Liz met Ryan Sheckler, best friend Casey, his manager and other friends a couple of weeks ago in Panama!

‘He was there as a tourist, not to skate. That night was the party for him in the disco ‘Sies’ in Uruguay Street. He went to Bovedas, the Esclusas de Miraflores and Gamboa.’

  • Kirsty:)!

    Lovee him.
    He’s well hot!

  • Evelyn

    love Ryan! omg hes so hot! and an amazing skater!

  • bubu19

    I WAS THERE THAT NIGHTT!!! he came in when i was leaving though:(

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  • Anonymous

    OMG SHES SO LUCKY!! she kissed ryan on the cheek :( thats not fair! lol hes so hot..:P

  • Anonymous

    ugly cunt

  • Anonymous


  • A


  • Liz Marie

    yeyyy thnx 4 publish the notice
    a little bit late but its ok
    im not this girl but whatever!!
    PS: i started cry when i saw this here! OMG!

  • :)

    Ahhh I was in Destin a week and a half ago and was talking about going to panama (: well there right next to eathother. cuz panama is where alot of high school kids go and destin is for college so we stayed in Destin (;

  • panamaaa

    OK first of all iknow those girls.

    OMG for your information tweenie retards that dont know world geography. LOOK PANAMA UP! and do yourself a favor by expanding your knowledge on the world you live in, cuz not everything is the USA. And work that little finger of yours by clicking on the internet, trust me its not that hard, or too complicated.(panama is a country in CENTRAL AMERICA a tiny piece of land that connects both NORTH and SOUTH america, between COSTA RICA and COLOMBIA)

    annnd wooow yey there are more panamanians who visit this website SO COOL! haha no tenia ni idea, pense q nadie aca sabia de esto :P

  • M-C

    xuxaaa casiii me MATO!!

  • Anonymous

    haha cryin Ryan.
    he’s sexy though.
    He just needs to grow some balls!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/07/ryan-sheckler-panama-party-man.html#more beiirutty


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    daawwwm, i was in Panama this Thursday :S JRKFENJKCNFEJ I LOOOVE HIM

  • Anonymous

    looove ryan sheckler

  • Anonymous

    loove him!!!

  • Anonymous

    thirD!!!!!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    loove him

  • Anonymous

    i love him he is so cute and so is casey

  • Anonymous

    Nick J got asked if her was single read his reactions in this blog

  • Anonymous

    oceanup, post more intesting stoires lol
    love ryan tho!

  • brianna [;

    omg,shes so lucky,she got to give him a kiss on the cheek!

    & his smile is just absoloutely amazing<3
    i want his show to come back,it was addicting.

  • bhb fan

    slowwww news day so far . and wow , this kid was like the straight version of zac efron . then he fell off the face of the earth . sad :\

  • Kelsey!

    He got laiddd

  • breanna

    ugh. I hate ryan sheckler. he’s so fake. he lives really close to me and we share a lot of the same friends, and from what I can tell, he’s NOTHING like he pretends to be. he drinks, smokes pot, and is apparently really mean to his little brothers. not like ANY of those things are out of the ordinary for teenage guys to do, I just fucking hate that he pretends to be something else, something better. jesus. sorry. rant. but seriously. he “cries” because he thinks that’ll make girls like him. he’s a fake-ass poser who deserves NO attention. so please, no more. :l

  • Anonymous

    Shit son, I met him AND his best friends.

  • meli

    I’m sorry but i just don’t get it. what’s his appeal? he’s such a little girl. he’s not attractive and he cries for everything. I say grow a pair and man up.

  • Alexis Marie

    i doubt you know him,and if you were to watch his show,than youll see his brothers(ecspecially kane) mean the world to him

  • LALA

    i will so kiss his cheeks

  • Anonymous

    he is so so so so HOT

  • Anonymous

    love him!!!!!!!!!! hes a hottness monster lmao greek

  • Aless JB

    I am from Panama too!!!

