Abigail Breslin MY SISTER’S KEEPER

Budding starlet Abigail Breslin attend the premiere of her new film ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ at the AMC Lincoln Square theater in New York City on Wednesday. Are YOU going to see the movie? 2+

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  • Anonymous

    Wow,she looks really pretty! Love her dress. I think I’m going to see this movie,it’s got a great cast and a really good story.

  • Anonymous

    she’s like dakota’s fanning;s replacement for the young kid actor

  • May

    Wow suddenly she’s not beautiful b/c of her teeth some of u ppl are serioulsy screwy. Most ppl think Abigail is going to be gorgeous when she’s older. Just look at her, beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    ohmigoshh did you hear the jonas brothers are on the rolling stones cover again?


  • Elizabeth

    I love her!!
    She is so beautiful<3
    But I will never see her movie because I have a
    rule about watching tear jerkers at home rather
    than with others because I wont concentrate at
    the movies.
    But I will watch it once its on dvd :)

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  • jenny

    yea i am going to see it! :D

  • sfas

    I think she looks amazing :)

  • stephanie

    OMG i wanna see this movie so badly, i dont think theres a movie out there that i wanna see more…except new moon (: abigail is gorgeous and i think this movie is gonna be amazing. im sooo excitedd ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shes rich, can she not afford whitening strips or something?

  • Anonymous

    that movie is going to be unbelievable

  • Anonymous

    Cute. But too young. Do not want.

  • strawberrieshk

    sheesh i hated that book but I can’t wait to see the movie!!

  • http://twitter.com/mayaaaomg maya

    I’m reading the book now;)
    and plan on seeing the movie Friday

  • Anonymous

    Incredible actress. Such a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    Great actress but she looks ridiculous, i thought she was 13, she is dressing like an 18 year old.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Jane

    She’s gonna be really pretty!

    And I am def going to go see it, it looks amazing :)

  • Anonymous

    I wont be able to see in public LOL
    I will cry so bad,I hate cancer >:(
    I will just wait till it comes out on dvd so I can watch it in bed with a box of tissues and Ben & Jerrys :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty and extremely talented and such.. but she dresses WAY too old for her age.

  • boom boom pow.

    oh, my little abby :)
    i’m gonna be sobbing when i see this.
    btw: she IS thirteen, and dressed beautifully for the premiere. if people think she looks EIGHTEEN, they’re crazy.
    my boo is gorgeoussssssssss.

  • poo

    nice dress
    gonna watch it!

  • Madgirl

    Whoa she grew up!

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! shes stunning! and heck yes im going to see it (:

  • Anonymous

    how old is she now i remember lilmiss sunshine she was so cut she’s growing up yo be very pretty i love her but a lol too much makeup on her i think =D

  • win


  • win

    oh shit.. i really was first.. but anyway.. shes going to grow up to be a great actress

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty! i love herrr!

  • Anonymous

    yes i’m gonna go see it!

  • nayy

    LOVED the book…
    im a little skeptical to watch the movie because of the ending change….
    im hoping its good though :)

  • Anonymous

    lalalala…my life sucks…lalalala

  • Anonymous

    I wanna see this movie really bad.
    Yeah, I think she will grow up and be an
    amazing actress.
    She looks really prettyyyyy :)

  • rawr

    def seeing it(:

  • jonas4ever

    WOW she grew ALOT since little miss sunshine :)

  • Anonymous

    that hair is really weird
    but yes i will see it
    the tv ads said “from the director of the notebook”
    thus i will be seeing it lol :P

  • http://myspace.com/h064894 haleyyyyy

    aww she is so pretty i cant wait to see the movie

  • Anonymous

    shes really pretty!
    omg i just saw Demi Lovato in concerttt
    she was amazingggg!!!!!
    I LOVE HERRR <3333

  • Andrea

    looks like a tearjerker! =) gotta see it!

  • Jennifer

    The book was incredible. I’m going to see the movie when it comes to my town, but it won’t be out here for a few more weeks.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she is so grown up!
    i can’t wait to see the movie.
    it looks amazing(:

  • http://www.twitter.com/ecarney91 Emily

    She is becoming so beautiful.. Can’t wait to see the movie

  • Maddie

    yes, i’m definitely seeing it. i read the book, and it was SUCH a good book. it really makes you think, and learn how valuable one person’s life can be.

  • shelbie!

    she is so beautiful, even though she’s so young. she will be gorgeous when she is an adult.

  • http://jonasbrothersfans101.ning.com Valentinaaa :D

    I wanna see it :)

  • Bonnieeeee



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s going to be so pretty when she gets older, and not to mention a great actress, like the person up there said.

  • Jackie

    she is so pretty and talented. she reminds me of dakota fanning
    both great actresses and both beautiful

  • audree

    she’s an amazing actress, but i think that hairdo and dress is a bit too much. she’s like 13, right? i think the movie will be great. :)

  • Anonymous

    ugh i started to read the book but i left it at my sisters so she has to mail it. im trying to read the book before i see the movie because i know the movie is never like the book.

    and i love love love abigail. she was sooo good in little miss sunshine, defiently maybe, the perfect gift, and raising helen, and all her other movies! but those are pretty much all iv seen i think haha. she is going to be such a good actress!

