Gloriana THE WAY IT GOES Music Vid

Featuring Taylor Swift.

  • Niceli(:

    Taylor is awesome(:

  • Anonymous


  • Nicole

    IF YOU STOP IT AT 2:13 there SELENA GOMEZ i am so proud of myself for noticing BTW

  • Niceli(:

    Anyone see PPP last night ?

  • Anonymous

    cool song!

  • Anonymous

    that was really gooodd

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Sarah

    I’m not a huge country music fan, but this is good.

  • Delsy

    it just started raining hail and my cat is outside gosh i am so worried

    anyways cute vid

  • Anonymous

    pretty good song..

  • Sarah

    love love love Gloriana!!

  • chloe

    how did you see that lol! i only noticed after you said it! but yeah Selena’s in it too! :)

  • blah

    these people…
    came to my school.
    and cheyenne and rachel were probably the rudest people ever alive.
    they were extremely catty.
    i’m not just saying that because i’m someone who’s ugly and jealous and bashes random celebrities.
    they were SO mean.
    and all my friends were just thinking…
    well what can you expect?
    you guys ARE performing in a freakin high school cafeteria.
    obbbbviously there isn’t going to be a huge fan base…
    especially when we’ve never effin heard of you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in this video!! So cool!

    They were amazing live!

  • Anonymous

    OMG thats cheyanne kimball or however you spell her name! i was wonderinh where the heck she went!!

  • Delsy

    thank you but it has stoped raining so hopefully he will come back

  • veeroh

    i love this song its really catchy,cant wait till sept 25 get to see taylor,kellie & gloriana

  • Anonymous

    loooooveee taylor and gloriana!! seeing them october 3 so excited..

  • .

    i’ve checked out some of their stuff since my taylor concert. they’re not to bad. cute song. cute vid. i like em.

  • sanah

    awww. cheyenne kimball. i miss her music and her show.
    haha, i actually liked her.
    gloriana’s okay. i guess.
    taylor swift’s music is better though but gloriana’s is pretty okay. i’m just not a very big country fan.
    i really wish cheyenne would release some of her old songs that she didn’t get around to releasing!

  • Emma

    i love gloriana <33

  • Anonymous

    yeah cheyenne is so rude. i went to taylors concert in san diego. and me and my friend were standing outside of the arena and cheyenne was in the parking lot so we ran over to say hi and get a pic with her and right as we walked up she HID behind a parked car and as soon as her ride pulled up, she ran and jumped in the car. shes a bitch.

  • harlowe

    selena looked…happy…

  • lauren
  • d

    gloriana is so good.. and the video is cute.

  • Anonymous

    WOW how did you spot her i have watched this video like 50 times and i never spotted selena
    i’m pretty sure that was her

  • tsweezy<33

    i liked wild at heart better. but this is cute too.
    and anyone else see selena around the 2:13 mark?

  • Bonnieeeee

    I hope your cats will be okay!
    I’d be worried too!

  • b_j_d

    I really like what I have heard from them, I heard them on the radio a few weeks ago and really like the sound. I love country and this is a nice country/bluegrass feel.

  • Anonymous

    Gloriana is a great new band :) it must be so fun to tour with Taylor. love her <3

  • Anonymous

    omg is that cheyenne whatshername ???? her solo “career” failed so know she’s in a band ?

  • Anonymous

    saw selena on that vid too

  • allison