Raven Symone HAD A BABY GIRL?


Raven Symone recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lilianna Pearman in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital, according to Global Grind [Via ONTD] The father of Lilianna is Jussie Smollet [Jurnee Smollet’s older brother] They two are currently not together.

  • http://twitter.com/officialtoreemc toray

    my idol was prego and i didnt know?!?!?! dang

  • Natalie

    WHAT?! Who knew!!!

  • Anonymous

    o.O WHAT!?!?
    Awe. God bless though. :D

  • LEILIA(:

    OMG… thats so sudden! haha i am laughing at the person that said ‘She should
    of seen it in a vision’ lol x

  • Anonymous

    wow i didn’t even know she was pregnant!

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWW!! Thats so sweet! The baby looks adorable! I never knew Raven was pregnant but still… Congrats Raven! =^)

  • http://Twitter.com/sadiezzbby Sadiezz

    She should have seen this coming… like in a vision.


  • Anonymous

    UMMMM Okkkkkk I think you’ve gone of the subject?

  • Liz

    This is fake. I just saw her show today in new jersey!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah,heard that!
    medela symphony

  • i<3JB

    ?!?! since when was she pregnant?! omj i cant believe that she committed wedlockk!! veryy disappointed in raven if this is actually true ):

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    lol. i didn’t know there were so many white people at oceanup…wow.
    black babies can come out REALLY light when they are born and become darker. and in this case, if you’ve seen the guy who is supposedly her baby daddy he is light like raven.
    so it would make sense that the baby is that complexion.

  • Anonymous

    omfg youre so dumb. if youre gonna post shit, post TRUE shit.

  • Anonymous

    UMMMM Okkkkkk I think you’ve gone of the subject?

  • Anonymous

    what the hell? this is really unexepected. i didn’t even know she was prego.. did she even know she was? haha. anyways, congratz!

  • Anonymous

    I read this on ONTD whom confirmed it was true.
    So, is she the first Disney kid to have a baby? At least the ones from 2000.

  • Anonymous

    UM WHAT?!
    i didn’t even know she was pregnant.

  • cami

    nooo wayy!!!
    say whaaaaat?!
    this sounds like she just popped into the hospital, popped the sucker out, and left.

    btw, no offense i thought she was a lesbian, and who is this guy or his brother? never heard of them.

  • Anonymous

    wow. you really just asked that?

    even babys with two black parents or baby’s who have at least one black parent come out of the womb light skinned.

    their skin darkens over time.


  • Anonymous

    ANYWAY! She is 24 peeeps giv her a rest i <3 her shes my role model :-)

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Raven had a baby wow.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Raven had a baby wow.

  • Anonymous

    haahahahahah that’s soooo random!
    but i’m happy for her!
    her baby is adorable.

  • Anonymous


  • amy

    Oceanup, it’s been confirmed that it’s not real. You never make sure that every crap you post is real or not. Next time, actually check if it’s true or not.

    Uhhh, justjared’s so much better…seriously.

  • Anonymous

    congrgalauns raven im so happy for you send me a picture of her ok i love you!

    love kiki

  • Megannn.

    Nothing but a f*cking slut..
    so everyone who had a baby are sluts??
    wooowww chill shes 23

  • Anonymous

    okay, so people call Miley a whore, but then there’s Disney stars who sleep around and have random children.
    Yeah, that makes sense. ^o)

  • http://jkerhikdwhfgdhsyfcgbsn sabara

    omg u r blessed wit a buttiful doughter!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this explains so much….

  • Neferiti

    WTF! She was pregnant? That was just so wired! No offence to anyone but why is it um … white. I guess

  • Jeannie McBride

    OMG her baby girl is gorges the spit of her likes Congratz Raven you are going to be a great mum hope u r realy happy with your baby girl love her name aswell Love yah xxxx

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/07/raven-symone-had-a-baby-girl.html#comments anya-rose

    She should have seen this coming… like in a vision.
    – – – –
    lmao xD i agree
    but seriously, since when was she pregnant?

  • Janel

    Didn’t know she was preggers. Congrats Raven =] If it’s true that is…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really believe this …
    I think it’s a rumor, and I think
    she’ll go on another rant in her blog in regards to it soon! LOL

  • .

    why is it white? lol.

  • No Bitchassness

    OceanUp i think it’s kinna disrespectful that you posted this since it isn’t true and without a great range of evidence and that could be anyones child the picture you posted.

