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    he is such a charming guy. i mean, he has some a grasp of his life issues and doesn’t hide them from anyone, but doesn’t pity himself either. i truly hope he is ok though. they say ‘the class closen cries the most tears’ and he seems like to good of a guy to end up in the position many fallen stars do. good interview though.

  • farrah

    fucking love himmmm~!

  • Anonymous

    This hot fine man shouldve been bumber one on that sexiest man list..

  • Kaitlin

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  • Anonymous

    yeah him and Joe should be #1

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the “I don’t know German. I’m Jewish.”
    I can’t help but laugh at that

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  • emily

    idk why but im actually starting to like him.

  • asd

    I love him, he is unlike any guy and thats what attracts me to him

  • Youve got Mail <333333

    Hes so funny…
    and i think all the quotes about his mum should be taken in a humorous manner.

    I forgot how much i loved shia – anyone else used to watch Even Stevens? i had a massiva crush on him back in the day

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why, but he’s like any other guy. He’s soecial. I’m falling in love. Selena better watch out because I’ll fight her!:)

  • Leslie Tang

    he’s absolutley adorable.

  • Anonymous

    He is the most amazing actor in the whole wide world.
    And he is also so funny, I love him and he would never
    ever stop being my favorite actor in the world. I love
    you Shia.

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  • Shukra Ukra

    HES HOT!!! i see why selena loves him

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  • Anonymous

    lol he’s hilarious and adorable
    the munchkin house lol

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  • Anonymous

    looooooooooove him

  • holly

    omg, i didn’t fancy him. but i didnt realise what a nice and funny person he is. i think im falling in loveee haha

  • kamilah

    his interviews always make me crack up. he always has funny stories to tell. gosh he is soo effn hot!! and transformers 2 was bad ass!

  • ?

    could someone write some niley porn? please

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  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

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  • Anonymous

    hes my boyfriend but dont tell the papparazzi

  • janelle

    one of the first!

  • Sara

    the girl has HUGE boobs. jealous

  • jackayyy

    aha sooo funny

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  • Anonymous

    omg hahahahahaaskjaksjaksljkasjfdd

  • Liz

    lol nick j the boob hunter :P
    but joe totatlly checks her out from her head to her toes :|

  • Katee

    wow rude much? they are just really tired they are looking at the floor

  • Anonymous

    he is so well spoken so is megan fox, she was on
    david letterman last night

  • Anonymous

    when he was talking about his mom and Felipe
    i was LMAO!!he’s hilarious!

  • anonymous

    Haha..his interviews are really good. Cool dude.

  • Ana

    LMFAO!! “I don’t know German. I’m Jewish.”

  • Crystal

    everyone who commented is like falling for him and i can totally see myself doing that any day now
    oceanup please post more we need more shia!
    this interview was good the video quality was amazing! but shouldnt there have been like a part 2?


  • Anonymous

    I hate Jimmy Kimmel!

  • Anonymous

    STFU selena you will never have him!

  • Anonymous

    HAHA SHia Labeouf is funny! Im falling in love

  • anonymously

    he likes girls with blue eyes miley has blue eyes and beautiful ones too.

  • Anonymous haha or a jonas brothers oceanup post it!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, he’s so charming! I mean, he isn’t even talking about my parents and i’m scarred (is anyone else?) but he speaks so confident, I can’t help but admire him for it. I would be intimidated to meet him.

  • Anonymous

    I love Shia and Jimmy when they are together
    they are so funny and they both seem so sweet
    and nice

  • ashley

    I’ve suddenly became obsessed with him since a few days ago. idk why! haha