• Sicknastyyy Corinna Ann

    I totally agree with Laura.

    Joey is the most sweetest, nicest guy. And he takes the time to get to know his Fans and is so Incredible and Talented. He deserves everything he gets and I Love him so much. He’s very caring and So much more. :)
    Joey..I Love you & Can’t wait to see you at the Oklhoma show! From Texas to Oklahoma…here I come!

  • Paige

    Lucky girls I would love to meet him and just get to hang out with him

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page is amazing!

  • Priscilla

    Seriously, if you don’t give a crap about him, why bother?
    stop being such bitches and putting him down.
    if you don’t like him then simply STFU and get off this post.

  • Sicknastyyy Corinna Ann

    I totally agree. :)

  • Anonymous

    omg he’s fine

  • Lexie

    Joey is probably the nicest celebrity ive ever met
    and half of you havnt given him a chance so dont watch
    this or comment it if its not supportive!
    I love you joey!

  • Taylor E.

    no it’s his lol
    & thanks for checking out his won’t regret it :)

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page Is Amazing, Enough Said

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wish I was there

  • Juanita

    mmmm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm Joeyyy Page is some kinda delicious!!! More delicious than chocolate cake!!!! And that’s really saying somethin ; )

  • Audra

    my sister dated him for awile he’s really nice

  • Nobodys Perfect ;)

    Joey is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I look at him my heart melllltttsssss :)

  • Juanita

    Nobodys Perfect ;)


  • Anonymous

    .. they’re okay.. i guesss…
    here’s a reallly good band

  • linnyb

    totallllll flamerrrrr…. singing about girls??? ohh disney u amuse me! what will happen when disney catches him with a di*k in his mouth?

  • Anonymous


  • Sicknastyy Hope

    i love joey :)
    i really want him to come to england! :)

  • Anonymous

    Joey does not suck ass!
    Joey is amazing and I’d let him play with my ass if he wanted too

  • d

    joey is so funny haha hes a great kid.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    dont you mean “Killadelphia” lol, jk.

  • Anonymous

    i hope to see him in new jersey!

  • Lauren loves JONAS

    Dont you mean “Kilaadelphia” lol, jk

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE JOEY!!!

  • sicknastyyy amanda

    joeyyyy is the shizzz ;) hahaha

    i was there, it was a blasttt! thankss joeyyy! :)

    check him out, HE’S THE BESTTTT..

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page is the bomb i love em

  • anonymous

    whos joey page?

  • Anonymous

    I loveeeee joey pageeeee!

    He is soooooo freaking HOT!



  • Laura

    Joey is absolutely amazing. This video proves just that. He’s like the only singer I know that takes the time to hang out w/ his fans after everyyyy show, no matter how long it takes! Meet and greets, and sometimes dinner w/ him n his parents…everyone being invited. Its like his famiy, and the fans…we are one big family, and that’s what I love most about knowing him. U get a chance to know ppl from all over.

    So to the person that says he’s w/ a bunch of random girls, those aren’t random girls….those are his FANS. He was hanging w/ them n his parents at their hotel. What’s wrong w/ that?! He considers all of his fans friends, so he takes time out for us to just spend time w/ us. How many singers do u know that do that?! Yea, bet ya not too many.

    He also comments every single one of us back on myspace ( every day when he can, just carrying on normal conversations. Again, cuz he considers us FRIENDS. When we come to his shows, he knows us by name right away…despite alllll the ppl he talks to, and manages to remember conversations we’ve had. Again, how many singers do u know that do that?!

    So I beg of u, don’t jump to conclusions before u know things. Especially about Joey, cuz this guy means the world to me. He has impacted my life in more positive ways than I can even begin to describe. Its because of him I have so many amazing friends all over the US that I cant imagine being without. They r like the sisters I never had.

    Im sooo proud of all he’s accomplished, and his big day WILL come. U haters will regret not knowing him when u had the chance cuz he is one of the sweetest n most talented guys I know.

    I love u Joey. I wish I had been able to make that show, but I will see u very soon. Don’t let these haters bring u down. Remember, me n the rest of the Pagers have ur back. That will never change.

    -Ur Springfield girl

  • Anonomous


  • Anonymous

    who is this??
    and why the hell is he in bed with a whole bunch of random girls…
    does NO ONE see anything wrong with this?

  • Anonymous

    JOEY PAGE IS FRICKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!! Loveeee you joey! ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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    Hannah Montana, Wizards Of Waverly Place, and Camp Rock.
    Read and Review!

  • Priscilla

    I see myself!
    Joey is amazing<3
    He’s so kind and caring so everyone needs
    to seriously STFU.
    If you don’t like him, then don’t comment nor
    bother viewing this post!

  • Anonymous

    I seen him for the first time yesterday and he was amazing, I LOVE U JOEY

  • catastrophe

    No idea who this is, but I will go check out his Myspace page now.

    I hope that sugar glider he was holding doesn’t belong to one of his fans in Philly. They are illegal to own in Pennyslvania.

  • number1fan


  • number1fan


  • ~~

    first??? :)

  • StylishBiter

    first?? :)

  • anonymous


  • Desi :)

    1. Thanks OceanUp for putting this on here :)


    Joey Page-Unbelievably amazing.
    That’s my opinion of course :)

  • Taylor E.

    his music is awesome & it’s something you can jam out
    to with your friends & have a good time :)
    he’s sooooo sweet & i love going to see him in concert.
    it’s always so fun & i always have a good time :)

  • Ashley

    Joey Page is amazing!!!

    you should check him out!
    and follow him on twitter if you have one

  • Anonymous

    Who is this guy?
    I hear his name everywhere now.. he looks really cute but who is he and what show is he on

  • Paula

    Joey is sexy hott I wish I was there

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Chelsea

    Everyone saying bad stuff on here can suck it.
    Joey Page is an amazing person and singer.
    He’s sweet and an all around good guy. If you have a problem with him, suck it up and keep your mouths shut.
    Kay? Thanks. :):)

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