  • lilkunta

    @ Anonymous | July 9, 2009 7:05 AM
    You’re loud & wrong. Raven is nt bi ethnic. Both of her parents are AfrAm. Jussie is bi ethnic.

    & yes it all depends on genes. It is very rare but 2 AfrAm could have a very light skinned child with blue or green eyes.
    Anonymous July 9, 2009 7:05 AM
    omg first of all not all black babies are born white…some do…not ALL…2nd yall ppl can be so ignorant because raven is not FULL black…neither is the father of the baby…there is someting call A GENETIC “GENE” POOL and most african americans do have traces of white and other non-black ancestry…READ YALL BOOKS N STOP FOCUSIN ON CELEBRITIES THEN U WILL KNOW A THING OR TWO!

  • Anonymous

    This is a bunch of bullshit.

  • caroline


  • SiouXin

    RUMOR!!!!!!! get ur facts straight before u post this garbage. The baby picture is not even real. WOW! Very irresponsible media coverage. Is this a tabloid site?

  • Anonymous

    WTF?…why the hell is the kid white? some jacko business going on here…

  • alexz

    wow all of you guys are freakin retarted
    ALL babys come out white

  • Anonymous

    what the FRENCH?!
    where have i been!
    that babby does NAWT look like them.

  • Damere


    why didnt she tell her fans?

    that suckss ass face.

  • Ridin’ Dirty

    all babies are born white.
    they usually get more color
    halfway through their first year.

  • Someone

    I didn’t even know she was preggers! Well, congrats Raven and her healthy newborn!


    no way that can be true, 9 months and no one have ever found out before now, that’s impossible for someone like her, a paparazi would have found out sooner or later, so I’m thinking this is a rumor.
    besides, we haven’t heard RAven herself speak out about this, so until then I will not believe in this!

  • Anonymous

    The baby looks nothing like Raven and the dude…Are you sure this isn’t no lie again? Just like how they said Raven was lesbian? -__-

  • Taina Diaz

    Wow! I didn’t even know she was pregnant. I’m sure the baby is beautiful though.

  • Anonymous

    and btw guys, all babies are white when there born
    if its a black kid it eventually turns black later on

    congrats if this is true :S

  • wahoo.


  • Anonymous

    WHOA! lol she was gone for a while and now shes a mom? lol

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a rumor!

  • Anonymous


  • Carol

    LOL Gee, I didn’t know two pure black parents could create a pure white child.

  • Renny

    i think i’m stating what everyone’s thinking
    when i say.. why is the baby white?
    i mean, i’m not racist, & that baby is pretty,
    but both raven & the other guy in the pic
    are black, shouldn’t the baby be black?

    oh well, congrats raven!

  • 101


  • Anonymous

    no way



  • MK

    She should be on that TLS show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” but say “No one knew you were pregnant”

  • Anonymous

    I knew she was preggers a while back! they announced it.

  • http://www.lilbestfriend/gujackie@hotmail.com lilbestfriend

    WTF \\omg was raven ifen pregnant
    omg im so happy for her..wow
    i mean omg im in a shuck

    but her baby is cute
    congreatlation raven and Lillianna

    ily raven and lillianna

  • Anonymous

    this is def FALSE. like wtf
    these pics are from a month ago and homegirl most definately doesn’t look pregant. we know shes a bit on the heavy side, but she’s not pregnant for god sake.


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  • Anonymous



    Congrats to raven, then. :D

  • Anonymous

    oceanUP.com contains published rumors, speculation, factual information & user submitted content. Information on this site may or may not be true. oceanUP.com makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.

  • http://www.oceanup.com/2009/07/raven-symone-had-a-baby-girl.html#more kiwi

    Wow idiots when babies are born even if their parents are black they can look pretty white. But as they grow older they come into their natural colour.

  • kjkj


  • Anonymous

    well if it’s true, congrats raven.

  • Anonymous

    r u suuureee that she was pregnant??!!! Whoaaa did not see that coming…holy crap thats so unexpecting!

  • katyy

    getting prego without anyone noticing?

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. I Didnt Know she Was Pregnant OMG..

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you like keeping PERSONAL things actually PERSONAL.

    Raven still rules.

