Robert Pattinson BLOODY ON SET

Robert Pattinson bloody and arrested while filming a scene for his new film Remember Me in New York City, Tuesday night. Photos: Fame. More under!

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  • Youve Got Mail <33333333

    The whole beaten up look is really attractive… i know that sounds like im being cynical but im not

  • Rachel

    What did he get arrested for?

  • Ayey

    Where in New York City, exactly, is he filming this?
    haha I feel pretty awesome about the fact I live in upstate and he’s in NYC.
    Pretty cool.. :)

    Even though there’s no possible way, anyways, to even meet him. Unless there was some freakish luck chance of me bumping into him in a coffee shop or something. haha

  • Anonymous

    lovee him!

  • Trisha

    Noo! it’s for a movie and the blood is makeup ..

  • Ladybug

    LOL! In the first pic it looks like he’s tasting the blood like it’s barbecue sauce. Like he’s thinking “Mmm this is yummy!” Even when he’s cover in blood he still looks hot.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet! I just noticed I was second! Of course, I guess that’s not that impressive since there’s only been 22 comments on this post.

  • ????????

    I dont c what all thesse grlz c in him.I persionally think he’s ugly. but i guess thats just my oppinion.

  • Anonymous

    What happened?




  • Ruta

    Oh. I feel so sorry for him! I LOVE You Robert!

  • Kelsey!

    Lately he;s been growing on me in terms of looks:)

  • Anonymous

    Its for a scene. He didn’t really get arrested.

  • Anonymous

    ur all like first, first stop it!
    it annoing and immature!
    just say ur oppinion about the new update/news

  • Chrissy

    i dont know why he’d be getting arrested for a scene when he doesnt get arrested in new moon.
    jesus, you wannabes, try reading the book before you go say things.

  • Anonymous

    He is sooo hot:)
    Even when he has blood all over his facee haha




  • ashley

    he is so sexy ! even all bloodied up (:

  • ??????????????????????????

    u girlz r druleing over a guy u dont even no. and probably will never meet. so get a life and a real boy friend.

    p.s. sorry to break ur dreams

  • sWEEZ

    ROB IS SO HOTTTT !!!!!!!!!
    LOVE HIM !!

  • Mary<3

    Geez! hes hot even bloodied!

  • …….

    so hot!!!!!

  • AnOnymouserf sdf

    did he get arrested really???????????was that real blood?????

  • Anonymous

    so hot!!!

  • Angela

    Robert should cut his chin hair(idk wht it call totallyy forgot)Plizz robert cut it

  • (:

    I loveeeeeeeeeee Robert Pattinson!!!
    I think he is amazing in every way((((:
    I honestley would do anything to meet this guyyy!
    Ahh man hes so sexyy<333333333

    Can’t wait to see New Moon and Remember Me(:

  • Anonymous

    Fuckk Off!

  • Anonymous

    1st :D

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  • Anonymous

    Almost first… ? not at all.

  • Anonymous

    first bitchessss

  • anonymous

    first bitchessss

  • Anonymous

    Look at yourself!!
    Your “eww” So fuckk of

    have a wonderful dayyy!

  • Anonymous

    OMG FIRSt and Robert LOk SOo HOttttt Even When his BLoodly.

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  • hi



    FIRST? woah

  • Nikita


  • Anonymous

    big whoop.

  • Anonymous

    wow, that’s crazy. this time I was actually first! haha.. I’m the person who wrote “1st :D”. Now I’m writing the actual comment I wanted to write.

    Robert is freakin sexy I love him and I can’t wait for New Moon ???

  • Anonymous

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  • No 1 u no

    i dont think ur alowed to swear on the internet. gosh