Aly & AJ On 78 Violet NAME CHANGE

Aly‘s lucky number is 7,  AJ’s is and ‘Violet’ is their stage persona. 1+

  • Anonymous

    lmfao it’s so not gonna catch on.
    People…whoever even knows them..will still call them Aly and AJ.

  • :)

    ahhah did they cut out the part where aly was like ‘effing ass off’

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • nj


  • nj

    didn’t think of them as people who need a band name really…..

  • Danielle<3nickjonas

    Wow? Okayy? Great. Anyway;; where’s Nick jonas?
    Ohh haha here he is in my bed. Silly mmmeeee(;

  • Anonymous


    Aj: “Which Ones Are Most Personal Song? Mm.. THere All My Babys” Lol.. Love her..
    And OfCourse I Love Aly Tooo.. There Both Awsome

  • Angie

    LAME. don’t beat a dead horse, girls.

  • Ben

    I think its great they’re trying to broaden themselves ^.^ I love those girls xo

  • Carla

    Sounds like violent …..

  • Anonymous

    There was really no reasoning behind the name change.
    It was their favorite numbers and a color, and I didn’t even think a color could be a stage persona for two people.
    Anyways, I like their music and they’re talented, so whatever.

  • Anonymous

    uhhh whatever?! lmao they’re so random and not scandalous/juicy enough for the hollywood scene. GET INTERESTING girls. date someone famous, do something wild, blow up twitter with funny tweets or drama.

  • Daniela

    I love themm. (:
    I like 78violet, but I’m still going to call them Aly & AJ.

  • Laura

    I think its cute but ill still be calling them aly&aj. i do like 78violet tho, very creative

  • Anonymous

    NOO! Why would they do that?!
    OH YEAH. You are silyyy, because Nick J is withh me(:
    IN MINE!

  • kc

    It’s 78violet OceanUp! Not 78 Violet.

  • Anonymous
  • Meg

    78violet? I like it, but I’m still gonna call them Aly & Aj.

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