  • Anonymoouussssssssss

    I also live in PANAMA!! OMG!!(: I met him he was soooo nicee and he is really
    hot!!(: ke kool aki se mete gnt de PANAMA WEEE!(: asi ess!(:

  • Jim


    I know it’s off topic. But watch, I found it.. and it’s good.
    Skip to :31

  • Anonymous

    A country

  • Anonymoouussssssssss

    YO TAMBN!!! (:

  • http://mapia pia


  • Anonymoouussssssssss

    YO IWALL!(: nice im not the only panamanian who sees oceanup.. awesome!!(:

  • Anonymous

    i love ryan!!!
    he is so adorable!!

    i want his show to come back on!!
    i loved it!

  • Anonymous

    wtf is panama ? pleeaaase replyy someone

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/07/ryan-sheckler-panama-party-man.html#more beiirutty

    haha yoo ni se quienn esss …. yo pensee q yo eraa la unikaa en panamaa q see metiaa a oceannupp jajaa

  • Anonymous

    for all of you who are saying hes a cry baby yeaa on the show he is cause its scripted do you honestly think a 19 year old guy acts like that on a daily basis hes prob. jst a normal teenager the only thing tht makes him different from us is his fame so stop saying hes a cry baby baby cause you dont even know him

  • Melissa

    OKAY U GIRLS MAY NOT BELEIVE ME but i GAVE him a blowjob!!!!

    Im seriouslly not joking! it was about 2 years ago!
    Me and Ryan were just fooling around as usually with a bunch of his siblings and friends in his pool and then me and my bff Tyeisha were talking about how blowjobs are better underwater! Obviouslly Ryan over heard us and started talking to me! He was saying the most ridiculous stuff like “Oh my cum is really warm!” or “Damn im getting a fucking boner again!” so I was like why are u telling this and he said “after 4:00 pm when everyone leaves to go to the movie theaters dont go and come up with me in my room!” so i thought it was a gift or sumthin but he pulled down his swimming trunks and said “Come one baby give me some hardcore head!” I was shocked but I liked him for a while and just sucked his dick! first we were standing but then he layed on his bed and then we started doing the 69 position! It felt sooo good! he has a really nice wet tounge! Oh yea and his DICK! yummm it has like a sugar but then mid-salty taste! yes his DICK is hairy! after i liked the head on his dick, he was going crazieee and was moaning insanely! he then said “uhhh yo lick my pubes girl” so of course I did it! he was fully naked but was still wearing his cap and socks! after that we heard someone atttempting to open the house door appearently it was his mom! so he locked his room and then just cummed all over my face and gave me a facial! lets just say his dick tastes sooooo much better than his cum! his cum taste like sour cream! but anyway a few weeks later we kept on giving each other blowjobs and we like but we dont do it in his room anymore now we just do it in his shower or secret basement room! I love HIS NICE LONG, JUICY, BIG HAIRY DICK! This is the truth and if u guys don’t believe me I dont care b/c I love him!

  • Anonymous

    i live like right nextdoor to him and he LOVES his brothers, he would never do anything to hurt them, & yeah everyone atleast once in there lives drink or smoke so leave him alone. i bet you dont even know him, ur just saying what everyone else says in san clemente which is all lies. he is such a nice guys if you REALLY knew him. just leave him alone, he already gets enough shit from san clemente kids. jeez.

  • anonymous L

    Melissa- U should totally stop with the grossness! We dont care if you hooked up with him, and thats not nice about Ryan either. If it was true, he wouldnt like it if you blogged about ur time with him doing that. So stop with the stories and keep them to yourself.
    also if you just want attention, ur getting it, but it makes you look bad.im sorry but i dont believe, and u r pathetic to tell some gross story!

  • Anonymous

    eeewwwwuyy thats so nasty. really i dont believe that melissa girl but um thats nasty if she did that. that would be classified as a umm whore! just saying!!

  • Anonymous

    eeewwwwuyy thats so nasty. really i dont believe that melissa girl but um thats nasty if she did that. that would be classified as a umm whore! just saying!!

  • Anonymous

    Who goes to Panama?

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  • Anonymous2109

    First, the disco is called seis not sies! Second, GRINGOSS! you people are so stupid! PANAMA is the best..not everything is USA..your education sucks..you dont even know what an adverb is! SO SHUP UP AND STUDY GEOGRAPHY! AND GRAMMAR!