Zac Efron had his long brown locks cropped at the La Peer Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon. Nessa must be happy! Photos: Flynet. +1 more!

  • <3

    holy shit he is the sex

  • Anonymous




  • Your Mom Biotch




  • Anonymous

    So handsome! Way better than that guy from Twilight

  • jbfan

    You guys have such dirty minds. lol

    I think he looks good. :)

  • .


  • Anonymous


  • SJS

    He does look better with shorter, darker hair. But i’ve NEVER found him hot. He has pretty blue eyes, but the rest of his face is just not attractive IMO.

  • Kelsey!


  • Anonymous

    i love the new hairstyle!

    I want joe jonas to go back to his straight hair
    and the style would be the ones on LVATT photoshoot.

  • Anonymous

    fatty fatty fat fat

  • Anonymous
  • jbfan

    Joe’s new hair looks amazing on him. I think he should wear whatever style he likes. And think about it…It’s probably so much easier for him not to have to straighten it everyday.

  • imani

    FINALLY! i’ve been saying for the past months that the kid needs a haircut, and now he finally did! and it looks so fucking hot :) i love him.

  • Anonymous

    OMG HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WTFFFFFF. so not hot. :\\\\\\\

  • arrra

    i lovveeeeee his hair, so beautiful:)

  • Anna-Maria

    OMG! That is sooooooooooo freaking hot! I was starting
    to get nervous, cuz have you seen his previous
    hairstyle! OMG, love you zac! vanessa’s a lucky girl,
    and you def. like her enough to do this for her!

  • Anonymous

    He would be hot even if he shaved his head. Zac Efron is so fucking hot. DUH.

  • jonaslovatopushplay!

    he looks amazing.
    i love it.
    he looks more mature now!
    he can pull off any hair do.
    he is stunning,
    like seriously he is like
    soo perfect!

  • ingrid

    i dont care
    he still
    super hot

  • Anonymous

    No, he’s NOT a pansy. He is HOT and straigt.

  • Kelsey!

    THAT”S TRUE! Like what kind of poll is this? Zac is always hot!

  • Anonymous

    agree finally

  • Anonymous

    Zac can pull of any hairstyle.

  • Anonymous

    now he looks like cole sprouse!!!

  • Cindy

    FINALLY! I’m totally loving it
    his hair was def getting longer than that before picture can show. it was getting out of control

    YAY ZAC! forget vanessa, im happy :D

  • Anonymous

    it’s about time he got a haircut.

  • Anonymous

    me too!

  • isadora

    he’ll always be a NOT for me. all you drooling little girls are wasting your time, the boy is gay.

  • Anonymous

    whatever..i like zac efron and all but i dont wanna go do him- maybe coz im only thirteen im not THAT dirty minded Lol. Anywayz i think his hair looks fine either way. Joe Jonas is a gay douche bag and R-Pattinson needs to hit the gym- i dont care if u dont lyk to work out buddy! Taylor did it, and i swear if jillian from biggest loser has to be involved, i WILL fundraise money to get her to buff up ur whiny little ass!!! no more fake abs! Lol. IMM SERIUOS- PETITION ANYONE? IM SIGNIN UP! it wud be fun to see him in pain. Lol (okay i’ll admit that was mean, but it’s part of my persona dont dis me! :P)

  • deb

    No, Isadora, he is not gay. What makes you say that? Do you even know him? Have you been in his bedroom? Have you seen him doing it with a man? I bet that the answer to those questions is NO.

  • jbfan

    No comment on Robert Pattinson. haha i don’t know if i believe his abs are fake. It could defiantly be made up.

    But about Joe, he’s not a gay douce bag. Joe’s an AMAZING guy. :)

  • ZOMG


  • Kate

    He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous. :D

  • sexy sarah

    so fuckin not

  • I’dFUCKNickJonas

    shit son, let’s sex.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so hot.
    He looks gorgeous. I’m so happy we can see his beautiful face.
    Vhudge is so lucky bc I would def. do him in a heartbeat.
    He’s smart, charismatic, talented, and good looking.
    His eyes are so pretty too. How could people possibly vote not in the poll? Srsly
    I’ve always thought he was hot and I thought it went without saying but his haircut
    was a major upgrade. Gosh I love Zac Efron SFM!

  • emily

    I bet none of you considered that his hair is probably is pushed back. Not cut.

  • Anonymous

    omg, omg i think i died when i saw this picture. he is too gorgeous for words! how can anyone think he is ugly?

  • aaliyahnoelle

    you c now this is cute. zac is much more cute like this. now i can see the appeal. before it wasnt there.

    this is the more adult zac. i like it

  • Anonymous

    Yogurt Date!
    Awww, look, it’s Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle on a yogurt date in Louisiana.

    Are Joe’s pants falling apart?

    Can’t he afford a new pair of jeans?

    It’s nice to see these two kids, both busy in their careers, making it work!

    Are they going to be getting engaged soon too????

    Double wedding!

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  • Anonymous

    I like how short it’s cut in the back and on the sides. Love those sideburns. Looks like it’s still a bit long in the front. Probably for his role of Charlie St. Cloud.

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha hes fliping off the Paps!! Thats pretty funny

  • Anonymous

    Looks good! It was getting scraggly long

  • Anonymous

    um…it was kind of official with the whole cast telling interviewers they faked his abs. HE even admitted he doesn’t like to work out. but this is a zac post….sorry! Lol

  • Love777

    I have one word for this picture:


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    long hairr=HOt

  • jenny(:

    i dont care that he got a hair cut, he is still (and always will be) SEXiEEEEEEE!!! iloveyouzac!!!

  • Anonymous


  • no comment

    im not a fan of his, but he looks better with this hair cut

  • caitlin

    still looking like zex. <3

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY his hair was getting a little too long

  • deb

    “I bet none of you considered that his hair is probably is pushed back. Not cut.”

    No, it’s been cut. Look at the back. Look at the top. That’s not long har pushed back.

  • s4n

    hoooooot :)

  • deb

    LOL – Zex. Love it. Can I steal that from you?

    He looks so much better this way. Hair off of his face and out of his eyes. Yes. Too hot for words.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No, his dick is in ME and I’M moaning. :)

  • Karina :]

    ahh his hair :(
    whatevess still hott.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hes so hot

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s queer either way. A bit of a pansy our
    boy Zac.

  • Anonymous

    First ?(:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he’ll always be hot but NUUUUUU!! his long hair was lovely! ahh well i guess we’ll get used to it. but still looking fine zaccy boy ;)

  • omnomnomnom

    vanessa’s the luckiest bitch in the world

  • paycheck advance

    I think he has more of a hollywood look with the longer hair.