  • Anonymous

    i honsetly dont think 1 person can say anything bad about her. shes awesome

  • Anonymous

    Awww man .. She’s really growing up so fast,really gorgeous! Though,she really looked cute with her look on ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

  • pwned

    lets see how long it takes for jonas brothers,
    miley or something else irrelevant to be brought

  • echokingston

    so um i like her and all but she needs to
    whiten them teeth just a little.
    God, i need some real news.

  • Anonymous

    ugly dress

  • Anonymous

    aw she looks great…this movie looks really good..so pretty.

  • pwnd

    i like her hair!

  • Anonymous

    she looks great

  • Anonymous

    i dont think she’s that pretty… but she is a great actress

  • ab

    she’s awesome
    i wish her the best

  • Anonymous

    she is an AMAZING actress but i dot think you can call her beautiful! she seriously needs some teeth whitener

  • Anonymous


  • echokingston

    shes really pretty!
    omg i just saw Demi Lovato in concerttt
    she was amazingggg!!!!!
    send a video! i need entertainment!

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks so pretty !

  • Anonymous

    She needs to dress her age. The hair make up and heels is too much

  • michelle

    I’ve never been a huge Abigail Breslin fan, but seeing My Sister’s Keeper tonight reminded me that no matter the actress, if she can bring tears to my eyes, definitley has talent.

    All the actors in this movie were spot-on. Great job (:

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/06/abigail-breslin-my-sisters-keeper.html#more Anonymous

    HECK YEA IM SEEING THE MOVIE! (and bringing a box of tissues)

    I LOVED that book! Hope the movie does it justice

  • Anonymous

    you cannot call her beautiful! she’s really not but she is an amazing actress

  • Anonymous

    LOVED the book…
    im a little skeptical to watch the movie because of the ending change….
    im hoping its good though :)
    Do you know what they changed the ending to?

  • Lindsey

    she is only a couple days older than me!

    I love her!

  • Alaina.

    My God has she grown up! I remember when she was so little. Like in Signs. Jesus! She looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • whoaa

    dude, SUPER PRETTY :)
    i love love love her acting skills <3

  • ;)

    shes really pretty and a great actress
    i wanna see this movie soo bad!

  • Anonymous

    and I read the book, it was good expect I didn’t like the ending

  • Anonymous

    She needs to dress her age. The hair make up and heels is too much
    it’s the premiere of her movie. of course she’s going dress up. she looks cute and age appropriate. she’s 13. not 8.

  • penis

    lets see how long it takes for jonas brothers,
    miley or something else irrelevant to be brought
    MILEy rocks bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA SORRY
    I HAD TO!

  • lalalaa

    haa.she looks way weird and awfull.she is some ugly bitch:]

  • anonymous

    all i have to say is she is GORGEOUS.
    like, i am really incredibly jealous ahah.

    but umm i might go see it, cause i know shes great.

  • Anonymous

    wow you’re the idiot who brought them up. FAIL.

  • Adanary

    is fat in that photo

    but she’s really beuty

  • <3<3<3

    wow shes like 13 and shes taken so much more
    seriously than miley ever will be.

    that pleases me so.

  • pwnd

    wow you’re the idiot. you replied. EPIC FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    lets see how long it takes for jonas brothers,
    miley or something else irrelevant to be brought


  • Anonymous

    i loved the book!!nthey changed the ending?? to what?

  • Pamela =D!


  • Anonymous

    white teeth, yellow teeth, blue teeth — doesn’t much matter, she’s adorable and an amazing actress.

  • Rachel

    I cannot wait until this movie comes out!!! I can tell she is a great actress and she needs to be noticed a lot more=].

  • Anonymous

    idk .. its very personal to me. maybe..gotta read the book first though

  • lisa

    i’ve read the book and it’s amazing! and i think she’s perfect for the character Anna. I’m going to see the movie!

  • Anonymous

    aw she’s growing up. :)

  • Anonymous

    I do.

  • http://www.yourmom.com abbs

    i love her hair but i think her dress is a little too old for an 11 or 12 year old.

    i wanna see the movie (:

  • Anonymous

    She just turned twelve a couple months ago. wow… ! She could pass for 14 here.

  • Anonymous

    woah. she grew up since the last time i saw her.
    so excited to see that movie
    awhh RIP.Micheal Jackson. watching the thriller video :[ amazing artist

  • C

    The hair isn’t weird havn’t you guys ever seen the bump it commercials? Lol! She’s got it bumped with a bump it! Ah ha ha ha! It’s all the style!

    nah i’m just kidding. sorry for my loserish comment there. Her hair is fine :) it’s just a little bump for some style ^_^ she looks really pretty and grown up here in that dress and makeup, i have to hurry and finish the book before i see this movie.

  • hawraa

    she’s gonna be SUPER gorgeous when she grows up.
    i love her dress and acting.

  • Anonymous

    waiitwait. she just turned 13 a couple months ago. my bad (:

  • laurennn

    she is sooo pretty here!

  • Ayey

    Definitely going to see it!
    Seems like it’s going to be really good, especially with winning awards too.
    I’m excited! And wow has Abigail grown up so much!
    She’s so beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful…denying it is like saying water isn’t wet.

  • http://www.kacibrownspain.ya.st Jana

    Aaaawwww she’s adorable