Megan Fox JENNIFER’S BODY Trailer

DISCLAIMER: Contains mature language/ content.

  • Anonymous

    meagan fox is perfect for this!lol she is so hot(no homo)

  • Anonymous

    Even when she’s eating people alive,Megan Fox is still the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

  • DR19

    i thought awesome only did disney stuff this is SOMETHING WORSE THAN DISNEY

  • ksf

    adam is awesome, and i’m watching this movie just because of him (oh and diablo cody too)

  • Anonymous

    This looks hilarious. It reminds me of that movie TEETH

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    first yayayaya

    this is creeeepy

  • Anonymous

    omfg. i cannot wait for this. i’ve been waiting for this for so long. megan fox is my lover & i love diablo cody.

  • Anonymous

    im so gonna see this

  • Anonymous

    im so watching this! lol

  • Anonymous1

    i’d go lesbo for her ..just sayin

  • Anonymous

    megan fox is a slut

  • Anonymous

    kinda scary but ok I guess

  • Anonymous

    okay then…… not sure what to think about that one.

  • mikayla

    omg its kyle gallner i dont really like megan fox she looks fake and always saying she doesnt wanna be this person like stop comparing yourself to ppl she isnt even that great of an actress to me

  • whywouldyou

    do you take perez hiltons things?

  • Anonymous
  • kayla

    i saw this b4 it was perez so perez take other ppls stuff

  • Anonymous

    this not about the jonas brothers go post that somewhere else

  • Anonymous

    I love megan and this looks funny and ridiclous gonna see it for sure.

  • Yaten

    She’s so fuckin hot.

  • Anonymous

    megan is so hott I cant wait!

  • Vicki

    Adam brody!!!!!
    Heck yessssss!!

  • Nadia

    agreed. she’s so hot. girl crush :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure there’s a better quality trailer than this..

  • Anonymous

    Love Adam Brody!!!!!!
    he’s soo yummy aha

    and the only reason i might watch this
    movie is because of him :)

  • WTF

    wow! THIS is what she chooses to do after transformers? even though she is a beautiful girl, her personality/attitude make her ugly, she better use her looks as much as she can, looks don’t last forever

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, creepy.

  • Ashley

    honestly, this just looks stupid. haha.
    the whole demon possession thing is just too played out in movies.

  • pqOHjh


  • jackayyy

    cant wait to see this movie

  • llbkrT


  • Brianna

    ADAM BRODY! im agreeing with everyone who says they will see this movie just for him!

  • Anonymous
  • Fast Cash

    wow i really liked this clip, i am totally going to keep watching that! thanks for the post.

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  • yo momma

    megan fox is a dinosaur .
    a dinosaur slut .