    Besides she probably lives a pretty normal lifestyle anyways. Her fans probably arent the 1st thing she thinks of. Shes never in the public eye(And she chooses that)

  • Anonymous

    i wasn’t expecting that at alll…
    i’m kinda disappointed.. cuz they’re not even together anymore…

  • Anonymous

    LOL watch like some chick took a pic of her kid and thought that she could pull it off and say it was ravens kid.
    I dont believe it yet i sorta do..
    the baby has her lips and nose :S

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    omg first of all not all black babies are born white…some do…not ALL…2nd yall ppl can be so ignorant because raven is not FULL black…neither is the father of the baby…there is someting call A GENETIC “GENE” POOL and most african americans do have traces of white and other non-black ancestry…READ YALL BOOKS N STOP FOCUSIN ON CELEBRITIES THEN U WILL KNOW A THING OR TWO!

  • Anonymous

    ya lyin

  • Anonymous

    The baby looks white because her parents are both light- skinned. Even some black babies come out that color since they havent gotten all their pigment yet.

  • holly

    some people aren’t obviously pregnant. also some women have babies which grow nearer to the bottom of the spine, meaning you don’t get the huge ‘stomach’


  • Anonymous

    lmao u r soooooooooo funny man

  • no comment


    well congrats!

  • Anonymous

    okayy i just saw her in concert she didnt look pregnant..?

  • Anonymous

    UMMM WTF? Crap huh? how.. when .. why?

  • Anonymous

    That’s freaking me out, I remember her from Cosby!

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  • Anonymous

    um are u sure thats her kid??!?! i don’t see the resemblance…

  • Brie

    thats news to me!
    congrates Raven shes a cute baby! =]

  • Anonymous



    they are trying to help there sister with down syndrom win a meet and greet.

    please vote like crazy.

  • Anonymous

    i thought she was gay

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lmao :P

    Woah… are you serious? that’s crazy. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. That was obviously hid it well. Maybe it’s a rumor. idk.

  • Anonymous

    the baby is white. this is not true

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  • Anonymous

    AWW! Lovee her :]

  • ti

    I just saw her in concert a few days ago she didn’t seemed pregnant, look your sources f*ckin oceanup, you suck

  • Anonymous

    a) ….she was pregnant?!
    b) FOR ALL THE PEOPLE SAYING “BUT THE BABY IS WHITE”….most african american babies look white when they’re newborns but get darker as they get older.

  • woww

    I cannot believe ocean up will post such garbage…she is not pregnant that is just a baby they typed in Google and copyrighted the picture. Wow …not even perez hilton posted this jus has me thinking

  • Marissa


  • Anonymous

    You guys are an unreliable source, and this is probably a lie. I never trust this stupid website with anything.
    Have a nice day posting BS.

  • Anonymous

    say WHAT??!~

  • anonymous

    Awww cute!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ?!?! since when was she pregnant?! omj i cant believe that she committed wedlockk!! veryy disappointed in raven if this is actually true ):

    Yeah me too, but I’m not sure it’s true…

  • Anonymous

    Well because raven,and the dude are really light skin..not all black peole have to be dark! We come in many different shades..

  • moco

    haha! Lmao yeah i agree
    whats the point of having vision powers if you cant use them =P lol

  • kelso.

    woah, i didn’t know she was pregnaet ?
    &not trying to be racist, but shouldn’t the baby be a little darker ? she almost looks white and both of her parent’s are black.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap!
    She was pregnant?

    I didn’t know…

    But I’m happy for her! :]

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Now thats strange. How do u hide a pregnancy? Even tho shes not in the media anymore still… shes a celeb. nothings a secret when ur famous.. but woah congrats. OK i dont wanna be racist or anything but why is the baby so white? her mom is full african american.. and idk about the dad but still.. have african american half white kids always look more african. again no offence

  • CDK

    whether or not this is true but some of you people are so dumb. some black babies are born white but gradually get darker as the get older. sheesh.
    and IF this is true, raven and her baby daddy aren’t exactly dark like T-Pain either.


    WOW it’s seems just yesterday i was watching that so raven and now a baby? wow. hopes shes happy :D


    SPREAD THE NEWS: Raven-Symone IS NOT pregnant nor has she been. No baby nothing! Sheesh


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s 23….Miley’s 16?

