu.
    Could you be any more ruder?
    You have some serious problems.
    Go play in traffic, please.
    Kay? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • layla

    that’s really cool! congrats to them!!

  • Aguyaa

    they rock. it’s basically the funniest jb remake video.
    I’ve seen some others, but just the twilight part, you can do better than that!
    Anyways, yo girls rockk. keep on doing this!

  • Anonymous

    that was…WERID?

  • Anonymous

    hahah that was actually really good:)

  • Lindsey

    that was reallllllly good.

  • Annie

    That was really good except for the Twilight part..that didn’t have much significance. But I like it!

  • Anonymous

    LOL dat was actually REALLY good and funny LOL. and dey really paid attention to the actions dey made in the real video. cool.

  • M.

    Hahaha funny ;D

  • Anonymous

    Great job girls.
    You, girls, are so cool :D

  • kadjf

    that was realllyy good!

  • Anonymous

    God, they all look like a men. eeeew.

  • Anonymous

    Major props.
    That was definitely the best fan made remake
    of a JB video.
    I’ve seen A LOT of fans try to remake a JB video.
    This had to be the best.
    Although, it could do without the Twilight.
    Twilight sucks.
    It was still cool though, because I know I can
    never pull that off or come close to something
    like that. So good job to them.

  • Anonymous

    that was coool and really good, nice job girls :)

  • lovetolaugh

    Ha ha wow, those girls have some serious skill with computers! Awesome job editing and pretty hilarious
    imitations, definitely one of the funniest remakes out there. Great job!

  • Ro*

    hahahahaha so funy xD

  • Aine

    Haha, well done!

  • Anonymous

    someone haas to much time on their handss………… :P

  • Eleanor Rigby

    Amazing job. One of the very very few JB remakes worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    well done

  • sara

    that was amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Woah, they have good editing!

  • Anonymous

    bahahahaha, that was amazing. i laughed the whole flipping time. omg.

  • Anonymous

    that was good
    love the editing

  • kimmyvee

    that’s not too much on their hands, if they wanna do something with film then this was good practice for them because it had some major editing.
    i thought it was fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    (insert sarcasm)Love how all these jealous girls are commenting on the girls appearance and trashing her..

    WHY!?!?!? your just jealous of this video

  • Anonymous

    That was so awesome and the
    haters can go suck on something
    just because they can’t making anything
    like that



  • Anonymous

    Hahha! omg! that was amaziinggg!
    Just like the original, but they made it their own.
    LOVE IT!