Zeke & Luther U CAN’T TOUCH THIS

Daniel Curtis Lee & Adam Hicks of Zeke & Luther ‘U Can’t Touch This’ video.

  • Anonymous

    They ruined the song. I haven’t see Daniel since Ned’s Declassified on Nick. Zeke and Luther look pointless.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know who these guys are but i love it! and yah that is chelsea staub

  • aj

    yes thats chelsea did you see the behind the scenes videowith brandon when she was talking real loud over the music and then the music stops so funny! love her!

  • Anonymous

    these guys are really good!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is filmed across the street from my school.

  • anonymous
  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    FIRST!! yayy ive always wanted to do that lol

  • AlyssaCarson

    They so ruined this song.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Who are these idiots no one can replace Drake and Josh?

  • xSoRecklessx

    lol, wowwwwww…..

    btw, is that chelsea staub in the music video?? Im PRETTY SURE it is :)

  • eric

    all the people that said Zeke and Luthers vid is not cool, you suck.Zeke and Luther is the best.