  • Mikayla

    lol. i didn’t know there were so many white people at oceanup…wow.
    black babies can come out REALLY light when they are born and become darker. and in this case, if you’ve seen the guy who is supposedly her baby daddy he is light like raven.
    so it would make sense that the baby is that complexion
    god you tweeens are dumb

    haha, agreed. Just because it ‘looks’ white as a newborn doesn’t mean it is.

  • Anonymous

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  • nika boo

    she is so cute baby i mit adout her sheis very cute

  • Anonymous

    SAY WHAT????? she was pregnant?!?!?!?! wow.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    bitch u is ugly bitch

  • Anonymous

    You can see here: http://www.raven-symone.org/ that she is not pregnant, she is on tour geesh

  • sara

    the only reason the baby looks ‘white’ is because there both light skin. the baby get will most likey get darker later

    but WHOAAA! i dont believe it.
    she seemed like she would stay a virgin forever

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    you have got to be kidding me
    i didn’t even know that she was pregnant

  • Anonymous

    And I thought she was a lesbian… Congrats Raven:)

  • Mikayla

    Wait, what?!

  • Anonymous

    thats just weird
    figures though because nobody ever talks about her or takes pics or anything so no wonder we didnt know she was pregnant untill she popped it out….wow

  • Anonymous

    you are so dumb oceanup i just saw her in concert she is on tour, check your sources

  • Anonymous

    Hah black babys kinda look white when ther born..
    i no i did
    Expecially cuz raven is mixed.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. committed wedlock? somebody obviously doesn’t know what that word means…

  • Anonymous

    Nothing but a f*cking slut..

  • Anonymous

    No one even knew that she was pregnant.
    And I’m not an expert on this, but shouldn’t her baby be a little darker? She is about 1 shade away from looking like a little white baby.

  • Anonymous

    haha wait was she even pregnant?
    okay stupid question, but you know what I mean.
    when was she pregnant!? haha
    well… congrats..?

  • Anonymous

    VIDEO OF RAVEN’S CONCERT JUNE 26 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvsdx7AAjn0&feature=PlayList&p=5A49C7E1DD15C7A2&index=0


  • Anonymous

    Oh my god, seriously?!?!?!

  • http://www.raven-symone.org Derrick


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



  • jess


  • alexis

    cummon guys.. r u seriously that dumb to think that this is real? this is so not totally true.. if she was pregnant, and if she did announce it (which she didnt) it would have been all over at least a few magazines even some websites.. if this is the first first thing u see and u believe it.. well u guys are wayyyy moree dumber than i thought u were!!! never trust a website that gives out shit info!!! that kids doesnt even look anything like her or that guy!!! geeze guys.. get over it!!!!!!!

  • Mileyfan7

    LMBO, Randdooooomm! :P

    Anyway, wow, Lilianna is really cute :) And I hope Raven is doing ok. This is really out of no where.

  • TeamEveryone.Tay.JB.Sel.Miles.Dem.&etc:)

    that’s what i was going to say,lol:)

  • Anonymous


  • Raqella

    For the people saying the babies white, read the comments up there (^^^^)before you comment. Easy!!

    Oh and the baby is just adorable.

  • addiee

    babys dont come out black all the time.


    & wtf? didnt even know she was pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    I didnt even know she was pregnant! she should have been married first!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Medias too busy obsessing over people like Miley and the Jonas Brothers, they forgot about Raven:(

  • Anonymous

    Umm wtf?!?!are u serious?!?!That’s deff news to me how old is she?

  • Tonya.

    damn hello,
    that was sudden..
    Congrats, though. (:

  • Anonymous

    WHAT??? that’s kinda…..random!!haha
    seriously did anybody knoe she was preggo??
    wow anyway congrats to her!!=]

    oh and whoever said “She should have seen this coming… like in a vision” haha soo funny!! she should have!!XD

  • Anonymous

    i think this is bull****.
    If not, congrats Raven

  • gabi

    was she even pregnant?
    anyway, congrats for the new mom of the world.

  • Anonymous

    wat the heck

  • anonymous

    Nothing but a f*cking slut..

    She is 23…she is not a slut.

  • Anonymous

    wow, that is random and unexpected!!

  • layla

    idk if this is even true cuz this website lies alot…
    but if so, congrats!

  • Mandiee

    Uhm, the baby is white.

  • tori

    the babys white?

  • Anonymous

    Its about time yall posted this!

  • sheyyynnn


  • cassie5214

    I think is wrong ! Its just a rumor !

