• Anabel

    Aw, Shia’s such a sweetheart. :D

  • Anonymous

    well this had nothing to do with this post…but..i just found out that mileys execs HIRED nicholas sparks to write the last song for miley so she can make a transition from child entertainer to a “serious” actor..what a loser…if she really had THAT much talent she should have auditioned for an existing movie just like dakota and abigail….its sooo not fair that she can just buy herself a movie to be in and be the lead…..

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  • Anonymous

    hahahah this was cute :]

  • Black Keys!

    Off Topic:

    But I wa sjust watching the News and heard Micheal Jackson dies from an overdoes. Damn that’s sad.

  • Laurb

    He was so sweet and genuine to that girl. Shes very lucky!
    I love him, he seems to be one of those people that really is down to earth and just chill <3

  • Alexis

    Awwh!! Now that was sooooo CUTE!!!
    HAha awh I wonder if he asked her out laterr lol
    she was sooo HAPPY and he seemed like he prob liked her too!!!!!:D

  • Black Keys!

    Ok i’m confused now they say it was just a heart attack whatever I hope he’s okay!

  • Katie

    Shia is so hot! :D
    Lucky girl. :)

  • Lolaa

    R.I.P farrah fawcett :(

  • Anonymous

    awe he’s so sweet!

  • Lindsey

    i never was really into shia i just thought he was hot and stuff but he seems sooo sweet and down to earth…lets just say I AM IN LOVE WITH SHIA!!!!<3333

  • Anonymous

    seriously i LOVE Shia!it’s so funny that he
    doesn’t get that he’s one of the hottest actors
    out there..every film that he makes is a huge hit
    and he just doesn’t let him go into his head.
    and he was so sweet to that girl!!


    wow, what a cutie ;) im starting to be a huge shia fan!!!! awww he looks so nice!
    cant wait to see transformers 2!!
    the first was awesome!

  • Anonymous

    love shia. foreal i just could not stop thinking PRECIOUS throughout this whoole thing.
    meredith is sucha bitch hahaha

  • anonymous

    Hes really sweet!

  • Kelsey!

    SHia is so mine! He’s so sweet:) Ive loved him forever!

  • Anonymous

    The Last Song is an upcoming 2010 coming of age drama film starring Miley Cyrus. Cyrus’ representation hired Nicholas Sparks to write the screenplay and a novel by the same name to serve as a star vehicle for Cyrus as she moves away from the Hannah Montana franchise. The film is Julie Anne Robinson’s feature film directorial debut.

  • Anonymous

    i love him so cool and sweet way better then the jb he doesnt hide stuff complete open about his life.

  • Anonymous

    he is seriously like one of the sexiest men in hollywood, no doubt.

    Him and Meg Fox make the CUTEST couplee <333

  • Anonymous

    LOL, yeah. But, I do doubt it only because of the screencap of e-mails I saw. TrainReq sent the emails to the radio station that interviewed him, and the radio station posted it on their website for probably no more then an hour, but then they realized that they’d be in deep shit and involved in the case if they left the screencaps there, so they took them down. But, some of us were lucky enough to see it. I’m not sure how many. But, I know that I read it and a couple of other people from other forums.

    Miley and Nick were talking, and Nick asked Miley if they should do it, and Miley said that she wasn’t sure…. she made a promise to god, and if she broke it she would regret it for the rest of her life, and that he has a purity ring too, and they should think about the promise they mad blah blah blah, and Nick was like that is true… well then when can we? and she repeated the same shit again and she sent a picture and she put “this is the closest you’ll get to this” which I thought was cute, because she was trying to sympathize, and at least she kept her promise. So, I think for Mileys sake they haven’t had sex. I don’t doubt them having oral or something though in the future, or if they have already. But, Miley is really serious when it comes to her ring. It’s no joke to her.

  • Anonymous

    In 2008, Disney announced plans to create a film starring Miley Cyrus scripted by Nicholas Sparks, then known as the “Untitled Miley Cyrus Project”. According to producer Jennifer Gibgot, the project began after Disney executive Jason Reed met with Cyrus to discuss her career plans. Cyrus’ acting representation, United Talent Agency, then recruited novelist Nicholas Sparks, also a UTA client, to write a novel and movie script with Cyrus in mind for the lead. Cyrus’ role was hand-crafted by Sparks and Cyrus’ representation to help Cyrus expand her image beyond the pop persona she developed through the Hannah Montana franchise and to serve as a star vehicle for Cyrus during her transition to adult fare.

