Emma Watson TEEN VOGUE Cover Girl

Emma Watson featured in Aug. ’09 Teen Vogue. Full article and photo gallery. When she’s not premiere-hopping: ‘I live, really, in jeans from Topshop, blazers from Ralph Lauren or Reiss, and ballet flats.’ More under!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what joe thinks…=P

    Does anyone else remember his crush on her?

  • Anonymous


  • jackie

    I love her.
    shes so pretty and talented and
    now shes going to go to school thats a good idea
    alot of actors just stop going to school after high school
    keira knightly went to yale and shes extremely talented and smart
    you go emma get that education and become one
    of the most beautiful talented powerful actresses ever!!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Love to love Emma! Fashion can be a little weird, I agree that IT is another art form, a nice one, too. Even Emma wouldn’t wear this on the streets!

  • Anonymous


  • Nick J’s girlfriend

    i think she’s really pretty..

    and i kinda like the clothes, not something i would wear, but i still like it! :D

  • Anonymous

    Emma is so freaking gorgeous! She is so classy and I love when she takes artsy photos. She’s amazing and seems so down to earth and honest.

  • Madgirl

    i love her style!!!!!!!!111she looks awesome in thoose clothes!

  • hannah

    Emma Watson is so beautiful, and so gorgeous, and so nice and down to earth!!
    She handles being a star so well! She.is.plain.awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Emma looks absolutely stunning here.
    She is so beautiful & sophisticated & I think she is a great role model.
    Love her!

  • Jane

    She’s really beautiful, and an amazing model. This pictures are stunning!

  • emily

    She seriously has a high editorial look just by looking at her. I think just her look made all these picturees work ! she looked soo amazing in the clothes! She is just a very simple down to earth girl so it made the shoot work. She wasnt even really posing in the pictures she was just being natural and herself.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous, she should play a part
    in twilight.

  • Anonymous

    1st? she’s really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    isnt this like the 15th time shes been on teen vogue?
    love her :)
    and miley :]

  • Dar

    C0ool so i was 1st :)

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but those clothes are horrible.

  • Emma Lover

    Emma Watson is so lovely. And I’ve met her 3 times; she’s extremely down to earth, what a wonderful person :DD

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or do her and Demi take the same kind of pictures like sophisticated and artsy.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ooo gurl put dat shit away

  • bella.

    Miley was HORRIBLE is teen vogue. But this isn’t even about her!
    Emma seriously was made to model.
    I think are the ones she has modeled for already!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Will you shut up?! It’s called FASHiON.

  • aahahhh!!

    she is absolutely fabulous.

  • s

    fierce as hell. she’s so classy.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the clothes! Obviously not to wear in real life, but great styles. And I agree with her on the nails. They are sooooo cool.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where that skirt is from in the first picture?

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/06/emma-watson-teen-vogue-cover-girl.html#more Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous, but those clothes are horrible

  • Anonymous

    how was she horrible? xD she looked amazing and the interview was so honest and great =]

  • Anonymous

    i love herrrrr

  • Anonymous

    omgosh, you cannot say she isn’t flawless! she is stunning and i evny her for it.
    Although she has been on teenvogue basically a bajillion times.
    Her style is really classy and chic, which i like..and of course since she is british she shops at TopShop. I love that place :]

  • Anonymous

    OMG luv2jonas person wasent first! GASP

  • AishaMarie ;)

    I just love the first picture! :) The background is so peaceful and a beautiful view. My favorite out of the whole bunch! And the outfit are C-L-A-S-S-Y and F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Emma is definitely a talented actress and a model! Just brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeooooooous! i love her!

  • NENE

    you call these clothes top notch, high fashion?
    it look like a bling person designed these clothes.
    i have an umbrella that looks like her skirt.
    chanel and all these rich bitch stores are overrated and epic fails. goodwill has better stuff. and emma, loose the ferret on ur shoulder.

  • I love Kevin Jonas

    At least she stoped hating on Nicholas:D. The Dress is reallllly pretty!!!!!!!!

  • http://PJU krixtina


  • Anonymous

    she’s very pretty!

  • b

    the last picture is my favorite, emma is gorgeous and so sophisticated

  • Anonymous

    that was emma roberts, not watson.

  • Anonymous

    she’s very pretty!

  • Anonymous


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  • efe

    she’s so classy and beautiful
    she carries herself so nicely.

  • Lauren

    Emma Watson is Gorgeous! hahahah i cant wait to see her in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, she rocks and her clothes in this shoot are amazing hahah i wish i had clothes like that!

  • deirdre
  • Anonymous

    joe should go out with her not that camilla bitch.

  • Anonymous

    It was Emma Roberts you moron

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous and a classy woman.
    Love herrrr. :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, and very well-spoke.
    I like that about her- she’s not just a pretty face :)
    She’s a real life Hermione, super smart.

  • nicole

    & Burberry

  • mynameisjonas

    aww i really like her, shes seems like a classy young lady.

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but those clothes are horrible.
    not to be mean, but it’s called FASHION. not everything’s gorgeous looking, it’s another form of art…

  • Holly

    i love this, its really pretty.
    and when did we make this about miley cyrus? anyway, she was beautiful to

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Keira


  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, and very well-spoke.
    I like that about her- she’s not just a pretty face :)

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where she’s going to school?

  • Anonymous

    shes awesome.
    she went to my school when she lived in oxford.

  • Anonymous

    omgosh, you cannot say she isn’t flawless! she is stunning and i evny her for it.

    Why? It’s not like had any control over it.

  • Anonymous

    As horrible as these clothes are she worked it