  • clare

    that was sudden, haha.
    but congrats raven!

  • tania


  • Lauraa

    ahahaha That was funny LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Aren’t you an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    lol no wonder her weight is always changing

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WHOAA THERE , she was preggoo ?
    where was i ? haha

  • Anonymous

    ahh she had a baby!

  • Anonymous



    goddd this site is just so sad; bugging into celebs lives and trying to get gossip out of them.
    you could not have any less of a life oceanup poster person. seriouslyy this is just too sad.

    raven dind’t fucking have a kidddd! gahhhh your soo annoyingg!

  • Cheyanne

    uhmm are you kidding me?! this is so sudden…

  • Anonymous

    this is not true at all…..

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    HUH? was she even pregnant?
    what the heck?!

  • Caia

    lol no.

  • Michele x3


    i bet she did NOT predict that happening.

  • Anonymous

    She should have seen this coming… like in a vision.
    – – – –
    but anyways. yeah this is really weird i didn’t know she was pregnant! but awww God bless her and the baby :) <3

  • Anonymous

    …the fuck? I didn’t even know she was pregnant! Lmfao this just seems so random. Well,congrats,Raven!

  • enchieeeee

    she was pregnent???

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even know she was pregnant

  • Anonymous

    wow. first??

  • Anonymous

    ummmmm, i honestly really dont believe this, people wouldve known and not to mention, NOTICED, if she was preggo.

  • Anonymous

    did anyone know she was pregnant?

  • meli


  • summer

    I dont know if i believe that or not…wow…

  • df
  • Anonymous

    i know her brother and he didn’t mention this.
    well congrats to her. :)

  • Anonymous

    LOL! That’s why she wasn’t in Cheetah Girls 3 Congrats Raven

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  • Anonymous

    SAY WHAT NOW?!?!?! holy shit! when the fuck did this happen?? crazzzzyyy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, her daughter is pretty.

  • WOW

    wow. raven was pregnant?? lol. damn where have i been lol. anywho. congrats to her and her baby is sooo cute.

  • Anonymous

    chill guys, its a rumor.

  • enchieeeee


  • jl<3


  • woah

    1st wooahhhhh was she really pregnant?

  • Anonymous

    Wtf? o_O
    Whos the daddyyy?!

  • Anonymous

    given birth?? i didn’t know she was pregnant.

    aww bless. no offence how comes its white?

  • jame

    This has to be untrue.
    She is on tour right now
    and just like 2 weeks ago
    i saw a video of her doing
    a concert and she did not
    look like she was about to
    have a baby. i say it’s a rumor.

  • uhmmm

    i don’t realy know what to say to that. it’s so… random

    but cute!

  • Vicki

    Holy crap!!
    Raven had a kid?

  • sarah

    What the Hell, When was she pregnant?

  • Paulinha.




    you know your career as an actress has finished if you had a kid and no one even knew you were pregnant . . . -.-

  • Anonymous

    Um… WHAT?!?

  • Jaccey

    Raven the baby is so cute.Congragulations!
    Number one fan!

  • Anonymous

    since when was she pregnant?
    are you sure this isn’t a rumor?

  • itsmeeb!tch

    uhhhhh… wtf?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    well in my defence in not knowing she was pregnant,

    she has been out of the know for a while

  • Anonymous


  • kt

    lmfao, what?
    the baby is white.

  • Anonymous

    you are kidding me you had a baby girl you are very lucky to have a baby thank

  • emi

    Oooookk…. maybe it’s just a rumor… If it’s true that was completely random and unexpected

  • meli

    question: if the parents are botch black why is the kid white? or at least looks white? this is all so random.

  • Anonymous

    She should have seen this coming… like in a vision.

  • http://Twitter.com/sadiezzbby Sadiezz

    Didn’t see that coming.

  • Anonymous

    Oh snap.

  • Anonymous

    …THE EFFFFFF?!!!!!?!?!

  • Jaccey

    Raven did you see Miley Cyrus baby he is so ugly.

  • Sophie

    WHAT? She was PREGNANT?

  • Anonymous

    some black babbies are born white then get darker as they grom

  • Jaccey

    Raven did you see Miley Cyrus baby he is so ugly.

  • Anonymous

    the baby is white
    the baby is not white all black babies look like that when they’re first born then they get darker I should know I’m black and my first baby pic looks like that too

  • Anonymous

    i was wondering what happened to her.