    Sparks told Variety Magazine that Miley Cyrus and her family “were very familiar with the work I’ve done in the past. That played a role in this project coming together.” After the premise was agreed upon by Cyrus, her family, and the film’s producers, Sparks turned his attention to creating a novel of equal caliber to his previous books. “On this one, I wrote the screenplay first and then the novel. That’s the first time I’ve done that,” Sparks said during a talk at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Bristol, Tennessee. Sparks reported, “This is similar to the way it’s gone with movies based on my novels; it’s just out of order. Certain opportunities garner your interest, and this was one of those.”

  • charlotte

    i WISH i was that girl, shes soo lucky, i would have been FREAKING OUT!

  • Anonymous

    you really can’t compare them?
    they lead completeeeely different lives
    shia is not stalked like the jonas brothers are, and he’s an actor. he doesn’t like, go on tour, and have the same type of fanbase that the jonas brothers have. he’s in movies. while they’re both based in fame, they are absolutely 100% different.

  • anna



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    But oceanup needs to post more about Joey Page too Please!

    I love Joey Page


  • martha


  • Anonymous

    i think shia is so presentable <3. its really amazing and i just love his eyes :).

  • Anonymous

    OMFG. this made me love him even more :)
    the fan girl was adorable. and i would have passed out if he was flirting with me like that.
    damn he’s sexy.

  • Anonymous

    Shia’s awesome.
    He’s so cool and regular. He was so sweet to that girl, hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    what a sweetheart.
    i think i’m developing a crush on this charming cutie

  • Taylor

    wow soo jealous i only caught the end of this, this morning, i wish he called me sweetheart:P

  • tams

    First, I love Shia and how I wish that was me. I’d love to meet him once or maybe have a conversation or something.

    And second what do Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas have to do with this. Geez, get over them. I stopped caring about Disney when I got my period.

  • Anonymous

    He was so nice and sweet to that girl Samantha, he must really love his fans I would love to meet him that girl is very lucky.

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  • Anonymous

    aww he is so nice and down to earth. i would love to meet him!

  • Anonymous

    haha awwuhh soo cute!
    he has nice eyes

  • Anonymous

    aww shia is such a cute
    he’s so sweet
    i’m am so jeaolous of that girl lol
    that would be awesome to meet himand he seems like such a gentlemen and a swweetheart

  • safii<3

    awww he seems really shy. i love Shia!
    i’m going to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen this weekend! :D

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    awww shia’s sooo cute =D
    he was so nice to that girl he seems like a really nice guy and a gentlmen

  • Ana

    ahah the end was priceless lmao
    “hi mom hi dad”
    hes a sweetheart <3 love him

  • Leslie Tang

    lucky girll. I’m like squriming in my chair right now.

  • Anonymous

    give me a link i couldve wrote that an article??

  • Anonymous

    he seems so nice and sweet
    RIP Michael Jackson

  • Anonymous

    why are people on calling megan fox a bitch?

  • Emily

    ok i love shia even more.. nwhen he said he didn’t have a girlfriend i wanted that girl to be like well do you want one.. god that would have been priceless

  • Anonymous

    I love him so much. I have always been a huge fan of him since “Even Stephens” lol.
    Such a huuge fan, I would lovee to meet him in person one day!

  • Anonymous

    I love Shia!

  • Moe

    SHIA RULES!!!!!!!

    I love him :)

  • Anonymous

    first? Selena probably watched this

  • Pearlll

    Wow, i had no idea shia was so sweet :)

  • Eviie

    That was very sweet of Shia! Lucky girl~!

  • Sara


  • Pearl

    AWW i had nooo idea shia was soo sweett <3


  • Emma :]

    OMG <33

  • Anonymous

    damn that girl is lucky, shia was so genuine.

  • http://ttp:// CornPopsGirl!!! <33

    I stopped caring about Disney when I got my period.
    LMAO you made my day and omg shia is just so freaking sexy/amazing/deep/sweet!!! ahh i could go in love with him. Im so happy he left disney..actual talent that is now presentable to the hollywood buisness

  • brittany

    that girl is lucky as shit!

    i love me some shia!!
    he’s so swwet and down to earth and he just seems so normal like he doesnt take himself so seriously which is amazing considering he’s and amazing actor

  • Tru

    I am in Love with him and have been for awhile now………I miss Even Stevens! He is so freaking hot and down to earth……Transformers is a must see……One of the best movies I have seen in awhile……Cute interview…….Love Love LOve him!

  • destinee

    i saw this earlier, it was so adorable, i dnk know who’s cuter shia or the fan girl… she’s so giddy it’s cute!

  • ashley

    Awww! I love him :D

  • Alexis

    LOVE HIM:)


    OMG she soo fuckin lucky!!! i love you shia!! and transformers was amazing everyone check it out!! im going to see it again!! im going to marry shia one day!!… lol delusional

  • desirelabeouf

    OMG im so0o0 jealous of that girl. my dream is to meet Shia. ah!

    and hes so sweet?

  • Martha

    i literally want to jump on him!.