Mitchel Musso HEY SIX Flags Maryland

Becky and Synthia sent pictures of Mitchel Musso from his Six Flags Maryland performance: ‘He is a GREAT performer and very sweet. He threw a lot of t-shirts into the crowd.’ 10+

  • Rafael

    follow me on twitter please

    i’ll be waiting for the request ok?


  • Megs xo


    * * *
    * Y *
    * U *
    * C *
    * K *
    * * *

    Ewhhh He is Sooooooooo
    Friggin U G L Y …..!!!

    Honestly How Cud You Actuallly Like Himm.???
    He is Only Famous Cus he Nose Miley & is On disney
    & He is Not Even a Big Role in Hannah Montana..!
    Is He Tryna Scare Evry1.??


    Yaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Any Niley news Peepss.?)


  • lmbafslk;das

    he looks like my brother

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    he has SEXY LEGS HEHE!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    im getting used to his hair now

  • Anna

    he was so much cuter when he didn’t cut his hair ..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    hmm idk i liked it way back in the day in HM when it was shorter and brown

  • Anonymous
    follow me and i’ll follow you backk!

  • Anonymous

    ocean up comments have to be approved now?

  • Anonymous

    does he have a tatoo on his wrist…..btw he is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No Bitchassness

    I feel this mad urge to just come up to him and wash his hair and give him a spray tan lol

  • Anonymous

    does he have a tattoo on his wrist!!!

  • london_gurl

    on the 9th picture above….is that a tatoo on his left wrist????? omg…it looks like an “M” letter….ohhhhh….he’s looks well changed though…..unlike his hannah montana days….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yesterday’s show was so much fun!
    i love how much he interacted with all of the fans
    and especially how nice he was
    and i love his new hair btw

  • hannah


  • hayley

    my best friend took a few of these pictures hahaha
    just thought i’d say that :D

  • Anonymous

    I was at this show. He did amazing:) And I think his new hair is better than his old hair which is odd since i love my boys with long hair but I thought his new style was great and seeing him yesturday he was really hott with that hair.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else see the tattoo on his left wrist?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    it’s actually discovery kingdom


  • Allie

    I used to live near Six Flags in Maryland. It was about a 1 hour drive. My best friend went though :) She said he is sooo good!

  • Anonymous

    That concert was amazing! I got to get a picture with him!! And I got his autograph :) :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I took the main pic, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th pic hahah you can even proove it on my facebook… this is synthia btw pahah. blahhh the wait was soo long but soo worth it!

  • Anonymous

    o man

  • Anonymous

    Yup. I see it, in two pictures only though.

  • Anonymous

    hes so hot now! i love his new hair/style.

    it sounds like hes lipsyincing though?

  • ?

    So when is he going to start actually singing in his concerts instead of lipsycing? His music is good, but I want to hear his voice.

  • I know.

    LOL. Selena didn’t say congratulations to Dani and Kev.
    And she was really close with Dani, and Kev was there when Nick wasn’t.
    Someone has a stick up their ass..

  • Anonymous

    he looks so much hotter with the new haircut. he used to look like a girl…

  • Anonymous
  • daniel mmm

    he has a tattoo on his left wrist!!!!!!!

  • mwah




  • Anonymous

    He looks like a ANTEATER

  • Anonymous


  • demifan

    i think hes talented. but he really needs to stop talking about other people in interviews

  • Anonymous

    Demi :(((((

    Demi Lovato was spotted during an appearance in Los Angeles on June 24 sporting a number of suspicious marks on her left wrist. This hasn’t been the first time she’s been accused of practicing self harm, with a collection of photos surfacing late last year. Disney issued the statement that they were nothing more than indentations made from rubber bracelets, what do we think ONTD?


    oh fuck no.

  • V

    She cuts, its obvious seriously, thats not from no rubber band

  • Anonymous

    he is cuuuttttteeee

  • anonymous

    i was at this concert…it was amazing he pointed at
    me and after he met all the fans, i think he was lip
    singing though

  • Anonymous

    uhm sorry, but it looks just like the marks on my wrist from hairties. bc i have hairties on mine n it looks the same stop spreading shit about her okay!

  • Laurl23

    I wanted to thank the person who told me to get
    fire fox! I love it! Plus Kevin Jonas’s ring to Daniele looks amazing! She is such a lucky girl, I am so jealous!

  • melanie

    omg!! i was there in may for a band trip!

    why couldn’t he have been there then?!?! :p
    i saw him in concert last august in Binghamton NY & he was amazing!

  • Anonymous


  • ashley

    hey guys! how many people were there?
    im going to a couple shows and wondering
    what time we should get there for let me know=]

  • Anonymous

    loooove his hair.

  • SelG

    this episode was so much fun to shoot!
    it seriously was a blast.

    thank you to my fans for all the support! I truly means the world to me.
    god bless,

  • Anonymous

    hes lipsycing i hate that

    he’s an other disney star going bad, he does too many drugs already.

  • Anonymous

    Hey man I was there he threw out these shirts and like all the black people threw it back and he looked like a little bitch when leaving.

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  • http://anno00ak Anna

    loose the earings dude

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel does do too many drugs already and it’s only gonna get worst, he hits on little girls by trying to get them high with him. I know this for a fact because I’m one of them.


    Me too, an he got ll mad at me because I said no. He is such a jerk in person.

  • summer

    omg he is the sexiest guys in the world! i love him so much! and his 18th birthday is coming up! JUNE 9TH!!!

  • Nikki

    I thought he was so ugly he cute but not I think he’s just buttt ugly………

  • Anonymous

    yes, because heaven forbid he look like an individual and NOT like everyone else…

  • Lindsay

    that’s my hand at 0:56. (:
    and my poster at 1:00! :D
    and i was right next to the girl who got his glasses (the one who took the video).
    she was so nice and she totally deserved those glasses. (:
    hahah it was hilarious, mitchel loved her and her friend.
    he was looking at them the whole time! it was AMAZING! :D
    best. night. ever.

  • jonas freak

    Mitchel does do too many drugs already and it’s only gonna get worst, he hits on little girls by trying to get them high with him. I know this for a fact because I’m one of them.

  • Curious

    Does he lip sync?

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  • Anonymous

    yes he does have a tattoo on his left wrist
    it says MMM

  • Anonymous

    can you not post this on here? this is about demi, not mitchel.

  • Meaa
  • Anonymous

    hes kindda gross.

  • home skillettt(:

    I feel this bad urge to come up to you and punch you in the face.

  • mimi

    Mitchell sings really good and he cutie but his hair need to be comb to the back because his hair to the front makes his face look shubby. He cute but we can’t see it because of all that hair in his face.

    They should advertise him more he really good but he need to get some muscles on those arms.

  • mememememe

    he was much cuter when he had his hair longer

  • Anonymous

    if he got gauges in his ears he would be even sexierrrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    Meaa, if you’re a Female slut would you suck my cock?