  • Lacy

    o.O wow she was pregnant??
    didnt see that coming.

    Lacy Anne

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What the H! I didnt even know she was pregnant! And I just saw her perform at an event several months ago! Congratulations Raven! What a wonderful surprise to your fans!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Becca

    shes white because babys dont devlop the full pigmentation of their skin until a few months after birth:)

  • Anonymous

    I just saw her on chelsea latley.. she wasnt pregnat.

  • Anonymous

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  • Tessa

    I didn’t know she was pregnant ! she has already a kid, that was sudden…

  • Torey

    Oh Holy Night!!! R u serious???! No, this CANT be true!

  • Anonymous


  • meg

    WOW! I didn’t even KNOW she was pregnant! If this ISN’T just some rumor, congrats! If it is a rumor, whoever started it sucks and is real low!

  • Ayey

    Oh my god, seriously?!?!?! howwww?

  • Anonymous

    that kid is white.

  • Anonymous

    lol. i didn’t know there were so many white people at oceanup…wow.
    black babies can come out REALLY light when they are born and become darker. and in this case, if you’ve seen the guy who is supposedly her baby daddy he is light like raven.
    so it would make sense that the baby is that complexion
    god you tweeens are dumb

  • http://Twitter.com/sadiezzbby Sadiezz

    Oh, and why is the kid white?

  • Anonymous

    errrr. since when was she pregnant?

  • .

    lol. i didn’t know there were so many white people at oceanup…wow.
    black babies can come out REALLY light when they are born and become darker. and in this case, if you’ve seen the guy who is supposedly her baby daddy he is light like raven.
    so it would make sense that the baby is that complexion.

    im sayin. lol. imma need ya’ll to make some black friends, who happen to be fair skinned, and get them to show you their baby pic. thanks.

  • Heather

    I Did Not Even Know She Was Pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    dint even know she was perengent
    thats was sunddleny fast !!

  • Anonymous

    whaaat the heck?!

  • Anonymous

    she is the cutest thing every.she get the cuteness from u.

  • Anonymous

    Lies that’s not true of Raven she would have announced it it if she was ever pregnant, and if it is true congrats to her she not teenager any longer so congrats to her

  • Anonymous

    WTF where was I omg i still remember her as that so raven person someone grew up HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s 23. She can do whatever the fuck she wants.

  • Be more informed, please

    Just wanted to clear up the ‘appearance’ of Raven’s baby. First of all, Jussie Smollett and the other Smollett children are only half black. Both Jussie and Raven are very fair skinned people. The amazing thing about black children is that they can come out any shade. Doesn’t make the baby any less hers just because it is very fair skinned. Why is it even a big deal?

  • Anonymous

    aw shes so cute haterz can go fuck them selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    I wonder if this is just a rumor?!?!?

  • Tatyanna

    are u going to have some more.can you have a boy

  • Claire

    WHAT? who knew she was preg???
    did she even know??!!!

  • Anonymous

    …the fuck?
    No she wasnt! That baby is freaking white…
    Damn tim, your so stupid!

  • Fiona

    Wow, this is unexpected. But congratulations Raven.

  • itsbritneybitch.

    you guys are so stupid?

    When you see something do you automaticlly belive them?
    So retarded.

    and WOW i look that kid, and my hand was so freaking light that you would have thought I was white.
    It happended with all 3 of my brothers and sisters.


    You guys are SEROUSLY stupid!

  • Anonymous

    i know rite. I’m black to and i looked really white as well…

  • Luv YA Rae

    Her baby is soo kutee buh i dunnoe if she really had ababy buh anyways raven is oo beautiful has a great voice nman

  • ThatsSoMo

    This one is fake!! i googled it and Back in July Raven’s rep said that she
    “is not pregnant nor did she give birth,”
    so odds are that baby pic is just some random little baby photo they got from who knows where…although the baby IS very cute.

  • JEP

    Wut the hell!

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  • soursweetie97

    ok i didnt even know that she was pregnant…and
    raven looks like a frickin witch.
    but the babys cute..haha.

  • roamingaround

    NO THIS IS NOT CORRECT!!!! i heard her reps said tha this isnt true n dont have no baby. u should loke more into it.

  • hmmmmm

    good joke (:

  • JuiceZ

    HOLY!!!!!! that’s really un-expected ’cause I never would have thought she’s THAT type of girl.