Devon Werkheiser Love At First HICCUP

: Contains mature language. Love At First Hiccup starring Devon Werkheiser and Scout Taylor-Campton.
Devon’s original song ‘If Eyes Could Speak‘ will be featured in the movie, due in theaters this year. Thanks Victoria!

  • Anonymous


  • demi

    whaaat? this is a remake of an danish movie called Anja & Viktor.
    I’ve seen it and its it. Exactly the same. wtf.

  • Rach

    that was so funny.
    I wanna see that now

  • Stephanie

    This movie looks really cute. I was laughing the whole time. It will probably be rated PG-13 which is cool.

  • B.

    FUCK the person who said he’s a nobody,
    look at YOU bitch. YOU’RE the nobody.
    Atleast people know who he is and can reconginize
    him. Screw you dumbfuck.

    & this looks amazing :) I can’t wait to see it!

  • Danish

    OMG haha this is a danish movie!!! In Denmark there is 5 of those movies!! OMG how funny! The scenes are exactly the same. In the danish version Viktor actually gets the milk when he asks for it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what?! where is nick braun smoking?

  • Maria

    OMG, this is like a movie made after a danish book and the movie is already made in a danish version, omg, hahahahah xD

  • Anonymous

    Oh hot damn

  • Anonymous

    wow no one cares.. hes a nobody!

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me so much of Eric on That 70s Show. Just how he looks, and his awkwardness.

    I love Devon (:
    I just to be, like, crazy for him.
    It’s crazy how time flies, because I can remember watching Ned’s Declassified when it was new…

  • ndhfhsdf


  • jessy.

    is gonna be a great movie lmao.

  • Jessica

    Her names Scout Taylor-Compton and its not a trailer its a promotion!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Anonymous

    this looks so cute! i want to see it :)

  • gosh

    i just wasted 4:15 of my life…i didnt feel like finishing the rest cuz it SUCKS.

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone give stars shit just cause they arentt doing campy disney stuff???

  • Anonymous

    ah , his voice is beautiful.
    & she kinda has a miley cyrus thing going on. just a bit.

  • Anonymous

    and you are?


    didn’t you know about this?
    I hate the fact that “kærlighed ved første hik” is now americanized!

    And btw. if you guys think that the language is daring, then you should know how it is in the real movie!!

  • Anonymous

    Scout is really pretty. I’ve seen her in some other films…I love her hair.

  • Emilicious

    lol I just like Devon hahaha :D

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a great movie. Hahaha.
    Devon has real mature roles, wow.

  • you want it, you know you do!

    Wow, is this bad or is this bad?
    I’ll always prefer the dansih version, if there’s something I hate, well then it’s remakes of something good!!

  • Anonymous

    omg, i am not used to seeing Devon like this…wooow, i’m gonna watch it though, it was hilarious

  • rachel

    that looks pretty good :P but is that a trailer? cuz if it then its the longest one ive ever seen in my life :P
    i loved the part where the little kid went to get condoms
    “the big one’s getting hairy already’ hahahahahaah
    i freaking love devon

  • A

    lmaoo! wtf?! that was kinda pathetic.

  • rjrjrjr

    was Nicholas Braun smoking?! i didn’t know that!

  • victoria

    He’s smoking throughout the second video.

  • vxcvxxcvxcvxdfsdf

    that trailer basically showed the whole movie. no one needs to see it now.

  • addiee

    omgsh i have to see that movieee ;]

  • Anna

    I really wanna see this. lol.
    it looks really cute!

  • Fatal Attraction

    How old is he now?




  • jackie

    this looks hysterical!

  • Anonymous

    aw this seems cute, im excited for it to come out :)
    i love devon, he’s pretty good looking!

  • elinaaaaaaaa
  • Nadia

    OMG ! This is a remake of a danish movie ! OMG !
    Never thought THAT would happen ! x]

  • Anonymous

    hahah this looks so funny i laughed through the whole thing. ill see that it looks good. but it will it be rated r? it has a lot of swears

  • Sumone!

    He’s 18 now =O

    I thought he was younger!! time goes by fast!

  • victoria

    yeah he was smoking, but i still love him anyways. :D

  • victoria

    This movie looks so funny.

    I love Devon and the fact that he is doing more mature roles.

  • camm

    i’m a big scout taylor compton fan!!! i’m excited to see this!! plus i think devon is a cutie =]

  • Taylor

    I really really wanna see it.
    But I don’t know when this mofo comes out.
    Does anybody know?
    & yes it’s a remake.
    So what?

  • Taylor

    I really really wanna see it.
    But I don’t know when this comes out.
    Does anybody know?
    & yes it’s a remake.
    So what?

  • Jenn

    I havebeen looking for this movie everywhere!! Its not on the internet and might not be premiering at all :(
    If any1 knows where I could find it PLEASE tell me!!

  • Anonymous

    haha i laughed at the whole thing i really wanna see this devon is so cute!